Reviews for Goldilocks and the Three Balrogs
kaydub chapter 4 . 7/1/2012
I liked this story. It was nice to see Erestor in a different light.
Freyalyn chapter 4 . 6/28/2012
Beautiful and sad. All sorts of little details filled in. And you have described Glorfindel's mind and situation on suddenly being wrest back into life ver well. Thank you.
Glory Bee chapter 4 . 1/6/2012
The ending made me tear up. Very well written, compelling and original :)
The Lauderdale chapter 1 . 4/9/2010
Poor Glorfindel! Amused as I am by the characters of the Istari, and Erestor and Melinna toward the end, I'm in complete sympathy with our Elven friend. Not a hint of understanding from the others and he doesn't even have the benefit of a therapist. Being an undead Gondolindrim Elf-lord sucks.
Virtuella chapter 4 . 9/10/2009
Oh, Clodia, what a beautiful conclusion. I love the way you show that life is beginning to work its charms on Glorfindel, and the atmosphere and imagery are so delightful.

And yet, the humour is not missing. Troll-bait, eh? And will you ever tell us the story about the three balrogs?

Thanks for a wonderful read.
Virtuella chapter 3 . 8/31/2009
I was so engrossed reading this that I forgot to take notes for the review. So there'll be something about the beginning, and something about the end, but not much about the in-between. I thought the restrained description of the hangover was rather nifty. I liked how you approached that in sucha roundabout fashion. The end of the chapter, with the stone, was very unexpected and definitely an eye-opener. And well done for giving Gandalf a name. ;-)

I do really love the way you write Erestor and Melinna.
Virtuella chapter 2 . 8/29/2009
Your prose flows so elegantly end eminently readable and always with this slight undertone of irony. Lovely. This was my favourite phrase in this chapter: "his star-struck tranquillity became increasingly ruffled as the night progressed"

I like the interactions between Glorfindel and Erestor and Melinna and how you contrast the lighthearted and the tragic. You have also managed to convey an impression of the immense timescales involved. I am enjoying this story very much.
chisscientist chapter 4 . 8/26/2009
A very interesting story. I enjoyed it, and thank youfor writing.
ShedragonXXL chapter 4 . 8/21/2009
Nearly thirty years has passed since I've read "The little Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings", and of the "Simarillon" I read only the first chapter, finding it boring at that time. So I had to switch a lot between your story and the "Encyclopedia of Arda". Nevertheless, your narration achieved to enchain me (and I learned a lot about Middle Earth, btw.).

I was touched by the way you depicted Glorfindel. Confused, traumatised from the loss of his home, his friends and his entire existence in a bloody, murderous war, having died a horrible death fighting a Balrog, haunted by memories, he slowly, step by step, sometimes stumbling, he begins to arrive in the here and now... Your description of this difficult period after his resurrection seemed very plausible to me and made me empathise with him.

I also loved your Gandalf and the dark elves, Erestor and Melinna. It is so pleasurable to read about a she-elf who is strong, competend and untamed, no gentle, well behaved "housewife", no stereotyped female.

I grinned when Erestor and Melinna dumped the corpses of the rubbers in that valley, wondering if this could be a discreet allusion to The Gingerbread Cave", and laughed heartily when it emerged that it was.

The end was very poetic. It was a dignified ending for a powerful narration.
Virtuella chapter 1 . 8/14/2009
At long last I'm getting round to reading this. Excellent stuff. The description of death and then the contrast with the profanity of physical existence, the trauma, the confusion - superb. I do so like your style, with its gentle irony. And it's lovely to meet Erestor and Melinna again.

I'll read more soon, but not tonight, it's late.

Niggle: That paragraph about the destruction of the tower has too many as-phrases.
Kitt Otter chapter 4 . 7/21/2009
I know I’ve read something by Erestor before; she does a lot of parodies, right? It won’t hurt to take another look.

Hmm, I left off the parody when I started ottyssey and it’s hard to focus on both. That and I’m lazy. :P

Thanks! I want to do something on Amroth and Thranduil’s friendship and if Thranduil despises Nimrodel it would be more entertaining. To be fair, the girl could be given a chance to defend herself.

“I’d have sent Galdor with you as well!” Well, that had been my initial thought too… But you know I got over it. :)

Oh, I do believe Círdan is idiosyncratic; I mean, just look at that facial hair.

Elrond’s children are enchanting. What is this story of Glorfindel and the Three Balrogs?

Ugh! Troll-bait? I guess that was the practical thing to do.

The last bit was beautiful. I could hear the harp in Glorfindel’s thoughts and ancient sadness (or sadness at being ancient), in that room with those two and the relics of Doriath. I’ve never quite put together that Glorfindel in Imladris was in effect serving Idril’s grandson. Sensible! It was cool that nightingales had been there every step. I really saw Melinna and Erestor as being old, OLD here. Under every one of their layers, they remain as delightful as they are eccentric. So your other stories focus on them too? I’ll have to get to them!

Kitt Otter chapter 3 . 7/20/2009
Really, I never counted. But a thousand years…! Then I must agree with you. Perhaps there was a bit more to it than Nimrodel sulking by her waterfall. Your melodrama comment has made the muse restless. Mind if I borrow the idea?

It’s only been recently that I’ve read fanfiction and noted Erestor with “oh, *that* guy.” So my sampling of Erestor stories hasn’t been very broad, but since mention it, it is rather consistent that Erestor is the younger one.

Oh, good. Glorfindel has learned to appreciate mannish beverages. That should serve him well in this age.

It’s so strange yet splendid to see all these Dunedain outposts busy and kept up. It makes me wistfully sad, though, to think they’ll someday be lonely ruins.

“endless playground of the stars” I like that!

So Gandalf’s brown colleague is a “somewhat” expert on birds. Lol! Lovely picture: sea gulls mussing Curumo’s robes.

O! Glorfindel must really be impressive in a fight. “sun-child” – that’s a good one. I feel sorry for the thieves, foolish enough to take on this bunch of balrog slayers, Istari and… however one may classify Erestor and Melinna. Hehe! “slightly embarrassed” is the Istar? I suppose he didn’t know he could do that?

Wow, I did not expect the charming couple to be so callous or dangerous. They never stop surprising me.

Aw, tra-la-la-lally is reserved only for Dwarves? Too bad.

Arwen is sweet. I suppose hers and her brothers’ lives are extremely sheltered in the Valley; they probably would seem like children, even if one hasn’t been alive forever.

Wonderful! Melinna’s given Mithrandir his name!

Celebrian’s manner is lovely too; why, she’s able to silence even Elrond.

AHA! They were testing them? Clever! I’d never have guessed! That wonderful wise Círdan! At least he’d learned something from the Annator episode… It would be kinda reckless to give up Narya without being more than positive Gandalf is who he says he is.

I look forward to the epilogue! :)

Kitt Otter chapter 2 . 7/19/2009
I like how you subtly imply how Narya has been transferred to Gandalf.

Re-born Glorfindel’s annoyance with their most Elvish sense of timelessness it too funny… perhaps in time he’ll regain the feeling that he has eternity, maybe even “within the next century or so...” :)

I do love your Glorfindel! Truthfully, arrogant!characters are always my favorite in reading or writing. O yes, perfect!shiny! Glorfindel gets boring. Did you ever read Los Gloriol’s ‘Retrospective’? I like her Glorfindel too because he was not perfection; she gives him fear and doubt.

You’ve very good at showing his turmoil and distraction, as though he’s just stepped right out of Gondolin’s ruins, shown just out of many example in how he’s worried of orc attacks right outside Mithlond. That fully hit me with Erestor’s comment. Yep, Glorf’s got a problem. Perhaps the couple will help him ease back into the present?

Melinna’s surprise entrances and Erestor’s easy-going manner entertaining. I can gladly forfeit Galdor for them!

Now, who wouldn’t want to talk nonsense with Iarwain? Pooie on Glorfindel; I’m curious to see Iarwain and the Forest.

“We made wine as white as uilos flowers and sweeter than dreams of Valinor! People used to weep when they drank it! They said it was made of starlight and Nienna’s tears! There are songs about uilos wine! And you want to give me some mortal drink, this beer?”

*choking on laughter* That. Is. Hilarious.

Oh my! BEFORE the Sundering they were born? That IS old. No wonder Círdan recommended them or that their patience is so deep. From their vantage, they very well can consider Amroth and Nimrodel melodramatic!

Kitt Otter chapter 1 . 7/18/2009
Awesome title. :) The narration has consumed me – I’m totally pulled in. I love your descriptions because they are so short and simple but jammed with meaning and sensations.

“Without eyes, one did not see.” - Cool.

The humor contrasts so well to the serious side of the story: Glorfindel’s memories of Gondolin. (I really, really like how the memories are sprinkled about).

I have to tell ya, I’ll never imagine Círdan the same way again. A square beard! I’ve imagined Gandalf beards, triangular beards, Obi-wan beards, but never square. Teehee! Um, yeah, I’m immensely fond of the Shipwright, Ulmo and anyone else that have the teensiest to do with the Falathrim. I was so excited that you gave Círdan a “unexpectedly deep voice”. Precisely how I hoped he would sound! Well… he certainly couldn’t have had a squeaky chipmunk voice. *shivers*

Curumo and the other not-quite-men are characterized so truly… “He likes to know everything that’s going on.” Snork! I’m just as curious as him, though. Glorfindel’s outburst has some justification. Oh, I just love this line too “Apparently Curumo had misunderstood the reason for his frequent spells on deck.”

*frowns in disappointment* Ah, why not send Galdor?

Well, Erestor and Melinna will be interesting companions.

I’m enjoying this. I hope to get to more soon. ;)

Lillz chapter 4 . 6/20/2009

apologies, i usually do review, i just... didn't. my bad! I came across this story from reading someone else’s favourites list, and I think I assumed that it was an old story. *sigh* and what do they say about assumptions? so, here you go :)

writing? Spot on.

Story? Awesome, well thought out, planned, and executed.

Punctuation and grammar? Heavens above, I could kiss you. I hate bad spelling. Although I tend to automatically correct in my head as I read, it detracts from the story as a whole. So, thank you!

i really like the characterisations you have made. your portrayal of the canon-characters is, i think, different from most anything i have read before. this was one of the things that made it stand out; you've not followed the crowd. the history you have created is excellent, and at many times moving. the recounting of the fall of Gondolin, and Doriath were particularly poignant, and i was especially struck by the line "Menegroth was sacked by its allies. Twice." and, Erestor's quite right. if only they had listened to Idril and Tuor, so many lives may have been saved. Authors often overlook that fact, that arrogance, pride and perceived invincibility led to a tragedy that could have been, though not avoided, lessened. not as many had to die.

Melinna was lovely. creepy, but lovely! Well, I say creepy; rather, different to the elves we know. wilder, perhaps. Strong, in a different way. To be Moriquendi, to have lived in Doriath and sat at the feet of Melian. To be so ~old~, as to be a part of Middle Earth itself. Those ancient elves were different, and you have captured them very well. I like Erestor not being settled in Imladris, but rather a wanderer who passes through. I’m oddly grateful that Tolkien left some of his characters ‘under-fleshed’, so to speak. It gives an author, should the have the imagination and chose to do so, such a huge canvas to draw on. Your interpretation is great.

Troll-bait? What a brilliant, if gross idea :)

Glorfindel. Now, I wasn’t sure I was going to like your take on him. I always find those ‘Glorfindel finds himself suddenly back in ME stark naked and clueless’ stories grating and irritating. i don’t know why. Again, what you’ve done is different; rather than being alone, he’s travelling with the Istari. Your deliberate vagueness about them is great, by the way. And Mithrandir not having a name is a brilliant touch. Back to Glorfindel; I found his ego and snobbish superiority vexing. Authors who go down this road always seem to go ott. Generally, I find those stories difficult to read, and have even given up on a few. You explain his behaviour well, though, and I enjoyed the changes that were wrought in him as the journey progressed. I’m glad he didn’t stay as he was in the beginning, but evolved and developed as he began to leave his past behind. In the end, I find myself quite liking him, and sympathising.

Thank you for not going all ‘evil Celebrian, spawn of Galadriel, eater of souls and small puppies’ on us. I was worried you were going to do that! I should have known better by then. Kudos on her and Elrond. Two well captured, thought out characters.

My only quibble was the children. I think Tolkien actually gave us their birth dates; there was a larger gap between them than there appear in your story. I felt the twins were acting too childish, almost as though they were of a similar age to Arwen. The batting eyelashes were amusing, though!

Excellent story. Thank you for a brilliant read. I’ll be keeping an eye out for you in the future. Imladris and her denizens are my favourite of His creations; the Peredhil line fascinates me. So many stories, so much heartache, so many hero’s and legends. And then, there are all those characters who’s stories are interwoven with the Hidden Valley. Brilliant.

I'm still interested to know the story of Goldilocks and the three Balrogs! Any chance?
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