Reviews for Outside My Own Four Walls
Shirafor chapter 1 . 1/22/2009
I wish you would've warned me this was AU, or AU-ish. But Lain is among my favorites, so I cannot complain.

Lain as a composer? If I might be so bold, I would assume that you are of a musical-spirited type. Nonetheless I love Lain for the eerie quality it has, and you delivered on that as well.

I do hope you continue this; not enough Lain fanfictions, and this one looks to be more promising than many I've seen. If there's one thing I would say you should do though, it would be to separate it into paragraphs better :D It's a little hard to read it all scrunched up like that.

Best of luck to whatever you choose.
Hieronym chapter 1 . 1/9/2009
Hmm, an interesting start. It's too early to give much comments about the plot, although I will say you've definitely nailed the part about grabbing people's attention from the getgo. I definitely encourage you to continue, because I want to know as well. No one knows Lain's past, but there is no doubt it is tragic...(assuming she has a past).

Pdeantic note: typo: it should be "...known throughout the nation as a wonderful..."