Reviews for Blood of the Phoenix
CarolWim chapter 48 . 4/25
Molly? Her name is Molly?
CarolWim chapter 40 . 4/25
Ah. It's right now 36 degrees Celsius out there and I'm reading right now your chapter. Excellent story by the way. Now we have a thunderstorm, but no coolness.
CarolWim chapter 15 . 4/24
Why is nobody demanding from Hermione that she tells Harry and Ron if she wears bloomers, knickers or something else and while he colors. Also if she pleasures herself, how many times and whom she is fantasizing with doing that?
Anon chapter 24 . 4/21
Anon chapter 23 . 4/21
'Luna, you have to be the most observant person I have ever met. Take a hundred points for Ravenclaw.'

WHAAAAAAT? That was so stupid
setokayba2n chapter 69 . 4/19
It had it's ups and downs, making it a little boring sometimes, sorry to say I don't think I will read the sequel, but I have a question to see if Fudge or Umbridge could try anything. Or if Dumbledore is going to try a memory charm now
atlantis51 chapter 69 . 4/18
Merlin! Awesome story! But I thought this tale was going to be done! A sequel! Ok, on to the next installment! Thanks for writing this!
Guest chapter 68 . 3/28
Dumbass harry strikes again. Trust he throws around Willy nilly to people who time and time again prove beyond all shadow of a doubt to not be worthy of ANY trust.
Guest chapter 60 . 3/28
Why would you tell secrets to someone nobody trusts? Seems kind of stupid. Just to placate him? Tell him to sod off. It’s nobodies damn business.
Guest chapter 58 . 3/28
More author induced stupid decisions by supposedly smart characters. More lack of any training shown by people who have been training non stop. You write a lot of pathetic people.
Guest chapter 50 . 3/28
Detention? Guess wimp Harry can’t say no because the author wouldn’t have easy pointless stupid ways to create drama and stress. Yep. Punish the leader of a war by putting him in timeout. Estimation of authors intellect has hit bottom and has conjured a shovel.
Guest chapter 48 . 3/28
Molly? Last vestiges of respect for this now lame as travesty gone. More author fake drama. No reason for Harry to have taken so long with instant travel. This is getting pathetic. Stop contriving such stupid scenarios.
Guest chapter 47 . 3/28
Ron should be shot for abandoning his post during war. Holding a pregnant ladies hand is not a good excuse for letting others die.
Guest chapter 46 . 3/28
Why the bloody hell did he have hermione take over? The one who knows nothing because her asshole friends have been lying to her and keeping secrets? Why did he not just have her escort ally while he continued his critical fucking job. That’s a pretty far fetched and pretty unbelievably boneheaded move to even try to swallow. Story integrity is almost lost. Fake drama!
Guest chapter 45 . 3/28
Sirius is a useless sack of shit who is likely to get others killed due to his incompetence. He’s as bad as mundungus
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