Reviews for Dressing the Tree
Sherbetsticks chapter 9 . 8/16/2011
brilliantly hilarious think you got everyone perfectly especially Tony
KellyRoxton chapter 15 . 1/19/2009
Great Job. Aww I can't wait to read more. Wat a christmas present. Can't wait to see what happens next will we get more info on the GREAT move.
SexyScottishDoc chapter 14 . 1/17/2009
aw! this chapter made me all warm and fuzzy inside! love it! you write awesome Gabby! ::glomp!::
RagxxDoll chapter 14 . 1/17/2009
RagxxDoll chapter 8 . 1/17/2009
hahahahahaha that was amazing

"hes there and im dead" perfect :) you are an amazing writer
KellyRoxton chapter 14 . 1/17/2009
Love Love Love this story. Poor Abby has got to be in some serious pain. Wonder how she'll manage in the morning I know adrenaline will help but pain is pain. Great Job write more soon.
SexyScottishDoc chapter 13 . 1/16/2009
aw! Poor Abby! I wish she'd make a speedy recovery! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Chirugal chapter 13 . 1/16/2009
Good fic! :) You have a good sense of the characters, and the smut is definitely appreciated!

I know what I say won't influence you in any way, but please don't turn this into another pregnancy fic... _ I start to read so many great stories and then babies seem to come into them and I have to stop reading, because it squicks me.

Ah, well, if it happens, it happens. Update soon!
KellyRoxton chapter 13 . 1/16/2009
Great Job. Aww Poor Abby all hurt and so on. Gibbs is going to take wonderful care of her I know. Yup guys so don't understand those things. Can't wait for the next chapter of this Wonderful Story. Hugs you Tight.

Write more and Post soon...
junsui.taiyou chapter 13 . 1/16/2009
LOVE this story! thanx for writing it! cant wait to read the next chapter! PLS pls update soon :o)
SexyScottishDoc chapter 12 . 1/16/2009
I have such a smile on my face with this fic, it's funny. my bf can't understand why I'm smiling and snickering at! lol! this update made my day!
KellyRoxton chapter 11 . 1/15/2009
Wow that was so VERY HOT. Aww Ziva teasing Tony and Abby Teasing Gibbs all through dinner will not be pleaseant. Great Job. Write more and post soon.


SexyScottishDoc chapter 11 . 1/15/2009
holy crap I can't get enough of this story! I squee with joy when I get an update notice! ::flushes:: I have to go cool down now...cold water now!
KellyRoxton chapter 9 . 1/15/2009
Oh yeah this is getting good. Great Job. Poor family and what happened the kids will be devestated. Great Writing can't wait for another chapter. Aw. Everyone has had their plans interuppted. Great Job. Love how Tony realized it was the same ribbon. Hugs and Best thoughts.

Great Job.
Berlian chapter 8 . 1/13/2009
lovely chapter.. Hope the next chapter,, more lovely GABBY :)
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