Reviews for Volturi Daughters Sneak Peek
Guest chapter 1 . 1/3/2009
Hmm... This is really interesting.

I'd really love to see where this is heading. Didina has a real history to her, her creator. Her power even seems enthralling, as with Celeste.

How this relates to Twilight, I won't know until you actually post the 'Volturi Daughter' story, which I'm really hoping you do because of Didina.

Did you realize that if her uncle was on her father's side, his name would be Yao Ming? Just pointing that out because I thought that it was a funny coincidence :)

I'm also glad that you brought up the idea of ASIAN VAMPIRES. After BD, I realised that there were NO asian vamps when I was looking at the Vampire Index. Wait, is Egypt in Asia? ... never mind. African, DUH!

Please continue on with the VD story, I'm loving Didina!


Must. Keep. Reading.

You. Must. Keep. Writing.