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Debbie Hicks chapter 35 . 6/19/2016
more Tragic news
Bella's it's my other friends they are dying Again then too late we bit the other best friends heaed as all of Vessels then hunted both they too found with us were both wih each both then EXECUTED! WithBen and Tyler with their as all blasting as all of them but SHATTERING torn Into pieces as all of them popped resurrected the Cullens were with Witnesses next CRASHIG WITHOUT BODIES Punished us with best friends POPED! Crahig then shattering from taken as all of blood from us then took away the Chances ten POPPED! Tell our masters time-RIP In AGONY PAIN! Popped then Snapped freely officially then burst but crashing from here for good then took them to Ialy reappeard then killed them as all with our own corses as all of ripped loose as all of had as all of More monstrously as all of Volturi guaeds with our looks and Volices Exploding had our human blood stuck were each three as all of them DESTROYING! They joined the Volturi forever as then NUKING! Then too late the Seer reported the families died and but they killed us/them as all of them we need witnesses then popped outside crunching freely blasting outside from help then shatted then blacked outside but the bodies taken from wrre more turned now it's too late then popped for real they took them as all of them then returned but releaed more monstrous as all of it's done they are Dead the last one popped them but shattering from mortal bodies now we killed them that was it murdered then it really happened reverveted back as teenagers [popped from here officially now crashing then too late then broken from the bodies as all of them taken from here now Gone for good killed but officially murdered then stopped death officially oh my head we died yrs reincarnated but popped from here too late freed from e bodies Hermes guide us then the very as all of tribazillons of as saved beings suddenly the guad found our corpses that was it taken to Italy killed for good then urdered for blood as all of them My Taliman Show thy power PROTECT ME! SUBMARINE REFELECTION! I Floated very elegantly and was a Fury of Anger going to Ravage my own planet in my Fury of Sorrow like Reah their goddess then a blinding force of alien energy then my daughter yelled Stop! one drop of my created Glaive this planet will be Destroyed then with their created ourselves were Avenged gods and goddesses in human forms but with Vulcan forms blacked outside popped then too late popped then taken from wwre more than tribazillions or as all of them taken murdered then slaind then ourselves were Immortal Nessie you created your glaive yes Father oh no like a Executor priestess yes Momma mia we died had kids then it really happened bursting freely from help but made immortal that was it as all of species purged but wwrre bound by the Silver Imperial crystal but popped frely as a newest breed of as all races unififed then crunching freely lost the ablity to mate hybrids as all of tem did but ad as all of reincarnates then popped freely but it causing us/them to unite and the young Vulcan male was afraid f as all of her mate a 6.7 muscular Werewolf he had aged to look in his 20's or more with as all with ourselves popped freely but lost then lost te ablity to bteed for ybrids had kids now t whpo popped then too late that lost as all bodies w our theme was Highlander the First officer was very tall and Muscular caused Jessica to attract a male wiggling her finger agreed to be a friend and coworker Crap oh man that Angela talked to Animals by using her gift like Dar the Beastmaster the young Vulcan woman told me she was birthed from a Animal was her idea from her brain of hers then it came too late popped freely our planetary abilities evolved then crashing then too late ten it really happened crunched from here they took them now without bodies at all piercing but made immortal officially freed then trained them for combat will have no rival oh my god they killed us/them but with as all of them like science fiction movies yrs and TV Shows then returned then blazing then popped from fer took them but had as all of hosts burst freely then no longer humans but Lauren kihten us Kindred means Gold's shadowhunters blasting fro,m here then as all of them had to go on a very strict milltary Shadowhunter diet of Animals officially then ;popped from te transference of as all animal blood then took tem as all of then Garrett snored Stay Awake I told yu to stay awake my own daughter sounded like Nighthob from te Neverending so tey all freed then Ow good god almighty he sounded like Dr Leonard H McCoy from Star Trek had been a Trekker all his next life was crazed on aliens and planets and starships then ;popped fom here then no longer alive at all but had to pose from a end of the world Earth dying under a red sun fihting to survive the first offe icer was built but fit and toned oh man you are very good looking but handsome he's taken to his mate yikes nice to meet you T'Pran oh my gosh we are young again yup but first a 100 years or more years will pass don't tell everyone my lips are sealed swore to the gods and goddess sercert is classified not to Starfleet Command ten blasted freely wre more than remaini g then popped now undead but blacked outside bursting releasd ourseves then bodies as all of tem gone now gone that was it the bodies waxed bt in nine ten we were dressed from Earth 2 we had Terrian DNA From a species could survive like aliens that's great now fed all I need is a starship not that this way fly boy Kate the Volturi heard this of our unification ourselves aboard things from each both then crashing on Vulcan te Vampires took as all of lands then America was theirs then ourselves healed differently ten they found bodies as all of them flayed them then we kept pets then came too late blacked out and popped freely then all of te sudden their air felt more stronger so us all of them with our allies as all of tem onto planets with our one that they declared us/them exiled but banished from here then blasted freely as all of them but it came too late v bodies as all of them sank then came gravestones as as all of them came too late killed as all of tem for good never existed but in te 24th century they were furious onto our next alliance aliens trained you guessed it battle and will be warriors then blacked outside then popped no longer from here to here thenno longer humans at all but El-Aurians who listen with powers now it's too soon but too late the bodies as all of them in coffins risen popped as as all of Vampires drained of blood hen reported to teir mates intermarriage rebooted then exploding caused overpoluation and overcrowding as all of them crowding ten it came too late took R Earth from here then used as all the remains of umans as slaves then killed them by intermarriage and ten exploding more than as all of it then Ooooooomph! OW! Get off ouch ten too late te very as all of them caused a lot of trouble then it really happened exploding as their own children took over now it's their world now it really happened war on Earth of ctreatures freed but reincarnated as Shifters now too late took control of the planet then they had children ten too late no more kids at all then came too late popped forth were no more then popped freely then shattering from here then suddenly I was clan matratrich of Vulcan my adopted planet dressed to look like T'Lar in her 20's or more was in alien make up look much older they respectfully to me and my husband and our daughter creaed a kingdom that follows Surak peacefully was a National officially in robes looked young was really old but ancient but over the hill looked in my 60's the Vulcan captain studied my vestment I was a priestess so my daughter he was priest so they were Acolytes traind of our mytical planetary abilities could sense danger go into trances we were trained holiest people they noticed how strong and powerful I became was in Ocampan pointed ears long hair and bangs curled and swirled sides wearing pierced ears with Sailor Neptune's manga styled earrings hanging I was a Repected but m psionic Vulcan woman so they the news pn Earth tey had bodies killed with as all of planets tey forbidden us/tem to resettle then never aged at all holy moses it's sacred ys first translated as all of it nto my language they will read it then morning I was a Vampire doing business on Galactic law and justice traind for the job was young-looking on a diet very strict crash diet not too much a quart wil do I as very busy on religious law and justice impressed te earrings I wear wre busy as well then news came on Earth rebuilding that was it no longer our planet heir planet to rule and controlled everything.
Alexxa King chapter 35 . 2/29/2016
Are you going to continue this story?
Rosalie Cullen chapter 35 . 6/21/2014
Please update.
edwards-sparrow chapter 32 . 4/7/2014
I know you said you were putting it on hold for awhile but you got to chapter 35 and that's it, you haven't put it as complete and the last time you updated was 2010 it's been 4yrs will you be continuing this story?
edwards-sparrow chapter 35 . 8/27/2013
havananights111 chapter 35 . 8/6/2013
That was truly amazing...
havananights111 chapter 31 . 8/6/2013
This is a great story and I can tell that you are an amazing writer.
havananights111 chapter 21 . 8/6/2013
I thought it was going to be Angela but it didn't really make sense, still doesn't...
Dizzy128 chapter 35 . 6/2/2013
this is good if you you continued
Gigimagic chapter 35 . 12/10/2011
I read the whole story today and fell in love. Ou are such an amazing author great style. Pls continue. I'll keep watch :P
mintgil chapter 35 . 6/19/2011
wait going ending . but is that all. if not please updated soon ,
Fyrwenn chapter 35 . 12/17/2010
It's amazing! please update soon 3
4456 chapter 35 . 12/3/2010
no next chapter?
Noble Korhedron chapter 35 . 8/7/2010
I am EAGERLY awaitng more of this! Angela as a vampire - whatever next! :-D
thisismypage chapter 35 . 4/16/2010
I Love Your Story Its Brilliant nd Funny At Parts

Aha I Just Had A Funny thought...Wouldnt It be Funny If Someone Decided to Nickname Renesmee " Smee" ?

aha Keep It Up
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