Reviews for Shinkirou
Lighted candle chapter 38 . 11/25
This is the best
Lighted candle chapter 14 . 11/25
That was awesome
Donni chapter 38 . 11/12
I really loved this!
Angel Fantasy chapter 38 . 10/29
Awesome! I loved the fast-pacing rhythm of the story, the close bond of the resistence, the friendships, Iruka's prankish nature, and how his teachings basically united every child under his wing onto one big family. I swear I squealed at the cuteness of it all from beginning to end XD
KK chapter 38 . 10/3
This is adorable. If I hadn't just gotten very angry at someone else before I read this I'd be gushing right now. All the same this is going in my 'done and awesome' folder.
Elaine Weasley chapter 38 . 9/2
This is now my all time favorite AU:-) I feel a bit bad now, cause I noticed the sequal, but it doesn't look done...I'm afraid to start reading it.

Regardless, this one was awesome. Thanks for the wonderful writing!
Elaine Weasley chapter 14 . 9/2
"It's not THAT funny!"

Uh huh...and here I am grinning like an idiot again.
Elaine Weasley chapter 12 . 9/2
As soon as I read in an earlier chapter that Itachi brought Sasuke to Iruka, I figured that his loyalty to Root was a farce. And now I'm grinning like an idiot at Kakashi's reaction to Itachi wanting to bring him into the group. :-)
Elaine Weasley chapter 6 . 9/2
Lol:-) I loved the grocery shopping!
jj chapter 38 . 7/18
ps my fav part when when itachi killed the root liason and then scolded bear lol that and kakashi and asuma's first time with the kids lol
jj chapter 38 . 7/18
i could not stop reading i love LOVE LOVE it that was one of the best reads i had in a while u my friend are spectacular and if i could i would sqeeze u with a massive huge so big even jupiter whouldnt compare great job and love it
LaforayaWattpad chapter 38 . 6/15
Cool story! Suspense and intrigue. Action and adventure. Fluff and laughs. _
jupimako chapter 38 . 6/16
Sniff, sniff. That... That was beautiful. I loved every second! What an awesome story.
Tamuril2 chapter 38 . 6/4
This is such a cool concept. I love how each character is different, yet the same too. I'm glad you included Sai and that you didn't kill him off. I was afraid for a while that you would. Happy you decided to keep him.

Iruka being the one to save the city (what? he took the children and started this) was brilliant. I love his character. He's in my top ten list for Naruto. :D

Scootin off to read the sequel. *skips off*
Guest chapter 22 . 4/17
I believe shino's dad's name is shibi
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