Reviews for New Reality
DJmiso chapter 67 . 3/22
brittany, you naughty chick, you. you were thinking of a different kind of birthday present that included birthday suits, weren’t you? wahahahaha! anyway, this story has always been awesome and will continue to be awesome! i’m so jealous of the way you write! i’ve been writing fer years myself but i can never seem to get the hang of it! i suck especially at dialogue and yers has always been phenomenal. and funny asf. keep at it, we getting there, fam!
DJmiso chapter 66 . 3/22
i have a cat named stella... i gave her to my friend cuz unfortunately i’m allergic to cats! /sigh
DJmiso chapter 65 . 3/22
hadn’t she had some change leftover when she was gonna buy her sister’s gift? like, literally 4k gald. i remember her saying she was 2k short for that 6k chimera thing? zelos just went ahead and got it for her. also, is it safe to say that you won’t be including the demons from uhm, nifleim? it woulda been one HELL of a detour *cackle*
DJmiso chapter 64 . 3/21
zelos could work as an escort maybe, lmfao.

is ok, me neither, brittany, and my ass is way older. at least you got a hot guy hitting on you every other minute! qq

also, i actually heard those caps in zelos’ sister’s voice. what was her name again? sy-something.
DJmiso chapter 61 . 3/21
shouldn’t they have gone to meltokio to get the pope? vharley mentioned the pope and the kind dying, thought brit would have brought that up.
DJmiso chapter 60 . 3/21
one, chocolate cake is the worst, fite me.

two, brittany’s petty asf, lmfao. SQUIRM, BITCH!

and three! pizza is the best, kratos doesn’t know what he’s missing.
DJmiso chapter 51 . 3/18
every time brittany opens her mouth about what to do, i always have to roll my eyes. you ain’t learn from last time, girl? you ain’t hear the man say dragon nest before he would find out the name? this why her ass always getting in trouble, hush yo mouth!
DJmiso chapter 46 . 3/17
... in the previous non-edited version, i was rooting for zelos/brit cuz i was more interested in shelloyd, but now, i’m not so sure. i see lloyd and brit as more best friends than lovers but there is potential. *rubs chin*
DJmiso chapter 39 . 3/15
...kratos still deserves a slap.
DJmiso chapter 38 . 3/15
wait, what. i don’t remember there being documents of her being from tethe’alla there before. i’m surprised, ive read this story before but it’s like a whole new one now that i’m reading it over.

what the hell? zelos! last scene is alllll him.
DJmiso chapter 37 . 3/15
shiiiiiid, kratos is such a hypocrite! man keeping secrets, too! all now, he should have been paying child support but he skimping! i wish brittany could just call him out, ugh! poor lloyd. kratos needs a slap or two.
DJmiso chapter 36 . 3/15
i was almost expecting brittany to be all, “do you have the hots for lloyd or something?” to yuan and pissing him off more, lmfao. he’d be wanting revenge fer that comment. XD also, you were remembering leonazium and i was remembering agarazium. the latter was so annoying because i couldn’t get the hell up when she did that shit! she needs a kick to the face or to lose an arm or something.
DJmiso chapter 28 . 3/12
all the while “i’ll make a man out of you” was playing as i read this. came on when brittany was ranting at remiel and so i decided to put it on repeat, lmao.
DJmiso chapter 27 . 3/12
wayment. i just realized. what happened to that one spanish line brit said from way back when they were first invading kvar ranch, “que sera sera.” you deleted it!? i’m only now remembering that she’d said that in the past but i didn’t take much thought of it until i was in the shower. so yer not dead? or was that done long ago? yer not still waiting in a ditch or something? /squint
DJmiso chapter 6 . 2/26
wouldn’t it be sad if the elena here was the actual elena from ff7? like she somehow managed to cross from one game into another.
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