Reviews for Naruto Dragon Ascendant
Matsukaze Tenma chapter 15 . 5/13
thank you for the update; I hope to read the next chapters soon
marquis.shax chapter 15 . 5/9
you really got away from Naruto's training with Fenrix recently and have only really shown Sasuke and that lazy perverted one eyed bastard training with him. Also the Lemon/Lime stuff won't get you in trouble as I've seen HUNDREDS of stories that are nothing but random sex (including your own dragon champion lemons story).
marquis.shax chapter 14 . 5/8
technically you're wrong about Anko being the senior jonin ninja for this mission. While Anko has been a Jonin a bit longer Kurenai technically outranks her as Kurenai is a full Jonin while Anko is only a Special Jonin meaning she's not a full Jonin like Kurenai is so in truth Anko is more experienced which is why she'd probably be the team leader but Kurenai could over rule her on anything as she's higher ranked
marquis.shax chapter 13 . 5/8
wow 'Uke not being a gay emo brooder is quite the twist lol
marquis.shax chapter 8 . 5/8
TenTen is really underused as a pairing for Naruto
marquis.shax chapter 6 . 5/8
first of all Tsunade is the GRANDDAUGHTER of the first Hokage not the great granddaughter and secondly she's already technically a part of Naruto's clan as her grandmother (the wife of the first hokage) is Mito UZUMAKI making Tsunade an Uzumaki by blood
marquis.shax chapter 5 . 5/7
if Naruto becomes basically immune to poison due to his status as a dragon ascendent then he should be completely immune to the effects of alcohol due to that AND the Kyuubi as the Kyuubis power also filters out toxins so I doubt even in canon that Naruto could ever get drunk
marquis.shax chapter 3 . 5/7
you should make it so that when his power is fully mastered Naruto can combine them and use sub elements such as Ice, Lava, and Boil
marquis.shax chapter 2 . 5/7
you do know that the Rain ninjas used illusions and NOT actually shadow clones right? Nobody that isn't originally from Konoha uses that move and nobody can use it as well as Naruto
RandomWriter21 chapter 2 . 3/20
Two chapters in and I'm loving this story. Time to read onward!
Guest chapter 15 . 3/1
I love it. Absolutely amazing. Please finish this! Please. I need more :)
blasterdog chapter 15 . 2/5
Great fic man. The elemental thing was a trip. Kudos
Qinetiq chapter 1 . 2/5
Cliched to the point of becoming parody. Dropped halfway through first chapter.
Guest chapter 15 . 1/23
nice work hope it gets update soon!
jangoman1579 chapter 15 . 1/18
Good story hopefully you will continue it but firgod sake bring on the FULL LEMON, fir crying out loud I been waiting to see them and we got nothing but a tease. You won't break rules bringing in the FULL POWER OF THE LEMON

(read this story if ya haven't yet
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