Reviews for Here and Now
romw chapter 1 . 6/6
Has anyone adopted this story yet?
eshanlalani1 chapter 14 . 4/8
Rip story
Guest chapter 14 . 9/8/2017
i am sad to see this story has been abandoned :(
if the author does check back in, please try to continue writing, it has been quite the journey to read. 3
Guest chapter 13 . 8/13/2017
Please I'm begging you return to this story is so good comrade ;-;
Li chapter 14 . 8/10/2017
Aw it's over:(
Li chapter 1 . 8/9/2017
I wish this was completed :( oh well I'll just read the rest tomorrow... (technically today but after I sleep since it's 1:22 am )even though it's not finished
Guest chapter 14 . 7/19/2017
Its disappointing to realize that this will probably never be updated after this long. I've enjoyed it. I'm glad you at least had Naruto come to his senses before life got in the way. While there are a lot of questions its not the worst place I've seen a story end. :)
the4bestgame chapter 14 . 7/10/2017
Hey, I'v really enjoyed this whole story but it hasn't been updated in ages? Is it still been written?
Kointoss chapter 14 . 7/7/2017
So here i am wondering when you're going to reveal that naruto and hiroshi are sleeper agents for orochimaru. Like you said, " one or two surviviors of missions would be changed." You would probably turn hiroshi first aftwr him becoming a pillar for hinata to lean on, either alienating the two of them further whwn naruto is forced to kill him.

Either way. Ill look forward to the next chapter.
Lonewolf1836 chapter 14 . 7/6/2017
So I'm positive that kabuto is definitely evil still probably waiting to be reactivated i mean if we look at the anime kabuto has been with orochimaru for many years before the exam even happen. love what you did with Rin. 3 also liked the fact that naruto was not overpowered and liked that those dark moments when he as captured one can make a very vivid image of it. Only thing i dont get is who is naruto going ro end up with hinata is a no go, sakura well its not gonna happen, only option i see is Karin its not rare for one to fall for the jailer after such time has passed and been hinted a bit, or naruto will die at the end i could also see it happen the character in the story is bearly even sane anymore and we can see ptsd at its highest.
charm13insomnia chapter 14 . 6/12/2017
damn came to the end hope you aren't dead
Laialy chapter 14 . 5/21/2017
Omg whauyyyyu I need to know what happened please this was literally my favorite fan fiction I have ever read please write more dude
Laialy chapter 12 . 5/20/2017
Don't kill Sakura Please...kill rin please...Make Naruto kick ass please...the suspENSE IS KILLING ME
Laialy chapter 11 . 5/20/2017

I can't wait for Naruto to fight Kurama and get those awesome powers and I hope they befriend each other too

I agree with Jiraiya, Danzo is a piece of shit...
Laialy chapter 10 . 5/20/2017
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