Reviews for Someone Wake Me Up
Tessabug2015 chapter 19 . 9/6
Tessabug2015 chapter 16 . 9/6
I love a happy ending eve though this is NOWHERE near the end!
Tessabug2015 chapter 8 . 9/6
Tessabug2015 chapter 7 . 9/6
OMG I can't believe this is happening!
crazycats7 chapter 28 . 5/27
I was hoping to hear more of Edward telling Tanya off. She needs to hear what she has done.
crazycats7 chapter 11 . 5/27
I wish that Alice would have a vision of Bella searching for them
jk chapter 16 . 5/5
HAHAHA He left bella..and when she sees him again..she says oh hes really here..MY ANGEL then passes out? she wakes up he says will you forgive me she cries tears OF JOY LOL and thinks this is a seriously stupid story
jk chapter 14 . 5/5
seriously how stupid is bella...going to the fucking volturri KNOWING humans aren't supposed to know about vampires...she goes to the fucking voturri...god shes sooooooooooooooooo stupid
jk chapter 12 . 5/5
yaaaa be mad at Tanya cause she made bella leave...whatever assward...this is all your fault why be mad at Tanya?
jk chapter 6 . 5/5 what shes pregnant that doesn't mean she HAS to track Edward down...and going to volturra ya that's a fucking great idea! wow bellas dumber then normal...heres a fucking idea you clingy left your mousy ass and your pregnant...figure out how your gonna raise the baby by youself...HE LEFT YOU why are you wasting so much time trying to find someone that doesn't want you?
Guest chapter 4 . 2/16
This is terrible
midnight-rxse chapter 34 . 2/1
Jesus, that was a beautiful story. I never would've guessed English wasn't your first language. Wow... Just wow...
Guest chapter 27 . 12/7/2014
I'm sorry but I really don't like the names you have chosen for the twin. I just REALLY DISLIKE them.
maria cullen chapter 1 . 11/20/2014
Love this its so sad because he left her pregnant but ur also curious
Guest chapter 1 . 11/12/2014
Great story
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