Reviews for Unorthodox Matchmakers
idkidc chapter 1 . 6/11
I love your story please continue it
A.Tigerose chapter 20 . 5/24
You let it end there?! is there any hope to continue its been 4 years but id love if it were finished
Timelostrose chapter 20 . 5/11
I really love this story! I know it's been so long since you've updated but I really hope you will again. I really love fem!harry X Draco stories! Please consider updating, I would love it if you would :)
Imoneofakind chapter 20 . 4/26
Why, oh, why i found this story? It's so amazing... XD. Why, oh, why u no continue? It's so agonizing ... TT
sailormoonserenity99 chapter 19 . 4/24
It's been more than four years, I really hope you're ok.
EntropyWins chapter 20 . 4/12
Four years? It was so good too! Plz come back to us. There's nothing sadder than a story this good being abandoned.
Magic Freak chapter 20 . 4/10
I read this story in one day.. I am simply in love with this story. Please you need to update this story, for not just me but the others enjoying this story. You can't just leave it here, this is the biggest cliff hanger ever and it's lasted 4 years...please please update soon :)
Alex 'Harmione' Potter chapter 11 . 3/31
Aristoprick LOL Times 10,000,000,000,000
Guest chapter 11 . 3/20
Are you sick? If so, don't worry about updating. Just focus on getting better
R. A. B chapter 20 . 3/12
Why did you have to write such an amazing fa fiction only to leave it unfinished! Oh, you've got me totally hooked and it's all I can think of, yet I know the time for it is over as it has been, what, FOUR years, since your last update. Still, the possibilities with this were limitless. You set yourself up for a lot more than what you wrote, like the whole Yule Ball coming up that Draco could possibly pluck up the nerve to ask Harry to, and then also the fact that they would both be spending the Christmas holidays at Andromeda's house would have been the perfect time for them to just bare it all to each other and go back to Hogwarts as finally either steadfast friends or, having skimmed over that, in bloody love with each other. Ah, well. I suppose I will probably take your story and write my own continuation of it, though I will never publish it. (Got out of that business a while ago.)
Anyway, I suppose the point of this was to express my distress over this ending and also to inform you of my deep love for this story you've crafted. Truly genius.
Take care,
A friend
AwesomeUsername5437 chapter 20 . 2/24
It took me three days to read this ( usually I can read two stories in a day) and I had fallen hopelessly in love with it. Then i find out you haven't updated in 4 years! And just when it was getting really good! Oh well. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to live my life in permanent wonder of what 'could have been'.
annonomous chapter 20 . 2/16
Either you write more, or i get mad, its been ages! Not even web comics take this long. I'm so dissapointed. I can not spell, bu that is irrelevant.
Isali chapter 20 . 2/13
You can't just stop with such a cliffhanger. Please update
g chapter 20 . 2/8
fantastic i eagely await the next update
EDelta88 chapter 20 . 1/29
You know, there are a few ways this can go. The most basic are irrational jealousy and Malfoy scrambling away like he's been burnt. Irrational jealousy can then go several ways:
1) Harry takes this as confirmation to her deep seated fears that Malfoy is playing her and:
a) runs away crying (which I find unlikely)
b) sees the world in red and curses/kicks him before stomping off (much more likely)
c) descends into a a cold calculating fury and calmly walks off before systematically avoiding him until he pulls off something spectacular to win her back.

2) Harry has some faith in Malfoy and calmly waits for an explanation, all the while maintaining a blank (and oddly terrifying) expression and tapping her foot expectantly:
a) "This isn't what it looks like!"
b) Malfoy babbles like an idiot trying to explain himself
c) Lisa attempts to take advantage of the situation only to get cursed/kicked/death stare from Harry
d) all of the above

3) Harry acts on her subconscious "he's mine" instinct and:
a) yells something (meh)
b) rips him off Lisa and starts a catfight (don't really see this happening)
c) shows another example of her deceptive strength and lifts Malfoy bodily from Lisa before frogmarching him off to have a heart to heart about playing hero to any girl other than her... before promptly getting teased scarlet.

I'm personally partial to 2.d and 3.c
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