Reviews for The Problem with Purity
3 Eyed Minion chapter 32 . 9/12
Every damned chapter I've read of this fanfic has a plethora of spelling and grammar mistakes.

I read a few chapters ago that you had one person read/check/correct every chapter up until at least that one, how on Merlin's green earth did he/she/they not see the mistakes? I'm guessing that your work goes through more than one check? I know this is old work, but this is so poor quality.

Hundreds of thousands of words yet content is awful. Yes you've lost me as a reader now.
Beatrice Black chapter 38 . 9/5
Err .. what?
Huge amount of spelling, grammar, syntax and tense errors are massively off putting. For such a "well known" fic, you'd of thought author would have taken more care?
It's like writer was hammering away at a keyboard with half the punctuation keys & backspace buttons missing .. ..
Probably too sticky to use any more after feeble fappining over obscene & illegal underage drarry fics .. Just a little bit sad but unsurprising given posters infamous reputations ..
O Long Johnson chapter 3 . 9/3
Was juat here, absent mindedly skimming through fics like this & then my eyes & ears start to bleed as I view mind numbingly bad story's like this one!
Poppy Mae chapter 29 . 8/27
This has to be the worst story online! More holes than plot plus ludicrous "relationship" dynamics for both couples.
Trumped up Ron hate with no background is seriously clichéd and unwanted in any fic seriously worth reading.
Fail, fail, more fail and fail again.
LilMissSnape chapter 6 . 8/25

Second, this is really funny because the 29th of September is my birthday

Anyway, love you!
Shao7 chapter 62 . 8/24
When reading AU fan fiction I’ve learned to turn off all expectations of what I think should happen in a story. That’s why I really enjoyed your story. I just let myself be taken into your universe and I liked what you did with the characters especially making Hermione and Severus a couple, making them both much more likable, and not having Harry the the center of the world.
It was a fun read. Thanks for sharing.
Saffy Morgaine chapter 10 . 8/10
Harry-Draco just ain't gonna work. As Harry says in Cursed Child -
"That's one of the reasons why Malfoy always managed to wind me up so easily: he was nothing more than a petty bully."
To turn that around and forge a stable 'relationship' between them is beyond the scope of words here. Poor choice of shipping here.
Darkness in Snape's past will make it for him and Hermione but not insurmountable.
doggo chapter 62 . 8/5
this has to be most trolled fic since my immortal!
can see why as skimmed first handful of chapters and yes truly awful and total ooc.
McGrawRa chapter 53 . 8/3
awesome story so far.
Snarky Snark chapter 1 . 7/27
At various snowfakes continue to bleat 'dont lick dont rwead', heres a consise response from better brains than ours .. and by default vaster superior to you pitiful sheep as well:

"Don't like, don't read" is a standard response to criticism of a work of fiction, particularly on the Internet. It raises the basic question of why the critic bothered to read or finish the work if it turned out they didn't like it.
The trope is most commonly used by Fan Fic authors who "Can't Take Criticism" and try to silence critics with this line (as part of a trifecta with "Let's See YOU Do Better!" and "You're Just Jealous"). When "don't like, don't read" is used this way, the problem is immediately obvious: how is the audience supposed to know they don't like it if they haven't read it? The alternative would presumably be for the critic to NOT read the work and complain about it anyway! And a reader doesn't necessarily have to enjoy everything they read, especially if they think they can provide 'Constructive Criticism' that will make the author's future work better, they find it "So Bad, It's Good", or they can derive money or laughs by being a "Caustic Critic". And just because you don't like the premise doesn't mean that you can't overlook that bias and comment on how well executed the work is. It's not as if professional critics can just read/watch media that they will probably enjoy, weakening this line of attack. Expect to see this as a response to ANY criticism in a comment section for the work, especially on YouTube (where the work may be so short that it's already over by the time the viewer decides they didn't like it).
GryffindorChic7 chapter 4 . 7/24
Walls of text with so little said.
And now you've jump the shark with that jab at difference in religions. Oh come on that's just low. Not reading more.
HereToRead0169 chapter 19 . 7/20
I waa almost vomited in my mouth wen unsuspected read it. Nasty
ImmaSnarl chapter 7 . 7/20
This fic is just ridiculous fluff. Little substance at all.
Beccax95 chapter 23 . 7/19
Yet another american who can't write british dialogue, use british phrases or use british slang correctly.
But as you've apparently plagiarised much of this, not sure if it's you the thieving bastard or the idiot original writer who is at fault here?
Both of you are morons in your own way.
LadybugYellow chapter 10 . 7/12
Hey you! Just wanted to say that I absolutely HATE this story. Your writing out of character and deplorable relationships are just so unnatural and pointless. I find it utterly perplexing and really can’t read more. Please please please delete this story and make it soon. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself - can't stand this being left up, reported to mods for multiple issues - please stop this disgusting madness. You’re one of the most retarded writers I’ve encountered on this site so far and I’m looking forward to reading better works - nothing to do with Dramione or any other work that makes Malfoy 'heroic'.


PS: sorry if there are any grammar mistakes. I’m from Costa Rica and english is not my first language. Hope my contempt of your crappy story is clear to you and everyone.
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