Reviews for Blood of the Phoenix
Schori123 chapter 69 . 4/20
What a ride it has been! I truly enjoyed your story from the beginning to the end. I always wondered, what would happen if Harry isnt abandonend after seeing Cedric die and what happens when Umbridge doesnt get free reign at Hogwarts. You brought clarity to both questions in an very exciting way. Loved Ally Martin from the beginning, Harry needed such a strong companion, who doesnt let him brood at all. Nice twist with Ginny at the beginning. At the end Dumbledore also recognized that his faults began that night he put Harry with his relatives. Cant wait to read te sequels to this!
Keep up your amazing work!
Best regards
Itack23 chapter 69 . 4/8
I was so sure that the meeting between the two Mollys would happen like that, haha!
Well, many thanks for this amazing story! I'll go read the sequel in a while, when I'll have some time to be confortable reading a few chapters! :)
It's for great fics that are as imaginative and creative as this one that I like reading fanfictions! And it's those too that I like to translate!

I hope all my reviews didn't pissed you in the end, but I really had a great time on each chapter '
Itack23 chapter 68 . 4/8
Dumbledore almost, ALMOST, f*cked it all up. But with his last words, there is, maybe, a tiny chance that things go up in the future for the relation between him and Harry
Itack23 chapter 67 . 4/8
Haha I was sure that Voldy would take a good punch or kick during the fight!
Now, what's gonna happen to Dumbledore and his stupidity, trying to ruine Harry and Ally's plan...
Itack23 chapter 66 . 4/8
Dumbledore and Molly on the battlefield... I have mixed feelings about that...
And damn, way to go for McGonagall! She's scary when angry!
Itack23 chapter 65 . 4/8
Wow! Just wow! That's probably the best build-up chapter before the action the action I ever read!
I was too tired yesterday to read, but it seems I had stopped just at the right spot to read all the final action in one go! :D
I really pray that the ADADA stydents will be okay, but I fear a bit for those that we saw least like Stephen and Jesse... And the way you insist on this Geraldine House make me feel uneasy "
Itack23 chapter 64 . 4/7
Revelation upon revelation for Molly Weasley in this chapter! I wonder how much time it will take her to realize that Harry named his daughter after her? Maybe it will soften her temper! x)
Itack23 chapter 63 . 4/7
Wow, I almost forgot that it's JUST Christmas in the story! The Fifth year still have a lot of time!
Itack23 chapter 62 . 4/5
Dumbledore ha finally took off the stick his blindfold, now he, maybe, will do something of importance!
Poor Jesse, his family life doesn't seem all that good...
Itack23 chapter 61 . 4/5
I wondered if they also had phoenix tears, well, I have my answers!
And Remus gonna have loooots of questions after that!
Itack23 chapter 60 . 4/5
Dumbledore coming around? Finally? Maybe?
Chapter really interesting in the way you wrote it: each person present add something to the revelations to Dumbledore, because they knew it or because they understood it.
Itack23 chapter 59 . 4/4
A quiet chapter, calm after the fight. Learned a thing though: Emmy is far more short-tempered and violent than I imagined her to be. I love Abby and Emmy more and more as they are developed! :D
Itack23 chapter 58 . 4/4
That was some harsh fighting... And so very real too
The moment with the muggle woman and her husband, when Jesse take her away from him for healing her knowing perfectly that she'd die ithout that but that the husband just can't trust them after the attack from the Deatheaters...
Itack23 chapter 57 . 4/4
She's finally got it! The prodigal girl finally got over it!
That's one hell of a massive up in the research department of the ADADA now that they'll be able to trust her more!
Itack23 chapter 56 . 4/4
That was an intense fight! The most interessant was to see the different points of vue and the description they gave.
Ha, and RIP to Fred's private parts, scorched by his shield underwears being overwhelmed by a stray spell from Harry and Ally fighting xD
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