Reviews for When a Phoenix Interferes
moi chapter 25 . 9/19
1000th yay and also this story is great- im lovin' it :D
Mrs. Ukitake chapter 7 . 9/17
When I saw the title I though Fawks was Moltres in disguise but I think this is better
one-who-loves-Sesshy chapter 41 . 8/31
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! lol
DarthLeo chapter 55 . 8/29
I usually hate when people include legendary Pokémon in fanfictions, you did a fantastic job. Not only did you do a fantastic job on including legendary Pokémon in the fanfiction, you are doing a fantastic job at this fanfiction! Can I ask you a question? Can i post this story to my Wattpad profile(obviously giving credit)?
SmilingAnne chapter 41 . 8/16
Do you have an image of the Ghouleon? I wanna see!
SmilingAnne chapter 36 . 8/16
Izzys Species is spelled "Catterpee"!
SmilingAnne chapter 12 . 8/14
The little plate thingy: saucer
SmilingAnne chapter 8 . 8/14
I've always wondered how the chocolate chips don't melt...
SmilingAnne chapter 2 . 8/14
myafroatemydog chapter 3 . 7/29
Good chapter.
myafroatemydog chapter 2 . 7/29
Good follow up chapter
myafroatemydog chapter 1 . 7/29
Interesting first chapter
TheDeadGirlRisen chapter 5 . 7/20
By chapter five has nine reviews and seems to be so happy, by chappter 55 has over 900 XD lol
ArlingtonWhyNot chapter 43 . 7/7
that transition from Giovanni to... ahem ahem that sirius and remus and sev scene caught me so off guard I dropped my phone
SMI0167 chapter 24 . 6/22
i love your story, it is my third time reading it
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