Reviews for Broken Endings
LovedIt chapter 1 . 5/9/2013
This is the best Drarry fanfiction I've ever read.
Unlike many, your 'versions' of Draco and Harry remain true to character. This story has a clever plot and a true 'Malfoy' motivation and personality.
Great work!
me chapter 1 . 4/9/2013
omg loved it! so much !
Betty More Fishe chapter 1 . 2/17/2012
crystalclear8050 chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
I do have to say, that was rather delicious! Nice job!
number1sasunarufan chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
lol gotta love draco!, & i did not expect the endiing
abrainiac chapter 1 . 11/27/2010
O.O AHAHAHA! Malfoy is an amazing character! I loved it D
Lord Vivian Darling chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
Clever & well-written, I like it. Just a tip: the word 'lowly' is an ADJECTIVE meaning 'humble', NOT an adverb meaning 'said in a low voice.'
wednsdai chapter 1 . 4/20/2010
I can't help but think of how hot and cruel malfoy is :) loved it!
izzyisme92 chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
argh! you are evil! how could you make draco such a tease!
black-hurt17 chapter 1 . 2/9/2010
damn, that wa sone smart and hopt way for draco to administer veritaerum? no happy ending for harry n draco, maybe drco would like to collar potter and kep him as a nice housewife :p
melissamarie173 chapter 1 . 11/5/2009
Wow! That was an ingenious plan of Draco's... haha. Poor Harry... he never saw it coming. :)
IchigoPudding chapter 1 . 10/20/2009
Hehe, that's a nice plan

JustAnotherParallelDimension chapter 1 . 10/16/2009
Brilliant fic-I burst out laughing at the end!
hydi cullen-inlovewith Draco M chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
i love it

make a sequal with more tourtor draco styel maybe a turned harry? but that s just me!
redrraine chapter 1 . 8/8/2009
Oh wow. I did not expect that ending! But I loved it all the same. I think I read this about four times before I reviewed since it's so good. Then my mind wondered to what could happen after Harry gave the names and whereabouts of the Order members. Maybe you could write a sequal? Not that it's needed or anything, since it is amazing as a stand alone, but a sequal would be entertaining. This is going on my favourites so I can read it again sometime.
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