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Talia chapter 1 . 11/22
Hi! I absolutely love your stories! I don't even remember how many times I've reread this story. An absolute masterpiece.
Blunt Arrow chapter 65 . 11/10
As per usual, very impressive. Your dialogue skills are great, and your character development could put Tales of the Abyss to shame. I read most of your FanFictions, and though New Reality is my favorite, this one is high up on the list. Soon after I played Abyss, my first Tales game, I heard about Symphonia the most popular Tales game. This was before Chronicles came out, so I really had no way of playing it. That's when I came across NR, and through OC Brittney I fell in love with the game, not through its original masterpiece, but through your wonderful and breath taking story.

But it doesn't end at that, not at all, through you I also found out about the epic adventure that is Final Fantasy VII (Operation: Avert Crisis), using a character that I have become very fond of interacting with characters I have grown to love, and sometimes hate. Then I looked some more and found you made more FF's on titles I love, such as Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and even Harvest Moon! (That being said, count this review as a review for all of them)

So this is what I have to say: thank you. Thank you very much for the late nights reading on my phone when I cant sleep, thank you for the laughs you manage to draw from me through your works, thank you for showing me new ways of seeing already beloved characters, thank you for making an escape for me when I just want to lose myself into another world, and most of all thank you for putting so much time and effort into all of the stories I check almost daily for an update.

I don't review all that often, (I'll try to amend that now), but after reading your works for so long I just couldn't hold myself back any longer. I wish you more sleep (bemuse we all need that), to write with your muse, and to, of course, keep updating your wonderful stories when you can.

Once again, thank you.


Blunt Arrow
SmileRen chapter 65 . 10/20
This is getting interesting. I hope that when things are revealed, they'll try to understand just how much of a burden our hapless oc is carrying, having that kind of knowledge is unbelievably heavy and its not something she can act on...If I were in her place I'd rather have no knowledge of Symphonia and if I did I'd rather keep the amnesia... (thought that'd be pretty selfish as well)

I do agree that its a dangerous game she's playing. While her intentions are still best at heart I can see that she's become (though a very tiny bit) arrogant. I just hope she realises that soon...

Is the person who loves her Lloyd?
Dove chapter 65 . 10/17
You know, I just had a thought. Brit is a lot like zelos. In a way, you could argue she is like a triple agent. She talks to Kratos and Yuan behind everyone's backs and stuff, she just isn't betraying them, only trying to help.

No Zelos fluff in this chapter :c though we did get the cool fortune thingy, and get to see Kratos :D can't wait for the next update. I wanna see more. (I really like the next chapter thingys you always put at the bottom of the end authors notes, the next time thing)
Dove chapter 64 . 10/17
Ello! I used to read this story a really long time ago but I kinda took a break cause life it really busy, but I'm back now. No idea what name I reviewed under before, in fact I think I had an account. I believe I was named Doveflight? I was the one who asked if you planned on making any pairings and it prompted you to make a poll I believe. But I just reread this entire story (minus the next chapter) and I love it so much. I like how it's varying from the story but also kinda the same, it makes it a lot more interesting. The reason I decided to review now instead of next chapter is cause I couldn't help but squeal when I saw that she loved zelos! I was all for a zelos pairing when I read the first time but I thought it was gonna end up being Lloyd. I'm so happy, I can't wait for more! I'm gonna go read the next chapter now, maybe review again maybe not. I'm not to big on leaving reviews. I do it every once and a while really, but know that I'll be reading whenever it's updated c:
Thunder Explosion chapter 65 . 10/10
Okay, so since you went through the trouble of writing an excellent story, I definitely owe you a long review. First of all, you do an excellent job of portraying all the main characters and keeping them true to themselves. Nothing that they say or do feels forced to advance the plot; everything just flows like the story in the game. You also do a great job of writing your OC into this flow.
Second, the depth that the characters have here are just amazing. Obviously with Symphonia being a video game, there are a lot of things that the game can't touch on, and you do a great job of filling in those gaps. There are things that I wouldn't think twice about in a play through, but you go into depth about in this story. Genis was a great example of this when he was worrying about Lloyd leaving him behind because he was finding friends closer to his age group.
I also would like to praise you for the grammar in this story. I don't remember what chapter it was in, but I remember you misspelled the word 'could,' and I'm pointing this out because in 65 chapters that was the only mistake that jumped out at me.
As far as the pairings go, I'm not really sure who I would want to ship Brittney with, but I'm leaning towards Zelos. I actually liked Brit and Sheena too, as they had a few cute moments. However, any ship you choose would be fine with me.
I'm really looking forward to the rest of this story. I really can't wait to see more of Brit's interactions with Kratos; I feel like she reminds him of Anna in a way and that's why he puts up with her so much. I also have the nagging feeling that something terrible is going to happen with Zelos.
The selfish part of me wants to nag you for an update right now, but the reasonable human being in me (or what's left of him anyway) knows that real life can be a bitch in the worst ways. So take your time and write when you can. I look forward to your next installment.
chiefnewo chapter 65 . 10/3
Sorry I can't offer you a lengthy review, just want to say I'm really enjoying this! PS. I'm shipping Zelos & Brittany!
FireDragonX23 chapter 65 . 9/23
'Brit get her as s kick!' What else is new? Good chapter btw.
Vandenbz chapter 65 . 9/23
Brit definitely raises an interesting point at the ruins, it's always amusing to see Raine during one of her episodes. The fortune teller was also amusing, given that Brit has been through more hardships with Lloyd than anyone else furthering my hope that she'll end up with him. I wonder if she'd end up giving him something unique that would save him from that arrow. Nice details on Dirk and Lloyd's house too.
NuminousFox chapter 65 . 9/22
I love this so so much! This is one of my all time favorite fanfictions ever! Thanks for the update! And I'm also guessing it's starting to lean more towards Zelos/Brit? I still have huge hopes for Lloyd/Brit, though!
I finally reviewed though, after you not so subtley hinting for review when i message you on tumblr ;)
(wonderfully-awkward thats me!)
I loved the way you wrote the chapter, and I think it'd be hilarious if Brit eventually vandalized the sign before going to the Iselia Ranch.
I really hope the next update comes sooner!
I love your writing, by the way!
KaltimusPrime chapter 65 . 9/22
The wait between these chapters is so hard now, even when it's a short wait - the story is still so good! Can't rush art though, that I know.

Reading the story has now gotten my girlfriend to start writing her own Symphonia story...and she'd never played the game!We've had to rapidly plow through both the first and second games (and I believe she's messaged you Noa) to get her all possible info, including sidequests, and now every time one of these chapters comes out we both rush to read it eagerly. Looking forward to the next one!
RandomCitizen chapter 65 . 9/20
Well a little respite will do some good...hopefully this plan won't be as dire as the rest eh?
Airin Desu chapter 65 . 9/20
Has Brit not given thought to telling them evacuating the townsfolk before the last pact would be a good precaution? This could lead in to her telling them the rest of her truth and save lives in the process. At the very least she should suggest getting Neil to evacuate the people of Palmacosta. Anyway great chapter. Kratos surprising Brit like that was hilarious.
MrSir17 chapter 65 . 9/20
I'm sooooooo happy to see an update! It's weird but I can remember reading this in 7th grade band class and I'm a senior now! This fic has been a constant for the last few years and I can't wait for more!
halliegirl chapter 65 . 9/20
I'm glad you updated! Fangirl squeal at the fortune teller's message. I'm sincerely hoping it's Zelos. But it could still be someone else too. Well in any event, I look forward to next time!
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