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Kittens Kat chapter 30 . 8/14/2014
beautiful-surreal chapter 29 . 4/22/2011
Well that was bitter-sweet. I would cry if I hadn't already watched Wolf's Rain.
beautiful-surreal chapter 20 . 4/22/2011

O! M! G! XD Mur~ The end of this chapter... XD
Archsage Soren chapter 30 . 4/6/2009
It's about damn time I got back to reviewing and not just doing some catchup writing... Most of it being the rueful mistake of leaving Death Wing on the site, and having it become stale... Before one of the updates, I'd had files with Negative life, so I thought it'd be OK.

Enough of that though, I've got a whole two hours until I'm officially busy today, spring break is the best!

Having read... 4 or 6 chapters today (at least) and catching up, I get the all to familiar feeling of a Gundam Wing or 00 season ending. So similar with Chapter 30 especially that it sends shivers down my spine!

So Jason IS alive! What a lucky streak he seems to have, and now he'll be Winner's key into a powerful position in Prodigy. Trowa went out in maybe the most amazing way possible, and poor Heero just got owned. Severely. Romafellor put up a nice fight though, sort of. I wonder what would happen if the old man had gotten a head shot on Sigmund rather than those useless chest shots...

Fuck, Xavien is like the new Ribbons from Gundam 00, evil mastermind behind the scenes of a puppet government (Septum), only more twisted and not feminine looking. Xavien really is your little masterpiece of a villain, he plays his role so well.

Seeing as how more and more people are joining the cast as the stories progress, I wonder when Zechs and Noin will show up. Possibly soon, since now Relena and Dorothy are all by their lonesome unprotected. The real question is who else in the cast will make their appearance before the end?

Sylvia's and Kisari's deaths were, unfortunately, slightly predictable. The only reason being is that they didn't have much use to the major plot, and were unwittingly helping someone from Project Maxwell. Death was imminent for them. I loved HOW they died though, it was really epic. Especially Kisari, she should feel honored that her torture pleased Xavien personally.

Everything has just been amazing, and I hate how little a chance I've gotten until now to fully catch up. Not being able to read saddens me, but when I'd get a chance to read and not review it bothered the hell out of me. I HATE getting to read and not doing my part by reviewing. You don't even know how much it bothers me, makes it hard to focus on other things... Of all the things to be OC about...

Every chapter just keeps getting better, with plot and ability. Your writing just never stops improving, it always gets better no matter by how much or how little. It makes me wonder just how great a writer you will become at your peak in the distant future. You could become one of the new era's literary kings, if you decided to.

Hm... what to criticize? Well, in part of the fight of Solo and Sigmund, there was one part of a sentence that was questionable. "...into an, God forbid, undamaged wall." Since God forbid was inserted, shouldn't an be reverted to a, seeing as how an is only when a vowel sound immediately follows after? Maybe I'm wrong, but I my instincts told me to point it out.

This feels so condensed and insufficient for a review spanning so many chapters, but I suppose it shall do for now. I have brought up all I can think of at the moment, and a review surpassing 3,0 characters is a bit longer than average for me... I think. Either way you've done a marvelous job, and have me hanging on the edge for Prodigy. The major hooker at the moment, where the HELL is Duo?

Looking to future answers to that and so much more, I once again bid you the blessings of the Muses as your friend, loyal reader, and proud understudy and observer of your literary prowess.
Kibin Okami chapter 30 . 4/4/2009
Does Quatre even know that Sylvia is dead? That's about the only thing that's been nagging my brain lately... Oh! And the whole, where the hell is Duo?, thing.
ShadowMajin chapter 30 . 4/4/2009
So everything's been left in a mess. Xavien and Septem are taking control; the Winners are just starting to get involved; Solo is going out on the warpath; Dorothy and Relena are...gonna do something...maybe...; and Duo is still MIA. Now that I think about it, I wonder if the Maxwell Church will be a part of things to come. Good story. Until next time.
Kibin Okami chapter 29 . 4/1/2009
Aw, Heero died... again. And go Trowa, even in death he trumped everyone. And how the hell is Solo gonna react when Dorothy and Relena tell him what happened to Duo? Shit! I hope Duo finds a way back because that would be heartbreaking if Solo lost him like that.
ShadowMajin chapter 29 . 4/1/2009
Trowa! No!

I thought he would live! I wanted him to live! You bastard! But at least he killed a bunch of people. Sorry about Heero though. He just kept getting a raw deal in all of this.

Errors: First line: "...a long fall a promise should slip." Need a "he" between should and slip.

"Without even looking away from Solo, Sigmund through Heero away..." "Through" should be "threw."

End of the story: "A spark a life in the middle of a land of death and misery..." The second "a" should be "of."
Kibin Okami chapter 28 . 3/29/2009
Oh holy shit! What happened to Duo? Why'd he disappear? Is he ok? O nos! I is very confused.
ShadowMajin chapter 28 . 3/29/2009
Come on! So that's what you meant by Duo being MIA...again. Does this boy not want to be with Solo or something?

And Trowa. Is he gonna die here? No!
Kibin Okami chapter 27 . 3/27/2009
Sorry it took me this long to reply. As a birthday gift my father updated everything on my laptop so i had to wait a day to read this chapter. And I loved it! o I love my Pike, he gets so emotional around art. Thank you so much for updating early. It's a wonderful birthday gift. _ I can't wait 'till the next chapter comes out.
ShadowMajin chapter 27 . 3/26/2009
Only one error and a pretty obvious one. “We need to find Dorothy and you’re the only one I can trust who might know where he is.” I'm pretty sure Duo wouldn't take it well being called a girl, don't ya think? lol

Damn, I miss the days where you killed the Maxwell guys off easily. When am I gonna see someone dead already?
Kibin Okami chapter 26 . 3/24/2009
Crimany! Wake up already Duo! Really frustrating that all of this action is going on and Duo isn't involved... yet. lol.

*cheers happily* My Pike is back in action and ready to show off his art in motion. o I think i know who your going to have him fight. *grins*

Please post again soon! You have me pulling at my hair in anticipation. It would be a nice birthday gift to, especially since my birthday is this Thursday. _
ShadowMajin chapter 26 . 3/24/2009
Oh boy, things are just starting to get worse and worse. Sigmund is at Solo's throat; Astaroth is gonna love running into Trowa, I bet; and there's that hit squad after Romafellor. You've got a lot of groups fighting it out now.

Take a look at the second paragraph. That had multiple mistakes in it; the only part of the chapter that did.
Kibin Okami chapter 25 . 3/21/2009
Oh wow... you broke the fourth wall. o.o Never expected that one. Had me laughing my ass off there. Yay, fun! More fighting coming and i hope Duo will be awake for it soon. That is to say if his head is in order and that third personality isn't in the forefront. That would be bad. Oh but i could just see you pulling that one off, lol. _ A lot of statues in there to play with though if you know what i mean. heheh.
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