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chiefnewo chapter 65 . 10/3
Sorry I can't offer you a lengthy review, just want to say I'm really enjoying this! PS. I'm shipping Zelos & Brittany!
FireDragonX23 chapter 65 . 9/23
'Brit get her as s kick!' What else is new? Good chapter btw.
Vandenbz chapter 65 . 9/23
Brit definitely raises an interesting point at the ruins, it's always amusing to see Raine during one of her episodes. The fortune teller was also amusing, given that Brit has been through more hardships with Lloyd than anyone else furthering my hope that she'll end up with him. I wonder if she'd end up giving him something unique that would save him from that arrow. Nice details on Dirk and Lloyd's house too.
NuminousFox chapter 65 . 9/22
I love this so so much! This is one of my all time favorite fanfictions ever! Thanks for the update! And I'm also guessing it's starting to lean more towards Zelos/Brit? I still have huge hopes for Lloyd/Brit, though!
I finally reviewed though, after you not so subtley hinting for review when i message you on tumblr ;)
(wonderfully-awkward thats me!)
I loved the way you wrote the chapter, and I think it'd be hilarious if Brit eventually vandalized the sign before going to the Iselia Ranch.
I really hope the next update comes sooner!
I love your writing, by the way!
KaltimusPrime chapter 65 . 9/22
The wait between these chapters is so hard now, even when it's a short wait - the story is still so good! Can't rush art though, that I know.

Reading the story has now gotten my girlfriend to start writing her own Symphonia story...and she'd never played the game!We've had to rapidly plow through both the first and second games (and I believe she's messaged you Noa) to get her all possible info, including sidequests, and now every time one of these chapters comes out we both rush to read it eagerly. Looking forward to the next one!
RandomCitizen chapter 65 . 9/20
Well a little respite will do some good...hopefully this plan won't be as dire as the rest eh?
Airin Desu chapter 65 . 9/20
Has Brit not given thought to telling them evacuating the townsfolk before the last pact would be a good precaution? This could lead in to her telling them the rest of her truth and save lives in the process. At the very least she should suggest getting Neil to evacuate the people of Palmacosta. Anyway great chapter. Kratos surprising Brit like that was hilarious.
MrSir17 chapter 65 . 9/20
I'm sooooooo happy to see an update! It's weird but I can remember reading this in 7th grade band class and I'm a senior now! This fic has been a constant for the last few years and I can't wait for more!
halliegirl chapter 65 . 9/20
I'm glad you updated! Fangirl squeal at the fortune teller's message. I'm sincerely hoping it's Zelos. But it could still be someone else too. Well in any event, I look forward to next time!
Tyr chapter 65 . 9/19
Another chapter! Yay! Its been a while, but I have to say the near arms-flailing thisisfreakingAWESOME excitement never stops whenever theres an update notification.

I kinda feel for oc!Brit. Afterall being in constant danger and not to mention the probably high level of stress with the foreknowledge predicament must be draining beyond measure, so I can only imagine how absolutly DONE she is with all the seals. Oh and I also recently noticed how Kratos and Brit's interaction is changing. When before it was more of a strained student-teacher relationship now its more of comrades in arms. They're more open with each other, and that trust issue they had before is now slowly dissolving. Im so happy!

Keep up the good work! You're so awesome Brittany. Your works aren't just fanfictions, they're a whole new level of epic category altogether!
Guest chapter 65 . 9/19
Great chapter! Lloyd reuniting with Dirk and Collete meeting her father again were too sweet. It seemed a lot of this chapter had sentimental scenes; I like how things can calm down just so Brit can reflect and something can go right for once. Sorta surprised that Brit didn't have her own empathetic moments when she saw the others reunite with their family, like she wishes she could. Guess it makes sense though, seeing how she's resigned herself to finish the task at hand first. The desert scenes were also very humorous; I had a few laughs. Oooh, and who could the fortune teller be talking about, I wonder? x) Glad Kratos can make it in, but now I'm in suspense waiting to know what plan he has up his sleeves! Haha, but really, thank you for writing! I always can't wait for the next chapter and really appreciate you finding the time to write so eloquently. :D
Sylph Writer chapter 65 . 9/19
I had a feeling it was Kratos being a creeper. And might I say, with the vagueness of the Fortune Teller's comment about the friendship thing, I snickered a bit imagining it was actually about Kratos. In a totally platonic, he's watching you a lot because "partner in crime can't get in touch with goddammit Brit pick up the communicator" way. XD

I always enjoy the sense of exploration and interaction you fit into chapters. Even if it's a chapter where not a lot of progress is made plot wise, there's always still plenty to enjoy. That said, the hints of Kratos having a Plan at the end are incredibly exciting. And not hearing the plan, though maddening, is probably a GOOD SIGN since by Scooby Doo logic and almost everything else, a plan that's explained never works!
lazycat66 chapter 65 . 9/19
Like someone else here, I also think the fortune teller was referring to Lloyd, cause Brit wasn't thinking of anyone in particular, so the reading would be the person you have the strongest bond with, and that would be Lloyd. But when she heard it, Brit thought of Zelos, cause he's been on her mind a lot, and probably cause she wants it to be about him P

Ok, you completely skipped the fight with Efreet. I'm not particularly interested in fight scenes, especially not big long ones, but to skip it completely... I don't know, it feels like something is missing. (At this point in the game, I was completely done with the seals too, it was getting too repetitive for too long. So yeah, not blaming you)

Ok so... why didn't Colette just take a rheaird to Iselia? It seems much more practical than going on foot... Brit could still go to make her company, and she could still leave on foot, cause they wouldn't take the rheairds inside Iselia. But then you wouldn't have Noishe there to lead her away to Kratos... so I guess that's why you had them go on foot? P
Marshall CowDuck chapter 65 . 9/19
Great chapter, as usual. Not enough Zelos, but there's never enough of Zelos and the fortune teller totally made up for it. I liked seeing more of OCBrit's internal struggle of always having to hide something. Loved the conversation with Collete, I really like the way you write her. Also, Kratos yay. You gotta love the weird dysfunctional team-up he and OCbrit have going. Can't wait to see what happens next!
RoseNitemare chapter 65 . 9/19
Yay! We get to see Kratos again! :D

It's really great how you still update this even after how long it's gotten. And you still have such a long way to go it seems like. D: Don't give up hope! You have your readers here telling you how good you're doing. ;w;

So yeah! Keep up the great work! -
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