Reviews for 04 Foxhunt
Stormbringer951 chapter 3 . 11/1/2009
An interesting story. The scarred man finally makes a slip, I see. The format of the story is fairly funny, with everyone being kept in the dark until the masterstroke where Kat takes out the agent.

Several interesting things here: the dynamic between the IO agents (who you've managed to humanise to some degree) and the police, Jack's brutal dealing with the forger (bravo!) and Kat's manipulation of the agent.

It was a masterstroke to have her pull the wool over the eyes of the experienced manipulator. It was a bit brutal, the way that she inadvertently executed him though. :sadface: Poor kid.
Whyt Wulf chapter 3 . 7/17/2009
Edge of my seat, the whole story. Excellent story line, great suspense. Bravo, sir.
Tezza1502 chapter 3 . 5/6/2009
Once again, brilliant!

And some very interesting lines of thought being set up on both sides of the fence.

Later! T
the Judge2 chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
I've heard it said that the mark of a good writer is the ability to make the reader care about the characters. You've managed that in spades with this episode.

Caitlin. My god, the awesome meter is through the roof. With the exception of exiting the plane, she goes through this whole misadventure in a manner that would make Batman or any other "badass normal" superhero proud. No powers, just brains, skill, and a little help from her friends. This is the Fairchild that the world needs more of, and you managed to portray her as such while preserving the old running gag where she gets her clothes shredded in every episode.

That said, I pray you're never so cruel as to let her find out what she really did to Julius, not unless she's got an understanding shoulder to cry on. It'd kill her otherwise.

On the subject of Julius: yes, I cared about what happened to him, too, but more in the sense of "This guy needs to be shot, for the good of all mankind." That the girl he thought of as his victim was solely responsible for his downfall was the delightful twist of the knife, especially since she used his own methods against him; a perfect end for a truly deserving piece of scum. Similar sentiments towards the ID forger, and props for Lynch's solution.

While seeing the black hats of the world get their comeuppance is always fun, I do hope that the Gens have to deal with a few genuine white hats (like this episode's local sheriff) in the future. For some reason, I've suddenly got an image of Bobby and Eddie doing one of those odd-couple roadtrip buddy movies, possibly with Lynch along for modern male-bonding at its most dysfunctional.

Will we see the members of the IO field team in the future? It'd be interesting to see how the "little people" of the Evil Empire have grown and changed after a couple of years.

All for now.