Reviews for The First Cut is the Deepest
Guest chapter 21 . 11/4/2013
screw you this is awesome is there a sequel there needs to be this is awesome
Supermikeyninjalady chapter 21 . 8/20/2013
Of course this was wonderful!:)
Jenaura chapter 4 . 7/23/2013
Another Emergency! reference? Man, I hope so. :)

I am really liking this and am excited to finish reading.
MerLocked chapter 21 . 6/2/2013
Wow! I LOVED LOVED LOVED your story it was fab! Just so you know, I didn't think it was jarring at all! Have thought about writing a sort of side story for Luke and his training with Bobby and John and first hunts? Hey, he could be Bobby's sidekick! Because with you as writer, it would have the potential to be awesome! Also, if you ever need a beta reader, just PM me, I'd be happy to help! :)
Yorushike chapter 4 . 2/11/2013
I like the idea of the story and I also like your writing style, however I think your John is not really a round character, since he is simply mean without any real motivation. Sure he might be frustrated with his son, but the way you are describing him he is hurting him on purpose. I would try maybe making it a two way stream. Sam misinterprits and is a bit willful and his dad is a gruff, angry man
Greetings Yorushike
DARK3DBABE chapter 20 . 9/27/2012
Okay I'm liking this.. BUT .. What about Luke's friend Ben? Ben should get to have warmth and safety as well after all he helped Sam to and Luke seems to be all Ben had.. I don't know why but I feel bad the way Ben just disapeared from the story I keep imagining the guy out there all alone with no one and even though he didn't help gank the witch he did help protect Sam from the gang and he did try to do what he thought was best for Luke AND Sam.. I loved the angst and the hurt limp Sam (ALWAYS LOVE hurt limp Sam!) and I ALWAYS LOVE when Dean gets protective of HIS Sammy!.. I also like the fact that John isn't "REALLY" a complete ass (SO FAR) and that a spell had him acting so mean towards Sam.. I love how awesome and protective (And TRUE TO CHARACTER) you made Bobby and I like how well Luke fits into their little family, BUT I feel Ben should be getting something here to.. Is that weird?
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3/2012
why is everyone using that ill fill your ass so full of buckshot? did bobby like really say that to john when he did something to sammy? gosh please answer me if you ever read this i really gotta know!
becca-baby chapter 7 . 9/3/2012
i owe you an apolagy for all the things i said in my last review about sammy about to get raped. i should have known you wouldnt let that happen, i mean, you havent hurt sammy in such a way yet. although i do love all the times youve used him going into shock, i love the description. but, i really am sorry for all that i said i shouldnt have lost faith in you not hurting sammy that way, i mean, by now i should hold all my faith towards you without regret or fear for ive read like 10 of your supernatural stories not counting this one but, yea, truly sorry for all that ill try not to yell at you again. and whats this? tears! of course i shouldve seen crying coming when it comes to your supernatural stories. your the only one that can get me emotional and i dont even know you! im serious your stories are the only times ive cried!
becca-baby chapter 6 . 9/3/2012
noooo plz nooo dont let them do it! i wanted to be the one to take away sammy's joking i know by now jess's already done that but plz dont let them rape my sammy, if i need to i will change the way the story goes as i read it or when i tell my friends and in my head i will go kick their asses for hurting my sammy. and that leader, he aint gonna be sittin pretty for weeks oh and believe me if you got me cussin then im upset coz im not alloud TO cuss. but im serious i will kick the leaders ass for hurting him
frownypup chapter 21 . 8/7/2012
Great story! Enjoyable ups and downs :)
But what was with the little black cat with evil eyes in the end of the story? Was it a connector to a sequel..?
CC-R2000 chapter 21 . 7/31/2012
I'm really lucky I found this story, it's really, really good! The whole plot is really...amazing.
Crazzzzychick2 chapter 21 . 6/4/2012
That was amazing as usual I love you work just know that as long as you keep writing I'll keep reading
cappy712 chapter 21 . 3/16/2012
Thank you for such a wonderful story! I just finished reading after someone recommended this on LJ and I'm so glad that I took the time to read your story. Wow, just an amazing story and I loved the way you left it with the cat watching them...

Thank you again!
ccase13 chapter 21 . 3/8/2012
I loved how Bobby realized that John was probably hexed almost as soon as he heard John talking about Sam. The street people were very kind to Sam. I thought that hunting might give them a purpose that their lives lacked.

That cat is likely going to cause a lot of trouble.
dsl116 chapter 21 . 11/27/2011
Hey, just wanted to share my enthusiasm at your story. Ir wasn't too long, you've got an eye for detail and good spelling. I really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for writing it.
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