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TheFinn chapter 8 . 11/4/2012
You are aware, of course, that people healing other people aren't usually called "medics" in most medieval-times fantasy worlds, aren't you? They would be referred to as "healers", "medic" being more of a modern-times or even military label. ;)
MaiWishes chapter 3 . 1/19/2012
I love the way Dwahvel admires Artemis! Its really well done. Lovely smile, elegant, dark hair I love how you call him beautiful and Aretmis isn't feminime
MaiWishes chapter 5 . 1/19/2012
The line about everyone in Menzo being as good as him isn't nessearily correct imo. First off, everyone in Menzo was in awe of Drizzt, but i guess Arty doesn't know that. Second, it was more that they were all just as diseplined, deticated and just as heartless that made artemis see the hollowness of it all. A grand city so hollow. Your line makes it seem like it was pride that got to Arty.
MaiWishes chapter 10 . 1/19/2012
I know you might not be active here anymore, but so others know this is a great story, i add these reviews so the review count can raise.

:) I LOVED this. I realised each chapter was mostly Artemis' reflections and not much action but that I wasn't bored at all. You did an excellent job. I came here hoping for and Aretmis and Dwahvel story and this delivered. It was long and the best part is there are two sequels :) Thanks!
Madame Mush chapter 10 . 10/24/2010
Thank you for that. )

It's actually been a long time since I've read the books, but Entreri and Dwahvel's relationship was one of the few things that followed me after having forgotten the details. It was always a centrepoint of facination and delight, and I'm incredibly happy that someone not only wrote a fic for them, but wrote one with such class.

Cheers! You made my afternoon!
unice5656 chapter 10 . 11/24/2009
I loved this story. It was very well written, well planned, and true to character (well, imagined character, but it didn't stray from what you imagined or seem completely out of place with his old personality). I'm off to read the sequel :)
Darkrin chapter 10 . 1/28/2009
This was a beautiful story. I never quite thought I'd see Artemis in this light; at peace.

The writing was detailed and the dialogue was smooth and natural.

Great job!

Surreptitious Chi X chapter 10 . 1/20/2009
'“She's not my wife.”

Brother Ansel laughed a little at that and began to walk away. “Are you certain of that, Artemis?”

Entreri finally managed to turn to speak to him, but the priest was already well down the street. He looked back at the dawn for a moment, then rose to go back to Dwahvel.

And he wondered if he was certain.'

This is an intriguing, humorous ending that makes me frown and smile at the same time, trying to puzzle it out.

...I think Artemis Entreri has just learned that not all priests are bad. This is a miracle.
Surreptitious Chi X chapter 9 . 1/20/2009
I am hanging on every word. And...touched by Artemis' change. It's not the sudden change that seems so strange for characters to go through, like RAS often does, but a slow, guilty change. A hard-won, heavy-hearted change.

'He was done with shadows and night. He wanted to see.' This line exemplefies to me what this story is really all about.
Surreptitious Chi X chapter 8 . 1/20/2009
Gah. I can hardly breathe. I thought mid-chapter that you had suddenly gone insane and wished to end this story in one fell stroke of tragedy. You terrified me.

The image of the medic seeing Entreri crying and holding Dwahvel is so vivid...It sticks with me.
Surreptitious Chi X chapter 7 . 1/20/2009
It interests me that in a way, he still can't let go of Jarlaxle. The name-stealing thing, which he directly attributes to Jarlaxle, seemingly without realizing that in doing so he has admitted that Jarlaxle made a huge impact upon him as a friend and he misses the times he spent with Jarlaxle.

I also like this part, because it reminds me so much of his almost suicidal method of coping with injury in Servant of the Shard when he and Jarlaxle are fleeing his lieutenants' attempt at assassination.

'Part of him was aware that his shoulder was still bleeding. Part of him knew that if he didn't get it taken care of, he'd likely pass out from loss of blood.

The other part was more concerned with Dwahvel. He determined that his own comfort could wait until the safety of the ship, and by extension her safety, was secured.

Once things were settled to his satisfaction, he turned to go back to his quarters. He noticed as he disabled the last of the traps on the door that his fingers were going a little numb. Then he opened the door and walked inside.

He'd managed to take two steps toward her when the room swirled with black spots and the floor reached up for him with a rush.'
Surreptitious Chi X chapter 6 . 1/20/2009
I am laughing at her and her situation, now. I know she never meant to start anything like this, but for Artemis, it's all or zero. Either he runs away with her, or he doesn't care about her. ;p And she didn't anticipate how he treats things he cares about, either. That's hilarious.
Musingsage chapter 10 . 1/19/2009
Ok. Just who is Brother Ansel? A side commentator offering wise advise when Artemis least expects it? It's nice to see a soft side to a former heartless killer. From the way the stories going I don't think he'll enter under the employment of Elaith Craulnober. It would be interesting though. An elf who's found his consious and a human looking for his. Then again Artemis did say 'Never trust an elf'. Making everything to do with Craulnober rambling.
Musingsage chapter 7 . 1/18/2009
(For chapters 5-7) Ok, the story has retained it's thought provoking side, with a nice addition of humor. I have to admit a Halfling and a Human are a really odd couple. Though Artemis and Dwahvel suit each other.

Entreri needs to drop the over protectiveness, in the end (useually) overprotectivneness tends to lead to problems. I don't know where you intend to go, so it'll a mystery.

It's refreshing that Dwahvel's and Artemis' relationship isn't the chesy 'we were alway's ment to be' jibbrish that many authors tend to favor.
RonCN chapter 10 . 1/17/2009
That was an interesting closure of events.

I am curious, though... what god does brother Ansel follow? Has this encounter changed Artemis' view on priests? He certainly has done fair bit of changing, so...

Yes, I wonder.

This has been a great story, and the fact that it makes me think beyond its final line only goes to prove so.

Thanks a lot for sharing it! I hope to see more of your work in FR soon; you certainly write interesting characters - as it has been pointed out, not how they are perceived but how they truly *are*.

Congrats on the story!

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