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rowanlyn-mirrim chapter 8 . 12/23/2014
Okay, I have read this far (chapter 7) and I have to say while your writing quality is quite good (surprisingly so all told), I am beginning to believe you are actually a 12 year old.

You have Mary-Sued the hell out of Hermione. I mean you have made her far and away more powerful then Harry (she was always a genius, but Harry was always more powerful, that was the balance between the two). She thinks Harry is an idiotic baboon with no brain of his own (he isn't competent to take the veritiseram himself even if she calculates the dose, she drugs him and its okay because he is Harry and she knows best, she doesn't allow him to make decisions on whether or not to have silencing charms up).

She is developing a close adult relationship with a teacher, but Harry is so childlike he isn't even talking to the person he likes (and may I just say, ewww on the Draco thing, I have seen it done well, but so far you haven't redeemed Draco beyond having him be polite to Hermione...once).

She is such a special snowflake that she has a UNICORN animagus form, has a special telepathic bond with Fawkes, (and is personally every bit as powerful as Harry), when he doesn't any such relationships or abilities. And despite the hurt she KNOWS Harry is experiencing over failing something that would make him closer to his father, she has neglected to tell him why, and that he should try it again, after she figured it out. In plot time it is now November, when you had her figure it out in early September almost two months of her neglecting to bring it up.

In short she is acting like a stuck-up brat, who is (or thinks she is at least) practically perfect, and you have made Harry into a magically powerful buffoon without a brain of his own. When there was quite a bit of evidence in canon that he was really quite bright (he took 7 Owls one O, five E's, and one A and that was I believe in the History the class the vision interrupted) and is very perceptive, not to Hermione's level of intelligence true, but then he didn't put as much work into it ether.

As I said at the beginning the is actually fairly well written, that is part of why I am still reading a chapter 7, but if this isn't resolved with in the next few chapters... I think you will lose this reader.
lilacsandlostlovers chapter 1 . 12/19/2014
okay, so can i just say that i am a massive fan of this fic? plot holes and all. my only real issue with it is how intersex/nonbinary and asexual people are ignored? i just don't think it would make very much sense if every wixen's libido was enhanced, because some people don't have them at all.
that out of the way, i absolutely adore this fic. :) thank you.
thompsja chapter 12 . 12/17/2014
I realize that this was written about 7 years ago, but I'm stopping here. You have Draco casting one of the three verboten spells in the world, one he should never cast unless he can absolutely get away with it.

You also haven't provided any reason for Hermione to cover for Draco. You don't have the adults cast prior incanteum on Draco's wand. It's just not believable.
Blue night fairy chapter 62 . 11/26/2014
An amazing story! Words can not describe how wonderful and beautiful this story is. It has been an enjoyable read and every chapter kept me wanting to read on. Their was never a dull moment.

I really like how Severus and Hermione relationship grew slowly and it's a believable development. I like how you didn't disregard Lily role in being Severus former love and the reason why he is motivated to fight, then that reason slowly changed to wanting to care for, then love Hermione.

So this story is one of a kind and worth the read. I would of really liked a bonus chapter from Hermione's point of view of the wedding and honey moon.
That would make a nice one shot or a few chapters on happens next.

You write so detailed and well that it would have been interesting even if their was no longer any danger from the death eaters anymore.

So I loved this story and I would love to read more stories you write about Hermione and Severus!
serenityselena chapter 62 . 11/25/2014
fantastic story...
couldn't stop reading it...
love it :)
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 62 . 11/17/2014
Loved this story! Beautiful work!
Guest chapter 62 . 11/12/2014
Really enjoyed your story! :-)
Capricious-me chapter 62 . 11/11/2014
What a captivating fic! It drew me in right away and I hardly did anything other than read or sleep until I'd finished if all. The depth or character development, relationships and thought into the AU made it very enjoyable to read. I'm definitely suggesting this fic to anyone who will listen.

It still surprises me how stupid people as intelligent as Hermione and Severus could be about each other's feelings, but in part that made it captivating to read. The idea of pure adults seemed crazy at first but the more I read the more I was pulled in. Harry/Draco fics aren't usually my thing but you made their relationship seem completely plausible and incredibly beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful words. It was a pleasure to read.
molbymagic chapter 62 . 11/11/2014
Wow, this was by far my favourite ever Harry Potter Fanfiction, and I can honestly say I've read a lot of them. I loved the entire story, especially how realistic the characters were, and gay Harry was (in my opinion at least) a significant improvement! Well done, this story was incredible, and even though it'll probably take me another age to reread it, I will happily do so multiple times - it was well worth 62 chapters ;) I'm an English reviewer, but read this in Germany, so if you haven't already ticked Germany off, you can now!
Xx.Kari.Ry.xX chapter 46 . 11/2/2014
You are the only author I've read who can pull off keeping them apart for 46 freaking chapters without driving me insane so thank you for the amusement and bittersweet torture :)
silverdoe.glowchaser chapter 62 . 10/29/2014
I really enjoyed this story had a hard time putting it down . Thank u so much for sharing this with us all
Guest chapter 13 . 10/21/2014
Hi:) I just like to preface this comment with I Love your story. It's great, it makes it totally worth the cold I have so I've had the chance to sit down a read it! Normally I'm the kind of person who comments at the end of the story, because any comments at this time kind of cross the line from constructive criticism to just criticism because it's not like any changes are really going to be made at this point, what's done is done and I may as well say my piece at the end. However, this kind of bugged me, (and as such stems more from my own issues they your stories...) so I am going to say this anyway... I don't like how Harry was gifted the book on animagi transformation, like Hermione was gift Harry the right to become an animagi, especially considering how much relief/contentment/peace/joy/connection she gets from her own transformation. I get that she is older and when through her own coming of age first, but I think sometimes before this friends who are in this situation together should have sat down together cards on the table discussed there own experiences of Purity and what Harry as the young less experience of the pair could expect. I don't think she really had the right to keep that from Harry. It smacks to much of Dumbledore gifting Harry his father's cloak (like as a present? instead of a family heirloom and a way to introduce and connect him to his parents like the friend/acquaintance of any parents whose child is orphaned) Also she already got him a (Brilliant) present, why couldn't the animagi issue be something that she really thinks that they should start working on together over the holidays, not a present. My apologies, I am venting, honestly I really like your story, its amazing, keep writing!
Snickerdoodle4l chapter 62 . 10/18/2014
I can't believe it's all over! Bravo! This story was beyond amazing! Definitely worth the hours I spent reading!
ongyingxin chapter 61 . 10/16/2014
Hello! This is ongyingxin, I have a FFN account under the same name. I'm from Singapore, which is one city by itself :)

I must admit, I was kinda getting sick of SSHG fics when I started and was contemplating a Dramione. But this fic is revolutionary (to me), I have not read a fic where Snape is one sided. Loved the part of the unicorns, laughed at the predictability of Castinas death and cringed at every sex scene penned down (I'm too young for this...). Only have one thing to say, and that's keep writing. You're a great writer.
jackandsamforever chapter 62 . 10/11/2014
Absolutely amazing. This took me over a week to read and I could hardly do much else. The characterization was spot on for everyone. .Especially Snape. I hate when he's portrayed as a bleeding heart. So you did wonderful. Thanks for taking time to write this! :)
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