Reviews for The Problem with Purity
Tintaglia'sPride chapter 6 . 4/18
You are an excellent writer. I'm not sure how much more I'll get read tonight. I just checked the word count on this story. It won't come as any surprise to you that it's about a thousand pages? My WIP is just under 200K right now at about 340. I just don't think I could do a thousand tonight, but I'll be back.
Tintaglia'sPride chapter 5 . 4/18
"I've spent the last few years of my life building up an immunity to iocane powder."

Sorry, couldn't help the Princess Bride reference. I'm enjoying this fic-there go all my other plans for the evening. It feels a little odd to have Ron so excluded from the trio in this story, but in some ways it makes sense, and it certainly works with the plot. He has a different background and different priorities. Hermione and Harry do tend to operate on a similar sort of field, less emotion based in a lot of ways than Ron. Anyway, I'm enjoying this.
Guest in Europe chapter 7 . 4/14
Well, I've made to Chapter 6... it's a bit of a slog though. I don't mind the lack of plot thus far, or the lack of pairings, in fact, I very much like a slow build up.
That being said, I wonder why it is necessary to explain everything in such mind-numbing detail. Hermione is just too good to be true and can already, at 18 or so, do everything that Albus Dumbledore can do. She is on matey, teasing first name terms terms with all the staff, including Severus and seems to be a complete control freak. She is often referred to in cannon as a know-it-all, but really...
I'm going to persevere for a couple more chapters, on the principle that so many reviewers can't all be wrong and I do love a long, slow Hermione/Severus story but I may bail if it remains so turgid for much longer.
Sorry for the negative feedback, but I do honestly believe that reviews should be honest and I've tried to say what I like and dislike in equal measure. I do appreciate that it's your story and you have done the work - for which, thank you very, very much.
BTW, I don't have a ff account, so this is not anonymous for anything other than practical reasons.
Darkingfire chapter 62 . 4/6
I quite enjoyed this story. Thank you for writing such an epic-length fic of such quality.
Helene Nightfire chapter 38 . 3/30
I keep meaning to post reviews but I want to know what happens next so badly I keep reading instead. So I just wanted to say that you are very accomplished at writing riveting scenes. Though I have to admit this is a bit of a problem. I exchanged outdoor chores where I can't listen to this story for indoor chores. Now I am supposed to be grooming 9 dogs today and I keep stopping to read forward when the blasted ipad quits reading to me! Eh. I'll manage. Thanks for sharing!
Cass of Avalon chapter 62 . 3/29
This story is one massive mother- mother of awesome! Sometimes when a story has a massive word count I try not to read it because I know it will take days between RL and updates, I am extremely happy I have read yours. This was a very interesting take on Hermione and Severus. It was incredibly realistic romance between the two of them. And honestly I was crying for Castina- you made me love her. And I am happy in the end you are not George RR Martin and you didn't kill off more beloved characters. Definitely added to my favorite story list so I can enjoy it again and again. Good work!
TheLions'PaleProtector chapter 61 . 3/28
The most amazing fanfic i've seen in all my years reading- and an epic in all senses of the word! This is my second time reading and I love it more each time :) Truly genius!
Aerin chapter 46 . 3/25
YESYESYESYESYES this chapter resulted Ina war dance and chanting through my house! I LOVE IT
Abreana chapter 62 . 3/12
First of all wow, I do not regret not doing any of the other stuff I was supposed to be doing, because I was reading this, and it was amazing.
I loved all the detail you put into this and it has made this one of my favourite reads in a long while.
Well done, its been one of the best I have ever read :)

Abreana x
Dagger-Seishin chapter 13 . 3/7
Sry forgot to sighn in

Re: what made you say albus's decoration were so bad? , I love the thought but I'm curious
Guest chapter 13 . 3/7
Just out of curiosity what made you say albums decorated tha hall horribly?
Emily chapter 62 . 3/6
Wow! Original and well written if a bit long. Hermione was brilliant and the detail you used in describing the potions and wards was wonderful. I'm so glad Severus got a clue and stopped being such a royal git...things were getting a little painful there for a while. Thank you for posting!
novonia chapter 62 . 3/3
Very much enjoyed, brought me to tears when Severus was being an ass or misunderstanding.

Great read. :D
Hannoie chapter 62 . 3/2
I'm glad I've finally finished reading this. That is not how I normally feel when I've finished reading a novel-length Snamione, but this time I'm glad. This story, while reading it, effectively destroyed almost all other Snamione's as I'm currently following. I couldn't read them, knowing that I could read this instead. It was really quite annoying :P Thank you so much for this story, it was so incredbly beautiful. I'm not really sure how forty-odd chapters of angst, twenty chapters of drama and only a few glimpes of happiness could beat fluff and happiness so effectively, but it did. I think this ranks on my top five of all Snamione I've ever read. Thank you so much.
Hannoie chapter 20 . 2/25
I'm Swedish, and that was an utterly alien experience. Sitting here, peacefully reading in English, and then suddenly bumping into a Swedish sentence? Utterly alien. I had to reread it several times before it made sense in my mind. I recognized it, but I couldn't understand it at first. When I realised it was Swedish, I actually burst out laughing. And the notion that Swedish would sound cool... Well, no. Btw, I like this story really much so far, and I hope I'll see some Snamione action soon! (Since I'm not shipping Drarry...)
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