Reviews for Before The Dawn
jlluh chapter 21 . 9/14
Thanks so much for this story. I really enjoyed it.
jlluh chapter 5 . 9/14
Loved this chapter. Circumstances causing people to sleep together and then it's SO HOT! is such common trope. Reversing it like that without even a nod to how it usually goes was really nice.
xXickyxvickyxX chapter 12 . 9/11
Loonymoony17 chapter 7 . 8/21
the way Itachi talks is LITERALLY perfect, bravo
KuriKashi chapter 12 . 8/1
Damn I feel for both Uchihas.
KuriKashi chapter 10 . 8/1
Damn I love Ino lready.
KuriKashi chapter 9 . 8/1
KuriKashi chapter 8 . 8/1
AWWW Itachi is so sweet! Well done!
KuriKashi chapter 7 . 8/1
I really enjoyed (SPOILERS!) reading about Itachi playing Barbie with Sakura. It was really hilarious!
Well done!
KuriKashi chapter 6 . 7/31
I really find Itachi's weakness really adorable. It's HILARIOUS how Sakura (SPOILERS!) was able to exploit it. Honestly I love their dynamics.
KuriKashi chapter 5 . 7/31
I really secretly think Itachi likes to tease people.
KuriKashi chapter 4 . 7/31
I really love the dynamics between these two!
I really enjoy how Sakura brings out Itachi's mischievous(?), arrogant (?). bastard(?) side, in a funny, amusing way.
Well done!
KuriKashi chapter 3 . 7/31
I''m loving this!
I'm getting a bit of Mr and Mrs Smith vibes here.
Like 2 competing missing-nins on the same job kinda thing.
KuriKashi chapter 1 . 7/31
This is really exciting. Also love when Danzo i the villain coz hating that guy is justified.
Also really love how Sakura's character can be used so much in many ways.
She even makes a hellish scenario kinda funny with her thoughts and inner.
Well done!
Guest chapter 8 . 7/22
If Sakura is 16 that means itachi is 22/23. Did you change his age or is it the same ?
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