Reviews for This Joke Will Kill You
PADavis chapter 1 . 1/20/2009
Yowza - that was unexpected, and gruesome. Made me squirm in my seat. Not sure I liked it, but powerful stuff. Like I said - yowza.

Chcoholic chapter 1 . 1/20/2009
O man!

i dont know what o say...

this is...

this is good...

in a...pretty weird kinda way, but this IS god!
SciFiNutTX chapter 1 . 1/18/2009
Oh, you are in therapy, right?

Raye Black chapter 1 . 1/14/2009
Absolutely amazing. I'm speechless.
PhoenixDragonDreamer chapter 1 . 1/14/2009
Oh! The second you started to describe his fascination with carving and pain - I just KNEW! KNEW!

This was fantastic m'dear! Throughly beautiful!

*hugs you tight*
Star Mage1 chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
I am sorta hoping for a sequel just so I can see that reunion.
ladie red chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
Ek almighty! That just has me reeling. It's so sad, so catastrophic, but such a devilishly good twist. It gives me chills at it's wrongness cause the scary thing is, it works.

Love your Meg voice too, spot on.
Maz101 chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
OMG! It's so dark. And it fits so well. Horrifically well done.
Aimed mischief chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
Damn. Great fic.
PlatinumRoseLady chapter 1 . 1/12/2009

*Is totally and utterly struck speechless*

Holy sweet mother or pearl that was un-bloody-believable.

A complete and utter work of ART.
Nyx Wings chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
Woah. Holy crap, that's terrible and brilliant. I read one a while where it was Sam as the Joker, but this is equally, if not more, devious. Also creepy and incredible. I saw Dark Knight, and you really got it. This Joker was wicked smart, insane, but not as far from sense as you'd think.

I like the mention of Harley, aren't they a pair? And the hell-hyenas! classic, I remember them from the series (late '90s,. early '00s?). And named Sammy and John, oof! stab us again, why don't ya? Great POV, I love it. So dark.
wild wolf free17 chapter 1 . 1/12/2009

Creepy as all hell, dude.

I like it.
dnachemlia chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
Queer Eye for the Damned Guy? *ROFL*

Wonderfully creepy. Loved Meg's voice, too. It was spot on.

I really need to see the Dark Knight...
Hazgarn chapter 1 . 1/11/2009
Heh. Very interesting idea. I liked it.
IheartSam7 chapter 1 . 1/11/2009
H...holy hell. Like, words... WOW.
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