Reviews for Tears of Goodbye
cheleyluna chapter 1 . 3/5/2010
i liked how you did this. it was peaceful story, yet sad. great altogether
Defiant Drift chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
Hello TwilightKitsune1-REBORN,

A very touching story, beautifully written.

With only a few paragraphs, you managed not only to describe Tasuki's feelings and his eternal love for Miaka, but also on how Tasuki had lived his live after the last summon of Suzaku. It can be inferred that Kouji had already passed away at the time the story took place. Probably seemingly happy with his gang, Tasuki's heart remained lonely and untouched except for Chichiri (who cared for Tasuki liked a younger brother - from the line "Chichiri was always checking up on him"). The characterisation is good and I could see that the Tasuki in your story the exact tough yet sentimental bandit in the manga/TV/OVAs (and so are Miaka and Taka).

It is very impressed to see that the love covered in this story is far more than simple romance - Tasuki's love for his brother warriors, his fellow bandits, an orphan (inferred) whom he saved and eventually became as important as a son to him, Miaka's love for Taka and their children, Keisuke, her best friend Yui, her guardian warriors and Tasuki, who's got a unique place in Miaka's heart, though not quite the same place where Taka was but it was somewhere special.

I've read this story for several times already and every time I got teary eyes as I read along. Though Suzaku had granted Tasuki's wish, it is kind of sad and (definitely) touching at the end.

However, I do have some other minor comments on your story:

- When Tasuki's looking back to his live, there is no way for him not to think of Kouji specifically (since you've mentioned about Tasuki's "adopted son")

- The story has been written in the context of Tasuki. But in the 5th paragraph: "His fire had gone out, and his life was finally nearing its end", that's from the author's point of view! In the story, Tasuki was staring at the night sky, thinking about his past (something that he might have done from time to time) and there is no way that he would know his life was approaching the end or he would not have said “So it’s finally time, huh?” (second last line of the 3rd part of the story)

- Final part of the story: seems that there is a discrepancy on whether Miaka's spirit could sense/see Taka. (I only notice it because I have read the third paragraph of this part for several times as I am not very comfortable with Miaka not noticing Taka as he saw her spirit).

Well, the above are just my personal opinions. I have to say again that this is a great piece of work and surely one of the best fanfictions I've ever read.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work ! Looking forward to more Fushigi Yuugi fictions !
Ibby chapter 1 . 1/30/2009
Well for your first FY fic I think you're a little hard on yourself. Even though this started as a Miaka/Tatsuki pairing, it turned out to be a real sweet story in the end. You can probably use this as a jumpstart to other fics. I'm glad that you're planning on writing more, I will look forward to them.