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angeleyenc chapter 8 . 2/24/2009
i loved it!
booksmartblonde333 chapter 8 . 2/24/2009
I'm glad she came clean but dude she, and dean for that matter, need to keep sammy in check! don't want him going all crazy on us now do we?
Phoenixed chapter 6 . 2/13/2009
Chapter Six Review:

Coming into this chapter, I knew since I was blessed with a Sam/Ruby chapter prior, that Dean fans were bound to get some retribution with a Dean-solo chapter, which I can't argue with. If anything, it should help me seeing as I love the characters Sam and Ruby, but only really like Dean; I don't hate him, but no love is exchanged either.

It's funny how both brothers forgot the card was originally Dean; ESPECIALLY Dean who initiated the good luck trade.

Dean is just ridiculously in character with his eyes falling from Angela's face; it's those little moments that count. I love in the show (not that I support degrading women, haha), that Dean is always checking someone out and it's just dismissed in dialogue now-a-days since it's just accepted as his nature.

Lol, Dean dismisses all drinks now. Once he drank that beer in “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, I (with pretty much every other viewer) knew some crap was going up, more than just showing Dean's weakness to alcohol with only a few weeks left before going to Hell. Or he just liked to drink, idk.

I love the exchange between Angela and Dean. “These aren't the middle ages.” and “This isn't a witch hunt.” A very hint, hint, nudge, nudge conversation.

The reveal of Jellisa was awesome; I've always had an idea of Lilith being deceiving and possessing a young boy or older woman (as she did with Ruby), but this was just great to read. A great twist, like the siren in “Sex and Violence”. An old man seducing and fighting off Dean in an unnatural fashion. I'm reeling with envy. Wincest-fans may have also taken to this a bit, I would guess. The fight was well written, to add another compliment.

“Who, Ruby? That whore has a big surprise for her. Too bad you won't be around to see it.” I wonder if WE'LL get to see it and by that, I HOPE that means Merihem or something is going to be going after Ruby or something because of her experience with the Plague or I don't know. I just hope we'll get to see a result.

“Demons are all the same, just a lot of black smoke and bullshit.” I love this line, but even more, I love what it lead into. I'm not sure if you had this written before “Family Remains”, but it goes along with the whole Dean-enjoys-torturing, and I really just found that scene taking me back. He displays his hate for demons, and pictures hurting them with the tactics they taught him. Still, that line – blew me back. I love how unimpressed they were with his methods though, it only shows that Hell's tortures can't be put into words, almost as if it was a language you could only experience, yet never speak.

So much great dialogue in this chapter. “Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.”

Well, I gotta say, I enjoyed this scene with Dean greatly, but I'm glad that I'm also graced with more Sam and Ruby. Okay, I have to put this out there and I can only hope you believe me, but I also use meditation as well to better balance Sam into strengthening his abilities, it seems like a common idea, but I just want to throw it out there so it doesn't look as if I'm trying to be sneaky and disguise this idea as my own later when it's clear I read this here. (Understand my prior paranoia now? Lol.)

Ooh, Ruby teaching Sam to farsee. I wonder if she able made her peace with Rosy using the ability.

Hmm, interesting connection; Rosy seems to be using a ritual and I'm assuming this is the same one Ruby is now using with Sam. Actually, I'm sure it is and the fact that I think that I had to think that up makes me look really dumb, so I'm certain this is the same ritual. I wonder if Rosy is even one of Azazel's psychic kids (I always suspected Ruby was affiliated with that business) from one of the elder generations of psychics. (Azazel did say there were other generations, but I'm not sure if you're digging that deep back.)

Rosy was just a “scared and confused little girl who wanted to make life better for her sister and herself.” A lot like Sam who has himself convinced these powers are necessary in stopping the Apocalypse.

“There had to be a way to get her sister back.” I'm assuming this is where Ruby seeks out the demon to make the deal to become a witch. I hope so, I had ideas along this route, but I see you executing it far more tastefully (excuse my lack of confidence). I'm looking forward to the resolve of this story, I hope there's still at least another two-three chapters left though as I want to see Merihem (sorry if spelled wrong) come and engage in a big fight where Sam can definitely take him down.

Once again, sorry these reviews are ridiculously late. Your story and writing deserved better than that, you deserve more recognition as opposed to some other stories, but I'm just glad that I looked into this story regardless of lack of large review counts. The experience opened my eyes, to be lamely said. I realize I just threw six heavy reviews your way, but if you have the time, I'd appreciate some comments if you're up for them. Thanks.
Phoenixed chapter 5 . 2/13/2009
Chapter Five Review:

The insight on Rosy's farseeing ability was interesting. It doesn't seem dark, especially with that light and all, but Lilith herself has been known to destroy people with a deceiving white light. I wonder if she has had any play on what happens with Rosy, or maybe even Azazel, that makes Ruby so defiant to the demonic race. Well, it looks as if Rosy's the defiant one for now. This old Ruby is so strange to read still, I'm looking forward to your version of how she sells herself to the demon; I'm assuming maybe it's done to save Rosy and herself from the Plague or to banish the powers from Rosy. I used to think (and still think) that Ruby became a witch to save a loved one and maybe the same is happening here.

Hooray to some unintentional-completely accidental-continuity! Sam barking at Ruby to get a cell phone and since she is “an obedient little bitch” I can act as if she forever carried the cell phone in “Sex and Violence” because of this outburst.

“Sam's focus on a hunt was rather like a cold shower.” Awesome-ly put. I love how Ruby though isn't as considerate, though you would expect that she would try to respect what Sam would want and hold off on seducing him while Dean's life is at stake; it's kinda like when how she was willing to take a step back in “Lazarus Rising” knowing Dean wouldn't want to find those two holding hands as Sam exorcises demons. I guess she's still turned on from when she pushed him off from the kiss a couple chapters back.

Wow, second Urkel reference in this story. First Dean a chapter or two back, now Ruby; the similarities between the two just keep on swinging.

Merihem sounds bad-ass. I love seal-demons. (Sounds like a aquamarine-demon, at first read.) Samhain was one of my all-time favorites from the series, but Merihem sounds awesome as well – a demon of the Plague. Well put together story and awesome chapter; so much Sam/Ruby-ness. I love this forbidden alliance. This story deserves way more reviews with it's great length chapters, awesome imagery, on spot character portrayal, and more. Off to review the next chapter now.
Phoenixed chapter 4 . 2/13/2009
Chapter 4 Review:

Now, I can't touch upon too much of the first scene and all the CDC business, except express how impressed I was with all these medical terms, seemingly accurate explanations, and how you covered the grounds with fleas in this season and so on. Definitely jealous about how I wouldn't be able to tackle such a role. I guess that would make me a poor hunter, haha.

The use of the “Peepers” line could only have been pulled off in a fic and not in an actual episode. It definitely needed the background story you gave it to make it passable, but even then, I still wasn't completely comfortable with it. Maybe it was more of Sam saying it as I think

Dean could've pulled it off better, out of the two.

Nice comparison with Sam's appeal with the Metallica lyrics. Kudos.

The Bingo scene was amusing, though I'm not too sure of the voice you pictured for the OOC Sam line, but I had my own that went along with that huge, cheesy grin from “Hell House” after he glued Dean's hand to the bottle.

Ooh, ouch. Sam turning to Ruby in the way the brothers would turn to Bobby. That definitely adds fuel to that gas tank of Dean feeling so little compared to whatever Ruby can offer. Being a brother just doesn't seem enough and that must sting like hell. (Honestly, I just say “Hell” a lot, but considering the theme of these past two seasons, you have to excuse everything that is clearly not a pun, lol.)

“Sure, whenever Ruby flies in on her broom, we'll let her take a look.” Dean's line was awesome; I'm glad you're another writer who appreciates Ruby's witch background, as opposed to dismissing it and acting as if it's not canon. (I once saw a fic where they just said, “forget she was a witch”. Wtf?)

“Not anymore. He doesn't need you.” Definitely a good approach with Dean's thoughts, constructed from the start of the story about Dean's lack of purpose in Sam's life. This made him willing to drive away from Sam completely valid, even more than any other time he's left him in the road.

Another good chapter with standard writing to match, sorry this review is shorter than the others, I'm just eager to return to my own writing after reading about all this Sam-Ruby-ness.
Phoenixed chapter 3 . 2/13/2009
Chapter 3 Review:

Once you started hinting at the idea of everyone dying from a mass disease, I figured it to be the Plague which made me really root for this story's direction even more. (Though now that I think about it, it may have been in the story's description, leading me to believe it was my own thought, yet more subconsciously planted there – or I just completely forgot, lol. Idk.)

Everything is so well connected, I'm pretty upset that this isn't an actual episode but I suppose that's okay as I gain more insight with reading this episode with all the inside descriptions that can't find their way through dialogue and I can just as easily picture the body language of the characters when reading these thoughts.

You really brought up a good point to my attention – all this successful credit fraud and they never live in luxury and I like your reason why. It's definitely going to be the thought that floats around my head every episode they find themselves in motel rooms now. Speaking of the room, you did a good job incorporating the standard items in these places and didn't ignore it due to it being obvious.

Guess when this chapter really got me happy? Yeah, when that bell on the front door rang and Ruby was standing there, I would assume with arms folded in her new coat. I was surprised that she actually shared that she had a brother, let alone that had been victim to the Plague with most of her village.

Her damage was definitely wrought with that rift she created with Sam and Dean. I'm definitely on Sam's side of the debate; the Angels issue them a mission, but there's fine print in it as well that limits him. Funny you compared Sam to a misunderstood murderer, lol. Something Ruby said though was quite interesting about how Sam seems to be fighting without a set motive. Interesting look on things.

I'm glad to see we're on the same page that Sam is hardly the man he was when he had Jess. Some fans still think he has a chance of 100 percent recovery. Season 4 Sam has evolved so much since the Pilot and honestly, for the best in my opinion. I'm a fan of Dark-Sam completely so you can just imagine how upset I was in “Lazarus Rising” when he told Dean he respected his wishes and wasn't using the powers, only to see later that he exorcised the Hell (I say no pun intended, but would you believe me? Lol.) out of the demon waitress. Proud moment for this Sam fan, but as I was rambling, that's another reason I like Ruby and Sam doing their casual sex thing – he has less reason to worry about having a touch of death (like AHBL Part One's Lily) since Ruby can pretty much hold her own.

I love Yellow-Eyed Sam. I had yet to see that included in a fic before it was first seen in “Yellow Fever”, and now everyone wants the rights to it, lol. Myself included, but I love the approach you took. Rituals seem to be common in these Sam/Ruby fics, but yours was a little more well prepared than the usual “I CUT MYSELF WITH THIS KNIFE and I shall BLEED into this CHALICE” -crap that I've seen. Inclusion of herbs and your developed thoughts made this believable, even Sam's choice to not look into the mirror.

Great job on having Sam reflect on past children such as Audrey and Ben (wow, good one there!) at being risked by Lilith's child fetish to become her victims. Not so much that, as any child is at risk, is Sam's point. It's one thing to be possessed, but for a child of complete innocence? Makes it all the more the worst.

At first reading the scene where the soap floats to Sam, it honestly bothered me. I remember this chapter had been going so strong, but that little thing bothered me. Maybe it's because I have no background info on Sam having practiced this power well enough to bring items to him as opposed to launching something, which I would assume would be telekinetically easier. I think it's rare we see demons use summoning-TK; Azazel with the Colt, Alastair when he made Sam fly past him down the stairs, and that spirit in “Roadkill” when he pulled the knife off the wall. I believe the problem to be me more than anything, but I've adjusted to the idea as it being the effects of the ritual.

Once again, damn great chapter. The start was kinda slow for my taste, but gradually picked up with Ruby speaking of the Plague and her brother (I expected the boys to discuss this piece of info, btw), the argument, and Sam's Yellow-Eyed ritual.
Phoenixed chapter 2 . 2/13/2009
Chapter 2 Review:

I found the “starving” introduction into the flashback great, it goes to show that Ruby also has some very deep memories roaming around the head she's possessing. Something I wanna say though, is that I think Dean would know starvation inside the pit, unless he was more familiar with something such as cannibalism, I doubt they were serving pot roast, you know. At most, I think it would've been safer to say that Dean must've forgotten what true starvation was as I think that could've still been dramatic.

Ruby and Rosie are seriously great to read for me. I love the use of Rosy-Posy for the Plague's ring-around-the-rosy-pockets-full-of-posy, I'm just waiting for them all to start falling down, as I suspected Frederich would. Also, the use of the potato had me seriously worried because that had been on my mind since Ruby first revealed she came from the Plague, but I'm glad to see I wouldn't have been wrong in thinking so as you seem to have a good idea of life back then – not in the sense you were there, I mean, lol, but that you maybe did research. The goose-feathered pillows hinted at this, if not though, excellent creativity on your end.

“What's got you so excited? You got Lilith's head in that bag or something?” I loved this line. Whenever New-Ruby speaks of Lilith in the show, it's generally always well performed, so it made it easier to capture this line to all it's glory. (Slightly exaggerated, lol, I got excited.)

But leading to that line, I loved everything that was done between Sam and Ruby – you seriously have respected the in-character relationship between these two and explaining something well enough that was out there, like Sam's initiated kiss. I like how Ruby didn't want to display a weak side, nor did she want Sam to forget she was just a demon, not the next Jess or anything.

I take it you're not a fan of Genevieve in the leather jacket? Lol, or maybe you were just being considerate to how she might be cold and wanted to warm her up. I really got used to her in the leather jacket, but I don't find the fur-trimmed coat strange either.

“I will teach (both of) you everything I know.” I guess this line from Mother Helena had stayed with Ruby past her two stays at Hell's motel and she used it with Sam – damn glad to view it in that manner.

I was interested in seeing Mother Helena develop their skills, but I guess she wasn't the demon who Ruby sold her soul to. I thought it was going to have been done discreetly, but I'm guessing she recognized Rosy's talents – I love how it makes Ruby to Dean as Rosy is to Sam. (This was my concern, but I certainly don't have a special little Rosy as you do. Haha, I enjoy your background more than I do my own.)

I think Ruby was a little surprised Dean would let her in the car. It was funny, but she and Anna had recently been in the backseat as it was. Now inviting her to the passenger's seat, that would've been shock-worthy.

Overall, another great chapter. Truly loving this story as it really goes into Ruby's background for once; the writers are taking too damn long and this all reads like it could've been a follow up episode and would've flowed perfectly – 4.09: Sam reveals what he did while Dean was in Hell. 4.10: Dean talks about Hell. (And this would be the next episode – better than “Family Remains” for sure.) 4.11: Ruby reflects on her past life. You really know how to write this plot in the way the show would to, disguises and all. I'm admittedly terrible at that, lol. Great job again.
Phoenixed chapter 1 . 2/13/2009
Chapter 1 Review:

Alright, I am guilty of both enjoying the first chapter of this story and not reviewing immediately because it related a lot to a Sam/Ruby fic that I'm planning, at least with the background of Ruby, but it was too much of a relief to give up reading, so I bookmarked and returned to it as I noticed the story grew in chapters, but I honestly believe you're being screwed out of reviews. I see some simple written stories that receive hundreds of reviews and the first few chapters are terrible, but your opening chapter really had me interested enough to bookmark the story knowing I would return to it later.

Basically, it's damn tough to find a good Supernatural story as it is, but it's even tougher to find a serious Sam-Ruby fic (even including Dean) to actually be enjoyably readable and not so much the-best-I-could-find-so-it'll-have-to-do. Characterization has been great, plot has been very interesting to follow, and all I know is, you definitely deserve some reviews as I have caught up in reading and know you've gone far enough with your Ruby background that I can feel I'm safe in being original with my background. I really had all intents on reviewing this, I was just hoping not to incriminate myself in seeming to add this story to my Favorites and everyone notices an unusual comparison between the stories, but yeah, apologies.

Now, you deserve a review for every chapter as I remember having plenty of complimentary thoughts as well as the uncomfortable things I wouldn't argue with, but wouldn't have approached myself. Regardless, this story has been very exceptional to many of the other fics I read, but I will end the praise right now as you'll only EARN more from me.

Onto the reread: Definitely a fan of them camping out in the Training House as it was one of my favorite sceneries of the show; so abandoned and fractured like Sam, plus the adorned nature on the walls. Something about a house crawling with vines, plants, flowers has just always been so damn appealing to me.

Dean is reasonably jealous of what Sam and Ruby had. Apart from him not wanting to trust her, it's hard to look past the months they had together in his absence and how Sam resigned to Ruby being his new partner in crime. In a way, he replaced Dean in that department (as bad as that sounds), but I say this judging by that “What she said...It's what you would've said.” line, that was kinda uncomfortable. I'm not a Dean-flamer, nor the biggest Dean-fan, but I just think that line Sera wrote was a smack to the face to their brotherly dynamic. Loved the episode, hated the line, YET I look back on that line and use it for this strain on Dean as something explored HERE, but glossed over in the show, unfortunately. I guess there was the whole Heaven and Hell battle that would've kinda distracted Dean from touching on that, especially when he had to follow up with a Hell-confession. That's the beauty of fics, I guess; their loss is your gain.

There is something that gets very distracting while reading and that's your lack of commas when addressing someone. You're seriously a great writer, but this little rule seems to get past you in most chapters as I've noticed. Example, you have, “He's not a kid anymore Dean.” it would be, “He's not a kid anymore, Dean.” You do follow this rule at times, it's not completely absent in your writing, but it's not necessarily reserved for the beginning of a sentence, but it can be done mid-way with a comma before as well with a second comma following if the sentence is continuing.

Insight into Ruby's background: I can't tell you how many times I've seen this done so poorly, but you did a good job and I'm glad we had similar concepts, yet different ideas. I was seriously going to be intimidated if we were going down the same route. And for that, again, I apologize for not reviewing sooner. But Frederich and Rosie – I remember being so appealed by the idea of their characters and Ruby remembering everything about them that I was hungry for those memories, but damn Sam had to walk in.

Overall, it was a very good introduction chapter that deserved a review long ago but I was being a paranoid little writer who thought he was working with the same Ruby background but against someone of a higher league. Something I wish though, is that the chapters had titles. Whenever I'm reading a book, I always prefer chapter titles, but it doesn't bother me so much – just throwing it out there.

Speaking of titles, “How You Remind Me” - not necessarily my favorite of titles, to be truthful, but I do think it would fit with the titles we've been given with season 4. Not necessarily the pun titles such as 4.07's, but more of the “Sex and Violence”, “Family Remains”, and “Wishful Thinking” category of titles. As I read on though, the title really grew on me.

Final comment though: Dean and Ruby – you're writing them in the way the show would write them after “Heaven and Hell”, as I don't expect Dean would share his story with Ruby about his hellish experience. Definitely not, even if she could relate. You're Ruby is also done very Genevieve Cortese-y, which is fine and all, but it's easier to read these lines given to her as opposed to risk her screwing up with that slip of lisp, every now and then. Also, I picture her using that sympathetic tone she's used when seducing Sam and reflection of her own humanity when Sam questioned how she could even feel.

Awesome job again. More reviews to come soon. (Story and Author FINALLY being added to Favorites.)
angeleyenc chapter 7 . 2/12/2009
plz update! this is good!
angeleyenc chapter 5 . 1/28/2009
plz update! this is good!
nykky chapter 5 . 1/28/2009
I'm really enjoying this story. i generally review when the author finishes but I am hopinh you will finish this. I can't wait to see where you're going with Sam and Ruby. So far so good.
booksmartblonde333 chapter 5 . 1/28/2009
You asked, I'm delivering. I really like your story, especially the way that you do the flashbacks. I've always wondered what Ruby's life was like back when she was human.
angeleyenc chapter 3 . 1/19/2009
plz update! this is good!
Zatnikatel chapter 3 . 1/18/2009
Your portrayal of the boys at odds with each other is excellent, and Sam’s secretiveness as he gives in to who/what he is is really sad… seems like even as he accepts this is what he is meant to be and do, and glories in it, he is also ashamed of it. You really deserve way more reviews for this…
Zatnikatel chapter 1 . 1/14/2009
I like this very much. I find Ruby interesting: she must surely have an agenda… and I like how you portray Sam in this too: there is an underlying malevolence to him in your depiction, which I think may be how the show starts to drop clues about where he is headed. I've written Evil!Sam and Agenda!Ruby myself and I really like how you’ve portrayed them here. ;-)
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