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Truenovel91 chapter 65 . 7/25
Plz plz plz! Do your very best to continue. Im at the edge of my seat!
Kurotiger chapter 65 . 7/21
Plzzzzzzz update!

I've re-read your story and loved the changer in the earlier chapters and more so!

I know life is busy and that writers block is a pain in the butt.
But your story is LOVED!
Please I so want to see what happens next!

Your fan
GirlAnimePrincess chapter 65 . 6/5
So I spent way too long last night reading this before finally giving in and going to bed. This is a really well written fanfic, and while I actually kinda sorta know nothing about tales of symphonia, this fic has gotten me interested in learning more.
Britany is hilarious, too. We're both smart alecks, so we would probably get along well(and that's always a good thing in a story. Relatable main characters that you could easily imagine becoming friends with)
Anyway, Is there any kind of normal schedule for when you release chapters? Or is it slightly subject to the whims of writer's block? I really hope it's just that you write slowly because of the large chapters(which is really awesome, I love huge chapters) and not that you've kinda forgotten to keep writing this. Several of my favorite stories have gone that route, and I'd love to see this one to completion instead.
Guest chapter 11 . 5/18
Then its not a zweihander its a claymore
Guiding Mist chapter 65 . 4/27
Hey! After recently buying Chronicles I started wanting to read some Symphonia fanfiction again. But I didn't expect to get so fully invested in one single piece of art, namely New Reality. At first I was a bit skeptical because uh you know how it is with Self Inserts... There's too much trash. Buut hooly shit this is some top tier shit rite there and I reaaaally hope you're still continuing this! I don't even know where to begin because this is so awesome. I love how you portrayed the characters, their interactions, the fights, everything! And now shit is going to get real because they strayed from the original storyline. AlsoZelosyesbestman. I hope this little review will show you that people still love this thing and maybe encourage you to write? u Although I understand that you are an adult and thus probably don't have that much time... Well, I won't lose hope just yet, judging from your a/n's it does take a while for you to update usually xD (not judging, I'm the same lmao)
Dove chapter 65 . 4/24
Hello again, just wanted to say I love this story. I've already read it (multiple times, probably like 3-4) and have reviewed before but I just wanted to say I hope it gets updated soon. I thought maybe it be a little inspiring to know there are still people who are reading this story and waiting (cause there hasn't been many recent reviews, though it's probably just cause it's been a while since it was updated).

I can't wait for so many things, like how zelos reacts to the fact Brit is still hiding shit (I feel like I'm gonna cry at that part cause he will probably get upset and angry), how Lloyd texts to her knowledge and working with Kratos, how Brit x Zelos works out (squeaaaal, I ship it so hard!), and more c: I love this story so much. I've read all your other stuff but this is my favorite by far. This is what actually got me into tales of symphonia cause I never actually played that gam despite owning it. I've played abyss, vesperia, tales of symphonia dawn of the new world, seen xillia and xillia 2, an seen graces, but never got around to playing the first tales of symphonia. So I know the general plot but not the specifics so this story is even more interesting to me cause I dunno what's gonna happen exactly.

Btw, is the status updated and just been at only 1000ish words for the next chapter for a while or is it not updated. How long are these chapters typically, I'm not sure.
graveMonera chapter 65 . 4/9
Oh My God. I haven't read a symphonic fic this good, ever! I'm just completely in love with all of it? And I've burst out cackling at a lot of Brit's interactions with Kratos and Zelos! This fic is wonderful and somehow I read it in 12 hours because I have no self control! I have a final exam in 2 days but I got so sucked in to this story it just seemed so far off. I'm really enjoying everything and I'm looking forward to what happens next!
Library's Poltergeist chapter 65 . 3/7
I've done it! I've read through 65 chapters and over five hundred thousand words of fic in a fandom that I don't even know what it is (apart from what I've learned here and brief trips to the wiki.) What manner of sorcery is this? To which dark god did you make sacrifices to for your writing skills? (But seriously, I love your characters, their interactions, action sequences, and everything else about your style!)

Your writing is so engaging... Well, I'm to check out your other stuff!
Selias chapter 16 . 2/15
Well, I'm glad that I decided to keep reading. So far, it looks like chapters 5-7 were the low point of this fic.
Selias chapter 6 . 2/15
Ugh. I hate it when characters are tortured for no reason. And then creating a character, just so you can kill her, and create even MORE angst for the main character? Once again, ugh.
EdenMae chapter 65 . 1/21
This indeed was the most emotionally inspiring ride of a story I have ever read in a good while! I truly enjoy the development and the twist in turns of the plot! It was awe inspiring to be able to get to know Brittany and her journey. At first she was clumsy and it was understandable to lose her memory but then it got more realistically enthralling finding out that her purpose is more epic and dangerous than ever. I love how an ideally realistic contribution of character she influences everyone even though she often thought otherwise. She has truly grown a lot from her experiences and from the people around her. Her relationships truly make her strong and I love the bonds that make everything worth it. I indeed cried several times when Brit hit rough times and also when she mostly felt denied. The psychological developments were crazy and I loved the creative methods of understanding each character. By far I can how this steadfast group has really reached far beyond and have welcomed a better role understanding of family. I'm glad Brit isn't alone and she has ppl who love her and try to help her. She wasn't an easy person to get to know in the beginning but. She worked her to letting some stake place. All the lies always worried me because it just felt stifling and dangerous. Most of the one when she felt doubted and cornered I felt for her...she isn't a bad person but she needs to make sure everything works out. She is really protective and she really cares a lot for everyone. I enjoyed the calm moments. She has a great cynical sense of humor and covering up her pain is something relatable. Lloyd has truly worked his way into my heart as one of the most treasured relationships she needs. It's very healthy and he is like a reassurance that she craves. Optimism is always nice lol. I'm not sure if I can say he should be the one she pairs up with but I wouldn't mind it because he is just such a good relationship. He is a good person to be by her side and im not saying Zelos or Katros aren't healthy ppl around her lol. I will admit that Zelos is very sweet and her figuring out she loves him was touching. I mean literally from what I recall in the beginning she made a lot of internal side comments about meeting Zelos frequently;) basically I felt like those were hints enough that sown thing could transpire lol. I liked how emotional those two are; they are equally connected in regards to how they see life. In Perspective, they are unique and both learning to open and trust. I will admit that it hurt greatly when they fought and it was a huge awk bubbly most of the journey but I was glad it was realistically stimulating for the process of bonding. Both Zelos and Brit are lovely together and I do wish to read more interactions; just so I can see if they are good together. Realistically feelings amount depending on the person and I want to read how they will go about with suggestive desires for one another. The end is coming but there are many battles to face I really am curious how Zelos feels for Brit since he isn't really open. He is a flirt, insecure, and he is a wild card. I just don't want her first love to be based upon a one sided affections. I really want to know what he thinks of her and if he loves her..well I will keep reading on and I will find out! I am a first for time reader and I found this recently and spent sleepless nights finally catching up;) The the story so far is amazing and I love it! Keep up the good work and pls never give up on this story!
Malconvoker chapter 65 . 1/21
I've just spent a week reading this and I am so into it! I can't say much cause I'm on mobile and also really tired but I just can't wait for the next chapter. I literally don't know what I'm going to read now that I've gotten up to date on this. But anyway, you've got a new reader, keep up the good work! I can't wait!
otakumee chapter 65 . 1/3
I seriously love this story. For real.
And those moments with Zelos...
Ship them!
I hope you're gonna continue this story soon if you have the time. Thank you so much for the amazing story!
Luna chapter 65 . 12/28/2015
I just love this story so much. I didn't even know what ToS was when I started reading this but I was still hooked.

For some reason, I always want to ship Brittany with Kratos. They just balance eachother out so well in this story that I can't help myelf. I don't mind Lloyd or Zelos but that connection is never as strong I feel. That's probably just me though!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how great this story is and that I love it so much! You're a grear writer! Keep up the good work!
Akaidance chapter 65 . 12/27/2015
Seals, seals, seals. You're sick of them, we're all sick of them, but the trick is to imagine adorable little baby seals that are so cute you want to grab them and hug them for eternity. Like Lloyd Junior. Or your own personal Lloyd. We probably all need a Lloyd in our lives, he seems like a great guy for a snuggle... though if we go with that thought train, you could technically include Zelos too. Snuggle trouble. Oh dear.

Did you intentionally make that fortune vague? If you did, good on you. No specific name was mentioned in Brittany's thoughts and the teller did not mention a name either, and while I'm fairly certain Brittany immediately thought of Zelos because of her recent revelation, I personally cheered for "Team Lloyd". You know, her and Lloyd are most likely much better off with their sibling-like relationship, but I think he's much more of an anchor for her than Zelos is. Zelos just happens to know more about her future knowledge, but Lloyd's been there since the beginning and he's definitely starting to understand now, if he hadn't already.

I only recently got into Tales of Symphonia, and in relation to such found this story, and I regret nothing. I love the characters, and you've only made me love them more in this self-insert because you truly do them justice. Not only that, but Miss Brittany Furness is so real it honestly hurts if you try to place yourself in her shoes; she's a lost high school graduate stumbling in a foreign universe, which is at the same time painfully familiar in distinctly horrible ways for all the good she has had with the others. It is incredibly easy to relate to Brittany and to sympathize with her pain as she struggles with the burden of trying to save as many as she can through deceit. Her trial of spirit is likely to have already started. You don't pull your punches in this story and I'm glad you don't, because the real world isn't holding back anything for Brittany.

You put so much heart into this story, and I dearly hope you manage to finish it one day. The way you write, and how you haven't given up after so many years, reflects how much you probably love this story and the effort you put into this hasn't gone unnoticed by anyone who's read it. I'm beyond grateful that I've found this work of time, effort, and probably countless tears. Don't give up just yet, Brittany's got a story to finish! :)

With regards,
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