Reviews for Lelouch of the Revolution
Guest chapter 25 . 2h
Poor, sweet Nunally... C.C. MOVE TO ANOTHER ROOM!
Guest chapter 7 . 9h
The wasabi though...
Jazebeth chapter 10 . 8/19
I think I know which Uniform you're talking about.
Neonlyphe chapter 15 . 6/26
Damn...Shirley doesn't need the swim team to keep fit because she and Milly keep jumping to conclusions
Minxcarams chapter 52 . 5/14
you have got to update please! I love your book and i's just cruel to leave it like that! PLEASE!
narutofan020 chapter 52 . 4/11
I really love this story,one of the first Code geass fics i've ever read! I hope you continue to update it despite the fact you haven't updated it in several the less,R3 is bound to bring a surge of people coming back to this fandom and i can't to see you soon!
DarkLord98 chapter 52 . 3/23
So, I read this on a whim, and I gotta say... I kinda like this fic. Granted, it just feels... wrong for Kallen to be piloting the Shen-Hu instead of the Guren, and Tohdoh to be piloting piloting the Guren instead of his Custom Gekka and Zangetsu.

But other than that, I do like where this is going. And in regards to spin-off characters, have you considered using those from OZ of the Reflection, as Marika is a canon character in the story.

And of course, I do hope that you will start doing this again.
Oracle14 chapter 52 . 3/15
Too bad It is dead
Evil Hero Malicious Edge chapter 16 . 2/21
Evil Hero Malicious Edge chapter 15 . 2/21
Wow...this is...genius!
Guest chapter 52 . 1/17
some kind of Dutch Christmas thingy right? it's weird, and wht does the southern homeland of Britannia have to do with it?
tylermech66 chapter 50 . 1/17
I know that it's a very common spelling error, something about spellcheck, but every time I see "a clam fell over X" I giggle at the thought of whatever's mentioned being crushed by a giant clam :P
tylermech66 chapter 49 . 1/16
tsundere? that actually applies to both genders, but is rarely used for males, the only one of the dere group that is ever really used for males tends to be yan-dere, which is someone, usually completely homicidally insane, who happen to either love or be extremely infatuated with a single person.

yuno gasai is a prime example, but it would still apply if she was male :P
tylermech66 chapter 48 . 1/16
are they going to paint he shen-hu red? it... feels wrong, t have it be blue...
tylermech66 chapter 39 . 1/15
dude who wouldn't know what a kunai is?! if they don't know the exact name just say ninja throwing knives! they'll get it then! :P
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