Reviews for Creature of Habit
ALASKA722 chapter 7 . 1/27/2009
You have got me hooked what's going to happen now that bella quit and has run into victoria? Update soon!
Lisa54aa chapter 7 . 1/27/2009
I just found this story and it is wonderful! Please update soon. I can't wait to see how Bella shakes up his OCD world and what their relationship looks like.
Christabella Cullen chapter 7 . 1/27/2009
This is total win! Love it. It's intriguing and appropriately funny too. I was giggling...freaking giggling...during the past two chapters. Keep up the good work.
DaniBek chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
i really like it. everything works really well.. keep 'em coming!

hit-the-duckies chapter 6 . 1/26/2009
oh my god. im converting to team bella for ruining edwards shirt. bahaha
xxBeautiful Nightmarexx chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
loved it! update soon!
onionthegirl chapter 4 . 1/26/2009
ok, first of all. What a creeper. Cameras? Freaky. Gave me chills.

second, its really good, ill definitely keep reading.
medievalmuse chapter 6 . 1/26/2009
I'm new to this site and found you via AngstGoddess003. Her praise now becomes my praise:) I love your story and was spellbound after the first chapter!

Bella in Edward's vintage t-shirt is priceless. I love her spunk and his cluelessness.
alliea10 chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
hi your story is amazing and so are you. i love you thanks for making me happy
jamiebaker68 chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
hey there, im new to your style of writting, it's great by the way. Good Job. can't wait to read more of this story. keep it up.
Taigh chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
This is really good! I can't wait to see how this all unfolds! Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be awesome :D
roadtojoyy08 chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
OMG Edward is Bruce Wayne! I love it! Also the Victoria part was gold! As soon as Bella said she didn't wear perfume I was like OHH NO.

Thank youu, you rule. :]:]
Myblueside chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
Thanks for the new chapter, I'm really getting hooked. I like that you have tied Edward's inability to read Bella's thoughts to his attraction to her - I always thought that this was an essential ingredient in their Twilight, Edward has to actually 'pay attention' to Bella in a way he never has had to do before with I'm glad to see this element emerging in your story...

the T-shirt bit was really great too!
LilLyrah chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
Wow, absolutely wonderful!

Your writing is amazing, as ever... and I loved the reason for Edwards behaviour!

"I determined to claim this city as my own, keeping the citizens safe. So every night I walked the streets of the city, helping those I stumbled on and tracked the far more dangerous members of my kind."

- Wow! So Edward is sort of a guardian? :)

It is so sad and melancholic and sweet to read that he was searching a reason for his existence.

He wants to be needed, but he can't find a soulmate like his brothers and sisters have.

When he thought about the relationships he already had, did he mean human or other vampires? That was not clear to me.

Oh my God, and then Victoria came... wahh! The "blonde" must be James, of course.

Now I so hope that Bella gets in danger and Edward has to help her and she maybe... maybe.. sees something she shouldn't?

Like, something supernatural? :D

Well, a girl can dream. ;)

I hope you continue soon! )

Greetings from Switzerland
LindyP chapter 7 . 1/26/2009
Great chapter! I laughed at the description of Bella in his t-shirt! I really love this story! And I love how you introduced Victoria-will Edward have to save Bella from her? I can't wait for those two to meet up again!

LindyP :)
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