Reviews for The Problem with Purity
WhyDoYouCareFFS chapter 1 . 11/8
This story is so fucking retarded
MaeSilverpaws1 chapter 31 . 11/6
AND 8064843 talks a LOT of sense to!
Well said 8064843!
MaeSilverpaws1 chapter 7 . 11/6
I was going to binge read this over the weekend. But then realized it's shit written by someone with a pedophilic agenda.
Not for me.
Not for anyone in fact.
8064843 chapter 62 . 10/31
I stopped reading this story halfway through. Hermione in this story has no flaws except for a serious one: she can't let go of a toxic relationship. And it is not a joke. In fact, this story can be a good example for younger readers what a very bad relationship can be like and how you don't always need to act upon your instincts: if you have crush on someone you don't need to act because it might take you to an insufferable situation where you harm yourself. The crush will go away.

There are lots of women living in abusive relationships, telling themselves how there is still love somewhere and not being able to leave. There are people whose partners are narcissistic or who have a borderline personality disorder - but still want to believe that he is going to be better and stay in the relationship. There are people who become sexually exploited but still go back to the person who hurts them. Hermione behaves this way. She is walking on eggshells around Snape who is treating her in a very inconsistent way and she is constantly feeling nervous or uncomfortable around him, and yet believes that she somehow loves him. This kind of behaviour can be very self-destructive. She is risking her mental health, personality and self-esteem.

Snape is emotionally abusive. He makes Hermione always the one to blame. He turns things around so things she thought he had done wrong are suddenly her fault. He is deliberately rude and hurtful. These are textbook examples of a toxic person you should run away from. There is no need to understand them, you don't explain why they are like this. And they are not going to change. Too bad Hermione does not understand herself and act. It might get better towards the end of the story but I cannot see how - and I am not going to waste my time reading any more of this.

"She knew in her heart, in her core—in the same place where she knew she was a witch and a unicorn and a Pure Adult—that she had chosen a mate. The choice had really been made long before she had had sex with him, and although there was a possibility, perhaps, that she could have changed her mind before then, there was no going back at this point. - She wanted him for her mate, and she knew that losing her virginity to him had been important for all sorts of other reasons, too." - This is utter bullshit. She is pining for an abusive man and making excuses for herself why she can't let go. In tocix relationships women often rationalise their decisions to stay and are completely blind for the abuse. Then she explains that Snape's Unforgivable Curse directed at her was not such a bad thing at all! When he happens to be nice to her for a second she clings to it happily and then lets him abuse her again. Such behaviour should not be tolerated, ever. This story is a good example about how women can deceive themself and not just leave when they are in a very bad relationship.

In this story Hermione is over-powerful, curing werewolves and having mental connection with magical creatures; she is the Head Girl and animagus and the most brilliant student in school. A Pure (the whole basic idea is just plain silly) witch. I thing a little less perfect character could have been in place. I have no idea how several reviewers can say that this is their favourite story.
LitleMissHugALot chapter 1 . 10/5
I understand now that the author of this is a paedofile and withdraw my last review.
Michael Gambon chapter 62 . 9/28
Hmm this has to the utterly worst piece of writing loosely attached to the Harry Potter name!

IN FACT ... ack huh


(Sir Michael Gambon died today after reading a terrible work of "fan fiction" ...
Jason Slupski chapter 17 . 9/26
why all talk talk talk?

can we plez have young boys getting raped an crying as that what i likes
EliBDarcy chapter 62 . 9/24
No tengo palabras, la historia más maravillosa que he leído de este ship, una trama increíble, no he trabajado ni dormido prácticamente en una semana para terminar de leerlo, gracias gracias por compartirnos está historia
Guest chapter 30 . 9/20
The abuse Hermione suffers from Snape is awful. This is such an unhealthy dynamic to be casting as romantic.
Xwitchplease chapter 17 . 9/20
God awful plot on a paper thin premise. To regard this a garbage trash is an insult to garbage and trash.
Head out the gutter and back to writing school for you!
LittleMissHugALot chapter 14 . 9/20
I'm a quarter way through this, and I would just like to say that whoever this "guest" reviewer is who is posting valger feedback that are more insults, then constructive criticism is wrong.
This is just an average epic fic with some creative plot points. I wouldn't even call it adverge. This fic is GOOD. The author needs to work on their flow, but the characters and plot are well hashed out, and I find myself reading even after my lunchbreak should be over.
Don't be discouraged, this fic is worth a read.
Guest chapter 30 . 8/23
actually the most annoying noise is trump still breathing
Lola 7bunny chapter 13 . 8/23
You've lost me as reader with all this racism in last two chapters. For shame when a writer tries to use a fic to spread their racist agendas.
Suzie Poopstain chapter 23 . 8/10
Many lines taken from other fics. Don't no if those were written by writer or not.

Anyways really bad fic and made me depressed. So no.
atgaarmstron chapter 11 . 8/4
Detestable fic. It's got so many things wrong going on at once, you have to reject plot and drop reading this.
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