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A-Prayer-4-da-Damned chapter 1 . 2/4
Ya know, I don’t know if I ever left a review here? But I’m gonna write one just in case :D I have read not only this but your SH and FFXVII ones and I can only say that it’s always my go to stories when I don’t find anything interesting in FF! And I don’t even play ToS! You made me stay just from the powers of your writing and I don’t regret on stumbling over your works ever! It’s just so good the way you craft your pieces! It’s not even boring at the start, the way you wrote your stories makes me feel like I’m with them from the start. It’s realistic too how like Brit is struggling at the start and even up to the latest chapters, the emotions she feels and makes us feel is like *chefs kiss* i just realize that this was around 2017 and right now its 2022! 5 years at the least!oh god how time flies but your works will forever be eternal! Thank you for the wonderful stories you gave us
FreeSymphonian chapter 67 . 11/21/2021
I've reread this story countless times since I was 14 and I think now that I'm this big ol' adult of 21, I might as well leave my review of this story. 67 chapters, dear god, what a wild ride. I've come to terms that this story will likely never be updated again, after years of you writing this, I totally understanding life moves on from our fanfictions. I'm just so thankful that the story went on this long! Even without an ending to wrap everything up in a little bow, I'm happy that we got to go on this journey.

I want to preface that this was one of my first fanfictions I ever read. Tales of Symphonia holds a special place in my heart, that's why I keep coming back to this story. Watching Brittany's adventure was an inspiration to me. There are plenty of oc/self inserts out there, most of which are garbage. This one creates a character that you want to root for and also want to knock some sense into them. She is no where near perfect and I absolutely adore that. New Reality led me to want to create my own Symphonia story. To create an amazing world like this.

What I really want to get across is this story helped define a big chapter in my life. It may be a simple fanfiction, but it got me through some tough nights. So I'll continue to check back in on this story every now and again. If the day comes a new chapter comes, I'll be first in line to read it.
AmaroqLycanphoenix chapter 67 . 10/24/2021
I found and started reading this story nearly four years after this chapter was published, almost at the end of 2021. A truly magnificent read from beginning to now~

I don't know when it will be next-updated, but I know it will be a big one.

I really hope that we do get Verius out of this.

Or maybe even some call-forwards to DOTNW or Tales of Phantasia (first game in the franchise happens to be set 4000 years after Symphonia, but it's got time travel). And the best part is that the Brittany in this story probably knows about neither of those.

And let's not even get started on Abyssion~
You can actually get Tales of Symphonia on Steam now (with all of the exclusive content from the PS2 port and then some), bundled with DOTNW if I recall correctly.
AmaroqLycanphoenix chapter 46 . 10/23/2021
Sadly, Corrine's survival means that Verius might never manifest. Still happy that Corrine is alive though.
AmaroqLycanphoenix chapter 27 . 10/22/2021
In some of the game's supplementary material, it is revealed that Kratos held back because not only had he secretly wanted to put an end to Mithos's plan, he also really didn't want to kill the only family he had left.
AmaroqLycanphoenix chapter 26 . 10/22/2021
The way I always interpreted Kratos was that when he met Lloyd, he had felt a renewed sense of hope, but something happened just before the Tower of Salvation that put him in emotional conflict... So he did his best to make his son hate him.

According to the supplementary material, at this point in the game Kratos had actually been ordered to kill Lloyd in order to test his loyalty. He'd always try to find some workaround.
AmaroqLycanphoenix chapter 25 . 10/22/2021
I'm pretty sure that Corrine actually has three small tails, but I could be mistaken. He's supposed to be a kitsune.
AmaroqLycanphoenix chapter 10 . 10/21/2021
I know I'm extremely late to the party, but if I were in your shoed then I'd probably have dropped Lloyd a hint that the negative side effects of "becoming an angel" were actually due to her Cruxis Crystal, and that she needed a keycrest as soon as possible.
JadeDragon100 chapter 67 . 9/7/2021
…kinda too bad it looks like this was dropped, but I did enjoy it. Also ended up watching a 7 hour timeline video just to know everything I’d need to know for this…probably worth it lol. Guess I’ll follow it just as a show of respect
Have to say though, I knew the zelos ship was an option but dang wasn’t expecting it to go all in like that; guess it’s fair since Collete and Llloyd are supposed to end up together? (Though idk what Raine was thinking not giving those two sex Ed, how in the world did they figure out stuff like morning wood or monthly pains? o.o)
BanannaSammich chapter 67 . 4/22/2021
jesus...its been four years. I've been lingering in the shadows for the longest time and thought I'd leave a word or two finally after what, my fifth read through of this fic?
I'm sure you've moved on with your life and maybe lost interest, and that's totally okay. But it sincerely breaks my heart to always come back knowing the conclusion of this tale might be very well lost forever.
I am so head over heels in love with this story. It's so very well written and paced. Brittany is an incredible character...the most believable and relatable self insert character I've seen placed in Symphonia in a long time. Her connections to everyone are so genuine and honest and pure, and even the conflicts are believable and justified. I am in LOVE with it!
Also in love with the Zelos ship. I myself am a Regal fangirl, but seeing this side to a character I never gave a second thought to is so mesmerizing. You honestly write him so beautifully, it's so hard to try and figure out what hes thinking and if he might have feelings for brittany or not. I'm honestly so curious if it doesnt end up working out in the end. That maybe he will betray everyone or not, but maybe still dying in the process. I'm itching to know so bad.

I hope against hope that I might see this at the top of my favorites with a fresh update someday. Thank you for all the effort you've already contributed.
lvl2 chapter 67 . 4/10/2021
Can you please update this ? Been way too long without a new chapter.
Thekirby8u chapter 67 . 2/21/2021
Hope you come back to this one someday, tho I kinda get if its been a bit too long.
The nostalgia re-read really reminded me how great this fic was! Really have a lotta talent in expressing characters well.
Rei13Reaper chapter 1 . 1/7/2021
This is my comfort fanfic. Started reading this a few years ago, and every once in a while, I'll pick it up again and reread it. This is probably my 4th time rereading it, and it never gets old. :) even if it doesn't get anymore chapters, I'm so glad that the story has gotten as far as it has.
FutureTrunksFan94 chapter 67 . 11/1/2020
I hope you’ll eventually update this great read. It’s been such a good read.
FutureTrunksFan94 chapter 16 . 11/1/2020
Brittany? A Mary Sue? GTFO. She’s been an amazingly fleshed out character here, and I can give ten reasons why she is decisively a good character and not a Mary Sue:
1. She has feelings. She isn’t some happy go lucky perfect angel character, nor is she some blank slate who feels nothing. Brittany is a very emotional character who is already empathizing with people who to her used to be just characters, she’s shed tears over others suffering, she’s compassionate.
2. She’s made mistakes and gotten kidnapped. Sues can do everything wrong and everyone forgives them. Brittany is a human being here who has no magical powers, is not special at all, and is merely disliked by the bad guys here for getting in the way. She has not gone Super Saiyan, achieved any power ups or anything over the course of these chapters. She has run like a normal person would. She has hurt people’s feelings. She has been like a human would be, which is flawed.

3. She has grown
I’m not even halfway through this story and I can tell she is growing as a character. She is learning to trust in others due to her memory loss, then she is learning what it means to be a part of that world. She’s a strong character because you’ve let her make so many mistakes and pitfalls along the way.

4. Does she look perfect?

Goodness gracious, no, Brittany is not a sparkly-eyed Mary Sue, but instead a wonderfully written flawed character who seems as real as any one of us. She isn’t the ideal “isekai” protagonist, she’s a scared kid trapped in a world she doesn’t understand and forced to face danger head on.

You do a great job making us relate with her. I know nothing about the source material, but I love how you write your character and the characters she’s with. You may have intended this as a self insert story, but I see a wonderfully written fanfic instead and have to praise you for it.

I know this is like 12 years late, but whoever called your character a Mary Sue is an idiot. She’s far from it, because she’s imperfectly good.
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