Reviews for Death Eatin' A Cracker
Jack Hawksmoor chapter 46 . 4/14
As much as I love this story, this chapter makes me not like Sookie very much. It's kind of OOC. She's too old to act that selfish. Teenage Sookie I'd buy it, but her whole 'I gotta see him to start a fight with him- oh, gasp! gasp! I have started a fight with the wounded man, now how can I make this unfortunate situation I knew I would cause about me!' If Sookie heard a story about one of her friend's girlfriends acting the way she did in this chapter she'd be disgusted. Heck, she'd chase them out herself.
FanFicGirl5000 chapter 52 . 11/14/2020
I have never heard Dancing In The Moonlight before now, so thank you for introducing me to it. It's a really nice song.
lilydragonsblood chapter 55 . 9/26/2020
Thoroughly enjoyed this re-read of one of my all-time favourite stories. I love how you write Eric, he's absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing your talent. x
Guest chapter 52 . 9/13/2020
The last parts pissed me off.
Guest chapter 28 . 9/12/2020
As such as I prefer the books to the show, at least show Sookie can defend herself with the light-zapping hands, unlike book Sookie who is defenseless.
gagadu chapter 55 . 7/9/2020
I can't believe I haven't read this wonderful story before. Also, snarky Minnie is the best! :D
Thanks for sharing!
Ahjhg749 chapter 28 . 6/21/2020
Such a great line: Enough pastry and soda will kill anybody eventually Eric.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 55 . 6/20/2020
I’m pretty sure Guinevere was bellowing last minute advice to Eric to RUN in the other direction.

Thank you for the epilogue. It smoothed away my irritating Sookie burrs. Even though I usually prefer some path where Sookie doesn’t become a vampire, in this case, I think it’s the best possible outcome. Eric won’t be left missing her after a short mortal life, & as her Maker, I’d hope she’d be just a little more trusting & giving to him.

“Bill thinks I could just turn back time a few years with the A blood, and then have a vampire I trust change me at that point.” A vampire she trusts to change her? Is that asshat still thinking there’s a chance she would want him to do it? Who in the hell else would she trust & want to turn her but her husband & bonded? It’s a shame he didn’t somehow ‘accidentally’ die before the end of the story...
GlassMazeGazer chapter 54 . 6/20/2020
“I felt like a child interrupting her father. I felt my cheeks grow pink.” Well maybe feeling that embarrassment is some small sign of progress because that is exactly how she was acting. She needs to learn there are boundaries and the word (including vampire politics), doesn’t revolve around her immature whims just because she cries or whines or stomps her foot. It’s basic adult & professional behavior not to have a tantrum or demand that your significant whoever ignore the boss to attend to your emotional insecurities & drama. It’s like she’s a five year old sex kitten or something.

FINALLY! It’s about time Eric fully called Sookie out on her shit & forced her to make a decision. Now if he can only persuade her not to wander around acting like she’s a five year old who never heard of delayed gratification, being respectful of others & their life circumstances, etc. I want him to have a happy ending, but at Chapter 54 of 55, I’m still of the opinion that this Sookie is not worth the trouble she causes. The dude is a glutton for punishment.

I’m with svmfan1, I don’t trust this Sookie for much of anything, much less making the choice to actually commit & deliver on that commitment to Eric. I need you to show me.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 53 . 6/20/2020
Ohhhhh, the boots are turnabout for the Batanya and Clovache sandals, & probably that situation in general. Appropriate for him being put in that position, but not very funny to anyone but Eric & Pam plus Pam helped set things up & he should have done something to get her too. I’m thinking Sookie should know better by now than to trust Pam for anything other than life or death situations where Eric has had his say (& even then not trust her completely).

I really like that Pam is protective & supportive of Eric in this story, even where just pranks & Sookie are involved. It feels more like the canon Pam — a general pain in the butt, mostly friendly with Sookie (rather than hateful & jealous in TB), but always keeps Eric her priority as is fitting as his a Child.

I started wondering if this story is based on the SVM premise of Sookie having a knowledge of what Eric endured in his time with Appius. Making that deal for Eric to suck face with C&B was atrocious & if she bothered to give any thought to how she would feel if the situation was reversed, she wouldn’t have done it even with the situation with the Andromedas. But if she knew about Eric’s history with his Maker, it would be unforgivable to anyone but Eric who has gone from bending over backwards to emotional acrobatics to try to get past her insecurities & doubts.

Wow, there must be something wrong with my womanly perception, ‘cuz I’m shocked. Sookie has it in her head that Eric can’t talk “lovey-Dovey”? Is she freaking deaf or just so mentally damaged she’s unable to remember? *facepalm*
GlassMazeGazer chapter 52 . 6/20/2020
It was pretty rude of Batanya and Clovache to even ask Sookie to let them paw her lover regardless of whether Supes look at sex differently. It was insulting to Sookie and even more insulting to Eric. Then to go so far as to try to get in his pants? Ugh.

I really want to know what Eric’s boots are all about. Surely they aren’t retaliation for Sookie talking with Bill or Beau.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 51 . 6/20/2020
If Octavia wants ‘highlights’ using her greys, someone should introduce her to henna. I worked with a guy who used red henna the way Octavia intended the dye to work. He had awesome but subtle red streaks running all through his shiny, jet black hair.

I’m wondering why Sookie didn’t mention that Andrea was already involving herself with Hunter when she told Fintan about her coming back for the wedding. Forewarned should be forearmed.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 50 . 6/20/2020
Uh oh, things are about to get messy for Hunter & Remy. And that Beau, nuh-uh! Traveling the world all the time with him & his ‘other’ interests in Sookie is not a recipe for a happy Eric. Sookie & Eric don’t see each other as much as they should now. Taking that job sounds like it would be intentionally flushing their relationship down a toilet.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 49 . 6/20/2020
Ack. I’ll never understand continuing to give into Creepy Compton’s nonsense after all he did. He keeps dredging up the past, wallowing & doing his best to keep drawing her thoughts back to it as well. Him trying I understand. Her letting him, I don’t get at all. It’s the past. Put it behind her where it belongs & stop indulging him. Maybe then he’ll move on & quit stalking her. No matter how polite he acts, no matter how contrite or even seemingly supportive of her being with Eric, he’s keeping her tied to him & stalking her.

From experience I know it’s important to nip that crap in the bud. If you accept the persistent attention, the obsession starts re-growing & delusions of getting you back build. Things get ugly. Politely send him packing. If he doesn’t leave, get Eric involved & stand with Eric in his response to be convincing. If it were all human, the police would be the next step if he persisted. With Eric, he’d be enough as long as she let him handle it. I get wanting to be liked, especially from a young woman’s POV, but letting your abusing, rapist ex continue orbiting you & your life. That is begging for trouble.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 47 . 6/20/2020
I feel like Eric has already tried to talk to Sookie several times in ways very similar to what she did, but she shot him down & treated him like shit each time. I don’t see why he would feel compelled to do it again so soon, given that she was still acting like a total shit that same evening. Taking the risk to tell her about the knife’s significance was a good reciprocal admission. He gave her some truth, both about the knife & in warning her not to put him on a pedestal because he has no intention of becoming saintly. They can’t have a relationship until she sees him for who he is & accepts him as he is. Not facing reality is her forte.
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