Reviews for If There's a Will
Mousitsa chapter 1 . 1/10/2009
Oh my! First fanfic? Congratulations, you are off to a wonderful start. It was heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, and real. I can easily see Sam reaching out to all the things around him that were little reminders of Dean, and the leather jacket is at the top of the list. I must admit that I missed the metaphor. I didn't see it as a way of Sam deciding to "be more like Dean" as much as a way to just feel closer to his missing brother... as a way of feeling that even though Dean was gone, there was still a part of him there, still protecting him in a way. This little fic was very powerful. Kudos to you!
sweetysmart0505 chapter 1 . 1/9/2009
Really sweet job for your first piece of fanfiction. Very emotional and sad.
theviewfromhere chapter 1 . 1/9/2009
Ooh, clever use of metaphors. Not like I actually SPOTTED it the first time around or anything... I've never been much good at symbolism and similes and literary terms. Just one of those things, you know. So anyway, I'm really grateful you put that note at the bottom or I'd have read it over 15 consecutive times to get it. And probably still would have had to ask. :D

But the story... in my opinion, this is THE hardest fandom (that I know of, anyway) to write for. Dean and Sam are such freakin' complex characters, and to write something actually heart-wrenching after all the angst we've been treated to on the actual show, that's quite a feat.

And happy to say, you pulled it off. On your first try. That makes you pretty much my fanfic idol. And 10 extra bonus points for realism. I bet you ANYTHING Sam did steal Dean's leather jacket and mourned when it didn't smell like his brother any more after awhile. Actually, I think you should maybe do a follow-up to this, with hunter!Sam (you know, something like 3 months after Dean's death when Sam gets all scary with Ruby and just shuts down), having him wearing the leather jacket after a particularly bad hunt and realising he had filled the jacket with his essence and replaced Dean's, going along with your metaphor about Sam becoming Dean if left to his own devices and allowing for some retospection on Sammy's part. You don't have to, that's just me. I just like the jacket metaphor too much to let it go completely.

I have to say, though, my favorite paragraph was the one that had this entence in it: "Sam could almost feel the pain Dean had tried to crumple up and tuck away in the deep confines of this jacket, away from Sam and the few moments of peace and contentment they had shared together."

You phrased it perfectly. Hit the nail on the head, even.

Alright, I guess I've rambled enough. Just, keep writing, since this story earned you an Author Alert, and I want more!