Reviews for Sileph Returns
moonlight46 chapter 5 . 2/17/2014
This was good.
RangerMarie chapter 5 . 6/11/2013
Aw, that's such a cute ending! I love it! Finn's the best! 3
jumpydoll chapter 1 . 3/26/2013

Good job on the first chapter. If this is any indication, this will turn to be a great story.
Miri chapter 5 . 12/15/2012
I really liked this, it was well written and compelling. It was so good I read chapter five before i was done! Now, i want to find out if Enna and Finn get married and have children or something. pleas write more!
catrina chapter 5 . 4/9/2012
oh my god! ur amzing! you absolutly have to write more! PLEZ!
k chapter 5 . 3/21/2012
Your story was only ok. I did like the fact you acknowledged the unpredictability of the original author's own style. Hope your novel has done well. If you could add more to the story to make the places seem almost real. I hope you do better on your next story. And again, good luck with your novel and your future novels...
leah chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
hey,i have just one problem with the story...sileph never has beaten finn in a sword match,because they have never had one. even in enna buring sileph wa stabbed before they even started,so when was there first sword match?
Funmilayo chapter 5 . 8/4/2011
This was very well written and thought out :) You stayed very close to the character's true personalities and the plot was engaging but not too long. Excellent. Keep writing !
GabiGallagherGamesGirl chapter 5 . 2/12/2011
Oh, I really liked it! Great story!
ChristianBookNerd chapter 4 . 10/18/2010
What? You can't leave us off like that! That's not fair! PLEASE keep writing! LOVE IT!
Nadezzhda chapter 3 . 9/16/2010
YAY! I check for new chapters every day. Sadly, I never fin any :(
Nadezzhda chapter 4 . 9/14/2010
Why'd you kill Geric? Whyyyyyyyyyy? Unless he's not really dead...maybe he was faking his death so he could hunt down Sileph in secret so that way Isi wouldn't want to follow him...that's so dramatic...
Samantha chapter 4 . 7/7/2010
It's bean almost a year since you last posted and to be honest its starting to get on my nerves. I'm a fellow righter so I understand that it takes a wile to right especially if you get writers block but I think a year is long enough to put down another post, I really like the story so fare and I like your righting style allot so Please don't think that I'm trying to be mean but seriously?
Liana chapter 4 . 6/21/2010
OMG I really like it, continue the story, it is a big cliffhanger
Samantha chapter 4 . 3/28/2010
that was amazing! You obviously know your goose girl : )
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