Reviews for A New Hope
Beautiful dreaming warrior chapter 16 . 8/26/2013
Those last chapters made me cry! Bcuz they were soo good!
Guest chapter 16 . 9/7/2012
Not a bad little story and I like the cute part too.
So I give you a gold star.

Keep up the good work and I will look forward to more.

The Crimson Mage.
tinkerbear10 chapter 16 . 3/1/2012
i love it alot i cried when she left the cullens it so cute. I hope to read more on it!
ANGEL FALLEN FROM HEAVEN chapter 16 . 12/9/2011
i love this story


IDreamOfBlueSkies chapter 15 . 8/14/2010
oh yes i can hardly wait! I love this story to death! This epilogue is amazing! The plot is very interesting as well! I'm definitely looking forward the the next chapter!:P
Englandsgirl1818 chapter 7 . 7/15/2010
very very good
Soleil Mar chapter 15 . 7/11/2010
That ending felt a little like a teaser to a possible sequel, lol. Oh but you have lovely writing style, and pretty good story telling. I was torn between being relieved when her parents found her and sad that she had to leave the cullens. Once again you made me feel! grrr, kidding. I loved it.
SuperGroverandElmo chapter 15 . 7/3/2010
awww! so sad! but so awesome! oh and WOO-HOO! SEQUEL!
Momo Mango chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
WOOOOOOOOO that was the most epic story i ever read, and OMG YESS! i think i know whats gonna happen, Omg i can NOT wait until for the first chapter of the sequel to be released! *squeee!* Thanks so much for writing such enjoyable stories x3
ThisBeautifulInsanity chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
Really good story can't wait to read the sequel!
Obsesive Reader chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
If the doc is who I think he will be I can't wait for the sequel! Theis story was so cute can't wait.
witch20 chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
Update soon! I loved the story. I can't wait until they see them a little bit older.
Eminnis chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
*does happy dance* Please tell me the doc is Carlisle! Keep up the great work, I loved this story, please please Post the new sequel soon!

Ryutana chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
YAY! Post a new chapter when you have the first chapter of the sequel up, please? Can't wait to read it!
Jean Marie Darkholme chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
Awww, this was a very heart warming story for me (_)!

I really enjoyed reading this from the beginning to the end.

I won't lie but I would re-read it every single time (even if you haven't updated it hehehehe...)

Anyway, thanks for updating this story for one last time and I can't truly wait until the sequel is up. I'll be reading that too! You can count on it _-! Until next time!
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