The Layman chapter 2 . 7/28/2010
AH, there's the crossover! I wonder if they'll bring any of their friends along?
The Layman chapter 1 . 7/27/2010
You know, just this first chapter would make a great story in and of itself.

However, I'm sure the rest is just as funny.
BrazeRancor chapter 7 . 5/23/2010
What? I don't even wan to know where you go this idea from. Least to say, I was heartily entertained. On the side, what made you make this a Rosario Vampire crossover? Doesn't seem to change much.
Obscureish chapter 3 . 12/30/2009
As usual, your story is very entertaining, and leaves a smile on my face. I can't wait to read the rest...
GrrDraxin chapter 7 . 9/23/2009
Well, I got bored and decided to look for more fics with RV in them, and lookie what I came across.

Though it seems that unlike many other readers that reviewed, my knowledge of the RV series outweighs what I know of Hellsing, though I've seen a good portion of the TV series and the OAVs, and even less of Highlander outside of a couple of the movies.

I was hoping for more from the RV cast there, but had Tsukune been based more on his manga version, he wouldn't have been such a wimpy pansy. He'd of been whooping some birdy tail feathers along with Moka as well. But what's done is done.

Overall, you've done pretty good, but just so you know, Moka and Kokoa are 2 of 4 sisters. 3 of whom we've seen. And we're still trying to figure out why they're all named after various coffee or chocolate beverages, I guess "Daddy Starbucks" might have a soft spot for those kinds of things.

Thank you for writing such a good story.
morbid333 chapter 4 . 8/4/2009
You had the bat comentate on the fight. Was that supposed to be like the bat in the anime? I have no idea if the two bats are one but If it was, I think you left out the "Chuu!"
Lion in the Land chapter 7 . 7/6/2009
I think the way you began this with the flash forward to the midst of the battle was great. In this ending, I would've liked to have seen how the beginning of the dove attack began - I looking forward to that, and felt a little disappointed to flash right after that first scene so quickly.

Also, instead of just jumping to where that first scene left off, I think it would've been okay to either give a summary of all that again or show it all from different angles. But either way, the fight was fun, and I liked seeing Alucard release his restrictions and take care of business.

That was absolutely precious how Alucard was turned on by Seras smeared in blood and bird guts. The pace of the 'ceremony' was fitting and very funny. I like that Father Darius.

And your last line was so perfect: “Let them wait.” Alucard growled as he entered the mansion and began to head towards the basement. “God knows I have.” I think you could've left it right there, and not even bothered with the two years being ridiculous part. But that's just my opinion.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lion in the Land chapter 6 . 7/6/2009
Ah yes the hearts - I should've known they had something to do with the doves.

hahahahaha - Anderson's accent. Oh, MetroK, I'm sorry, but it's really horrible. YOU even say it sounds Jamaican! And it totally does. You know, I think it's the 'd's at the begining of 'the' and 'that' that does it. If you just changes those, you might be okay. I don't know, I'm not so great with Scottish accents either. But yippee for me getting to point something out! :D

Walter was just great in this. Finding the ring around a popsicle stick in his ice box. “That does it!” That was just so cute.

Lovely reception of the Iscariots.

“She tried to kill me.” Anderson protested.

“Oh, right. And you've never tried to kill me.” Seras replied sarcastically.

I loved that.

Good times, good times...

Lion in the Land chapter 5 . 7/5/2009
He loves her! Hooray! That made me very happy, as you can probably guess it would from my review of the last chapter. Good old Father Darius - I think maybe he helped Vlad realize it himself. He's an interesting character.

I liked this chapter. I was out of sync with the humorous tone of the other chapters, but I don't think it felt out of place. And it was just what I wanted to hear. :) Plus, there were funny moments: “Married? To a woman?”

Okay, so you're probably thinking I'm nothing but a useless lump by now, because I've offered no constructive criticisms, but I can't help it - I just like this story. When I have something helpful to say, I promise I will.

Lion in the Land chapter 4 . 7/5/2009
I felt a little confused through a lot of this one, just because I'm not familiar with that rosariovampire. I could ask for clarification, but I'm not going to, because as you know, I've been a little overwhelmed trying to grasp the series Hellsing.

But it was still fun to see the girls going at it, and I got the general idea. I'm a little sad at Seras' relationship with Alucard, with her knowing that he looks at the wedding as a farce and hoping to get to know him better after the wedding. That's never a good idea. But I guess that is how it would be with him.

Lion in the Land chapter 3 . 7/5/2009
That is so great that Alucard is going to be judgmental and unnaccepting of his daughter's boyfriend, even though he hardly even knows his daughters. I guess that's just a daddy's job.

I have to say MetroK, that was quite a steamy scene with Alucard and Seras. I'm quite impressed with you. Curse you, Walter!

I am just really liking Integra in this story. Better than I think I have anywhere else. I loved seeing her passed out with the scotch. Maybe because it makes her seem not so perfect. But still in character, you know, and kind of sad, because she was drinking alone.

That was funny with the tuxedo - Seras ordering it for him and then realizing that he could just shift into it. But it's still a sweet thing for her to do for him.

OH! I have a song to send you about this: "It took me over a month to find a pastor willing to marry two vampires, and then he goes and gets himself in a coma! Why does everything happen to me?" Actually, based on the title of one of your stories, I'm thinking this song may have been the inspiration for that line. I'll send it to you on regular e-mail and we'll see.

Okay, I wish I had something helpful to say other than this is great, but...this is great! One little thing on formatting - you use bold when you want to emphasize words, and for me, that's just a little jarring - I prefer italics as a gentler way to emphasize words in text like this, but maybe that's just me.

Lion in the Land chapter 2 . 7/5/2009
Aha - so I now know what up with two of the daughters. I'm sure it's going to be very interesting to learn of the third.

Is Arthur Hellsing being a big drinker canon or no? Because I just read that in another fanfic.

I like that Integra thinks the reason she'll never get married is that no one will ever be worthy of her. I'm sure that's true. I also like the dynamic between her and Alucard in this story. It's more in line with how I think of it.

I like Integra and Seras looking at the dresses together - I would like it even better if they were to go trying them on together. And maybe Seras even gets Integra to put one on, just so she can how it looks from an observers point of view. Every girl should try on a wedding dress at least once in her life.

I'm am still really liking this! See you in the next chapter.

Lion in the Land chapter 1 . 7/5/2009
Oh man, I LOVE it! I really mean that. You started it off just perfectly with those bettle scene - which were hilarious, and then the way you handled the proposition of those two getting married didn't slow things up a bit.

Of course he only wants to do it to get some. And sweet little Seras, demanding a proper ceremony first. Integra and Walter's reactions were precious:

'Integra took off her glasses, screwed her eyes shut and began to rub her temples. This was going to be a big one.'

'“Oh, dear. I'll just bring up the bottle.”'

And Integra's dreams - spicy - I like it!

I have a couple of questions. So Heinkel is transgender? What exactly do you mean - a girl who dresses like a boy or someone with

Also, you mentioned Alucard's three daughters - what up with that?

-LiLa (finally)
YuriFan5 chapter 3 . 7/4/2009
hehe, Alucard would think of him like that wouldn't he?
YuriFan5 chapter 1 . 7/4/2009
hehehehe, I just love it. All the madness of Hellsing we all know and love, wrapped up in an everyday situation. Whatever you are doing for your muse to make it so happy, keep it up!
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