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BanannaSammich chapter 67 . 4/22
jesus...its been four years. I've been lingering in the shadows for the longest time and thought I'd leave a word or two finally after what, my fifth read through of this fic?
I'm sure you've moved on with your life and maybe lost interest, and that's totally okay. But it sincerely breaks my heart to always come back knowing the conclusion of this tale might be very well lost forever.
I am so head over heels in love with this story. It's so very well written and paced. Brittany is an incredible character...the most believable and relatable self insert character I've seen placed in Symphonia in a long time. Her connections to everyone are so genuine and honest and pure, and even the conflicts are believable and justified. I am in LOVE with it!
Also in love with the Zelos ship. I myself am a Regal fangirl, but seeing this side to a character I never gave a second thought to is so mesmerizing. You honestly write him so beautifully, it's so hard to try and figure out what hes thinking and if he might have feelings for brittany or not. I'm honestly so curious if it doesnt end up working out in the end. That maybe he will betray everyone or not, but maybe still dying in the process. I'm itching to know so bad.

I hope against hope that I might see this at the top of my favorites with a fresh update someday. Thank you for all the effort you've already contributed.
lvl2 chapter 67 . 4/10
Can you please update this ? Been way too long without a new chapter.
Thekirby8u chapter 67 . 2/21
Hope you come back to this one someday, tho I kinda get if its been a bit too long.
The nostalgia re-read really reminded me how great this fic was! Really have a lotta talent in expressing characters well.
Rei13Reaper chapter 1 . 1/7
This is my comfort fanfic. Started reading this a few years ago, and every once in a while, I'll pick it up again and reread it. This is probably my 4th time rereading it, and it never gets old. :) even if it doesn't get anymore chapters, I'm so glad that the story has gotten as far as it has.
FutureTrunksFan94 chapter 67 . 11/1/2020
I hope you’ll eventually update this great read. It’s been such a good read.
FutureTrunksFan94 chapter 16 . 11/1/2020
Brittany? A Mary Sue? GTFO. She’s been an amazingly fleshed out character here, and I can give ten reasons why she is decisively a good character and not a Mary Sue:
1. She has feelings. She isn’t some happy go lucky perfect angel character, nor is she some blank slate who feels nothing. Brittany is a very emotional character who is already empathizing with people who to her used to be just characters, she’s shed tears over others suffering, she’s compassionate.
2. She’s made mistakes and gotten kidnapped. Sues can do everything wrong and everyone forgives them. Brittany is a human being here who has no magical powers, is not special at all, and is merely disliked by the bad guys here for getting in the way. She has not gone Super Saiyan, achieved any power ups or anything over the course of these chapters. She has run like a normal person would. She has hurt people’s feelings. She has been like a human would be, which is flawed.

3. She has grown
I’m not even halfway through this story and I can tell she is growing as a character. She is learning to trust in others due to her memory loss, then she is learning what it means to be a part of that world. She’s a strong character because you’ve let her make so many mistakes and pitfalls along the way.

4. Does she look perfect?

Goodness gracious, no, Brittany is not a sparkly-eyed Mary Sue, but instead a wonderfully written flawed character who seems as real as any one of us. She isn’t the ideal “isekai” protagonist, she’s a scared kid trapped in a world she doesn’t understand and forced to face danger head on.

You do a great job making us relate with her. I know nothing about the source material, but I love how you write your character and the characters she’s with. You may have intended this as a self insert story, but I see a wonderfully written fanfic instead and have to praise you for it.

I know this is like 12 years late, but whoever called your character a Mary Sue is an idiot. She’s far from it, because she’s imperfectly good.
Guest chapter 67 . 9/3/2020
I am not gonna lie, I ship Brit/Lloyd (Or Brit/Genesis in O:AC) WAY more than I ship Brit/Zelos. I just love the relationship between Brit and Lloyd (and the relationship between Brit and Genesis) WAY more than with Zelos (Not that I dislike Zelos, I just think they make better friends). Still hoping this turns into Brit/Lloyd (and O:AC turns into Brit/Genesis or if Lloyd somehow shows up, Brit/Lloyd. Either works for me.). I love this story though! I hope you update this and Operation: Avert Crisis soon!
angelbeets chapter 67 . 5/12/2020
get ready for a long comment because i've been re-reading this story and its honestly such a comfort.

not only a comfort but this feels like such an adventure to read - like your favorite TV show (i really get inuyasha vibes, not as a direct compare but for that type of adventure feeling, if that makes sense). no other books or fics i've read over the years have been able to give me such a visceral feeling while reading - honestly true joy.

I know this fic is several years old but you are such an incredible writer everything is so in character and feels real - the way britt connects with the cast and the reader makes me (someone who's never fully gotten into TOS) fully understand the story - even through britts perspective only. thats an incredible skill in telling a story.

your portrayal of Brittney's character growth is subtle but is shows such progress and direction from chapters 1 to 67 - and while she still has struggles it's fun to be in her shoes and see her success, moments of levity, and struggles. With the whole cast there's something to appreciate with her interactions - obviously Lloyd and Zelos being the stand outs (really such a great friendship from both) - but her connection and kindness to Collette (both ways), quieter/intense moments with Raine, bits with Genius, the transition of awkwardness to fighting badass quotes with Pressa, friendship and bond with Sheena - especially during Volt. and I'm such a sucker for Regal and Britts conversations. and Kratos - such a complicated relationship especially near to this point here in the story. and the side characters too - love Lucien, the moments in Luin and bits here and there.

Brittney's interaction and changes to the plot where she can find it - while trying to hide secrets is something I loved reading too - and the reveals felt like they mattered (mostly going 'oh shit' on my end because I forgot a bunch over the years) when it came to earth.

Lastly just thank you - this story is such a treasure, thank you for your time with it and for sharing this. I'm grateful to have read any of your writing at all. I'm about to go re-read this and all of your other stories again. Sending you all the love from 2020
DJmiso chapter 67 . 3/22/2020
brittany, you naughty chick, you. you were thinking of a different kind of birthday present that included birthday suits, weren’t you? wahahahaha! anyway, this story has always been awesome and will continue to be awesome! i’m so jealous of the way you write! i’ve been writing fer years myself but i can never seem to get the hang of it! i suck especially at dialogue and yers has always been phenomenal. and funny asf. keep at it, we getting there, fam!
DJmiso chapter 66 . 3/22/2020
i have a cat named stella... i gave her to my friend cuz unfortunately i’m allergic to cats! /sigh
DJmiso chapter 65 . 3/22/2020
hadn’t she had some change leftover when she was gonna buy her sister’s gift? like, literally 4k gald. i remember her saying she was 2k short for that 6k chimera thing? zelos just went ahead and got it for her. also, is it safe to say that you won’t be including the demons from uhm, nifleim? it woulda been one HELL of a detour *cackle*
DJmiso chapter 64 . 3/21/2020
zelos could work as an escort maybe, lmfao.

is ok, me neither, brittany, and my ass is way older. at least you got a hot guy hitting on you every other minute! qq

also, i actually heard those caps in zelos’ sister’s voice. what was her name again? sy-something.
DJmiso chapter 61 . 3/21/2020
shouldn’t they have gone to meltokio to get the pope? vharley mentioned the pope and the kind dying, thought brit would have brought that up.
DJmiso chapter 60 . 3/21/2020
one, chocolate cake is the worst, fite me.

two, brittany’s petty asf, lmfao. SQUIRM, BITCH!

and three! pizza is the best, kratos doesn’t know what he’s missing.
DJmiso chapter 51 . 3/18/2020
every time brittany opens her mouth about what to do, i always have to roll my eyes. you ain’t learn from last time, girl? you ain’t hear the man say dragon nest before he would find out the name? this why her ass always getting in trouble, hush yo mouth!
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