Reviews for 11 Things
hoerinne chapter 14 . 6/23
i honestly thought that he would die peacefully and his last words to her would be “don’t let the bed bugs bite”
dramione shifa05 chapter 1 . 5/16
please dont write brunnette and blond all the time...i am realy sorry but it is really irritating
Dramione420 chapter 1 . 5/4
thanks for ruining it for me whoever you are that told everyone that Draco dies
Sarjoo06 chapter 14 . 4/9
Oh my god! This is such an amazing story.
Dramionelover chapter 14 . 4/3
I really really liked your story(I'm pretty sure you aren't going to read this) but I am REALLY REALLY REALLY UPSET THAT YOU KILLED OFF DRACO MALFOY HOW DARE YOU!

But I still liked your story

Ciao for now
ShadowHearthWalker chapter 2 . 4/1
Well...this was depressing...

Nice story, I like it. But did you really have to go and kill Draco? ;-;
Guest chapter 14 . 3/29
Omg! The end made me cry so much... this is honestly one of the best stories I’ve ever read! Too bad it ended!
Ruselly Adita chapter 1 . 3/25
love this story. made me cry so much. concept was brill b7t deyaaam I hate you so much for killing Draco. poked my heart.
Anonymous chapter 14 . 3/15
A I loved this story and couldn't put it down. that being said, you have betrayed me! I devoted hours to reading this to have you rip out my heart and stomp on it! I am soo emotionally destresed right now I don't even know how to stop crying!
WHAT chapter 13 . 2/17
Noo Draco
Colovaria05 chapter 14 . 2/1
I really, really really hate you for killing off Draco. I cried so much, that's just unfair! Couldn't you make it a happy ending!
tennisdiva15 chapter 14 . 1/25
Im crying this is so sad. So sweet tho
tennisdiva15 chapter 13 . 1/25
awwwwwww why draco nooooooo don't dieeeeeee
tennisdiva15 chapter 12 . 1/25
I love their friendship its so cute, but I really want them to get together soon! :)
tennisdiva15 chapter 11 . 1/25
ahhhhhhhh dracoooooo just kiss her already
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