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kh7907 chapter 22 . 9/9
I've growned too attatched lol

I like the story. I'm not that into your character. She's a little obnoxious and I feel that the romance between her and Legolas isn't realistic enough? Like - I feel like it was too quick on his part? Idk.

I'm just going to stop here and hope that one day you'll update once more, but tbh I doubt that. Thanks for writing as much as you did.
Catali7 chapter 4 . 9/1
So. I read this in a single night and damn near growled aloud in frustration upon reaching the ending. I am, admittedly, a sucker for GIME/Legomance stories, and was so glad to have stumbled across yours that I let the responsibilities of reality go for the hours it took to finish reading. I am hooked, desperate for a happy ending in which our MC remains with Legs and is somehow granted immortality, and desirous of a well rounded ending. So please come back? Best wishes ~
starangel1765 chapter 29 . 5/14
Hey AlmaGemela dearest author of this story,

First of all, Thank you for this delight of a story. You managed to capture the essence of the book perfectly I liked Rems relationship with everyone and you kept the original plot-line while adding some more sap. I do think it would've been a bit more interesting if you'd added a little bit more of a side-plot for just Rem though, or that her adventure with the capture of the orcs had been slightly different that the hobbits. Though, still the added smut was enough for me to keep reading this whole amazingly long story in only about 3/4 sittings.

I especially enjoyed the lemons. Though I did think Legolas would've made a bit more of a ruckus of getting married just like that, or that he would have actually asked for her hand. Or at least if she was really okay with it.

I can see that you haven't updated this story in three years. And I sincerely hope it's because you're enjoying real life so much, that this amazing story has fallen into the forgotten realm, well at least I hope you are still alive to maybe one day remember this story. Even if I might see the end of this story coming, it would still be nice to one day read it after all.

Also I read you are a teacher in South-Korea. That's so cool, I was in South-Korea around this time last year. I was actually planning on doing the same thing but haven't decided what country yet, I really want to do Japan though, but I got asked for China aswell, So unsure yet. Anyway are you still teaching? I'd like to hear your experience and advice :) Anyway If you never read this I hope you have a good life.

(God your story was so long, I forgot the beginning! (Kurosaki Ichigo~~~~Tite Kubo)

(that's why I read it again~~Me~~)
Guest chapter 29 . 4/21
daughterofthechief chapter 29 . 3/7
Agh this is such an amazing ff-a really well written story and one of the best I’ve come across on this site. I especially like the relationship between Legolas and Rem especially when he’s possessive/jealous lmao (I know its cliche). Maybe you could also write any Feanorian/OFC or Feanor/Nerdanel from the Silmarillion ff as I think you’d capture their relationship really well. I know its been a really long time since you’ve updated and probably won’t see this but if you do, please update-you have such talent and it would be a shame not to continue. Pplz plz update xxx
pineapple-pancake chapter 1 . 3/1
I would never accept going with the fellowship! If I were in rivendell. Best stay there, since the chance of getting killed or captured are very high in the road. And Rem knows it! she should not stop fighting her way to stay in Rivendell!
Radiant Innocence chapter 29 . 2/20
I like this, and it’s very well written. The plot is complex and it’s engaging. However, my only complaint I could think of is I don’t really see how their relationship fully developed. It seems more based on lust than love. They proclaim love without fully even knowing each other, or at all. It’s even stated that they don’t know each other very well, and perhaps I’m too strict in terms of love, but I feel like you have to know each other at least fairly well to claim you’re in love.

With that being said, I think you did do a wonderful job.
LadyGrell chapter 29 . 10/5/2017
All that I have read is Amazing. I like the way you tell a tale. Can not wait to read more of this. Question though, does Rem give Faramir a good butt kicking for coming on to her?
firerosedreamer67 chapter 29 . 9/16/2017
Oh No!...3 years and no update! ! So I guess this is one of those forgotten stories that has fallen by the wayside of RL...Too bad too I was really into it...
Guest chapter 29 . 7/28/2017
Omg please please do continue this story THIS IS TOO GOOD TO STOP
Jhopayy chapter 16 . 6/22/2017
OMFG THAT WAS THE HOTTEST SCENE EVER! The dialogue, the intensity, the build up! I am blushing and squealing from this! My fantasy come true !
jhopayy chapter 9 . 6/16/2017
OH MAN THAT LAST PARAGRAPH... :O :O :O so beautifully written. The raw emotion in each chapter. The way you write makes each scene play so VIVIDLY through my head. You're amazing!
jhopayy chapter 3 . 6/15/2017
Oh myyyyyyy gaahhhhhh
That pin down scene! WHOOOO got me all hot and bothered. I absolutely adore how you describe him. His disposition, his eyes. SO HOT. Had me biting my bottom lip in anticipation this is SO AMAZING. NEXT CHAPTER! 3
Jhopayy chapter 1 . 6/14/2017
I love this so far. Your writing is so descriptive! I love how you teased us with a millisecond of Legolas and Rem interaction. ;) Eeeeep3
Guest chapter 3 . 5/8/2017
I'm enjoying this story so much so far! It seems very realistic with the mixture of humor and understandings that are bound to happen considering the situation.
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