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M.Etzel chapter 14 . 12/19/2016
An unusual camera angle to view the narrative of DotNW. Appealed to me greatly as I like Zelos's characterization, and this certainly pleased. Extremely well written and the story flows surprisingly well.
Alli-dunno chapter 14 . 10/23/2013
This is seriously one of the most awesome ToS fanfics I've ever read. The characterization is amazing and I like that some scenes were given to some characters we didn't see interact as much, specifically your scenes with Colette and Zelos, whom I always thought would have a special, platonic bond because of their shared experiences as Chosen. I also really enjoyed your take on Dawn of the New World because we got see the events from the perspective of the confused members of the Symphonia cast, not just Emil and Marta. I like how you captured the annoyance and skepticism that Zelos felt at the series of events, as I always thought he'd feel that annoyed in my head canon.

I also really liked the plot line about the Cruxis Crystals.

Also, I'm a sucker for Sheena/Zelos and Lloyd/Colette and totally appreciate the ending because of that.

Amazing job! I was glued to this story from the moment I started to the moment I finished. :)
Moonlight M3lody chapter 14 . 6/24/2013
First of all, I really want to say sorry. I'd been wanting to finish this for a long time, but between exams, finals, and wahtnot happening in real life, I let it sat on the backburners of my reading list, which is ultimately forgotten. In fact, I've only remembered this story when I checked the archive and found your new multichaps. I'm really ashamed as you've mentioned my name and all. Now that I've read the whole series, oh how much I've missed! I should've been doing this a long time ago!

As apology is in order, I'll move to my review of the story.
I really like how you wove the canons together. As you've probably remembered from our last conversation, I didn't play either the original ToS or its sequel, but I couldn't devour DotNW's gamescript the way I did with ToS (despite being lots thicker, 900 pages with the branching, Z-skits, and all). I gave up reading at the third core because it wasn't as interesting as the original. Now, with your retelling of that game from Zelos' eyes I start to think maybe it isn't so bad of a game afterall. The game leaves much to be desired, with the eight's relationship largely left out in favor of (to me,not-so-interesting) new characters. Not to mention plotholes galore. Oh yes, it's nice to see that you're not too focused on Sheelos, but instead building around their story as well. I can finally reconcile with the sequel.

I think you caught the characters perfectly. Zelos, despite being jealous to Lloyd, had unwavering faith to him even when the others began to doubt. Sheena, unable to sort her feelings and fell under pressure of her position. Colette being friendly but had her share of jealousy as well. Tell you what, perhaps I'd be more forgiving to Marta from now on. I couldn't stand her annoying motor-mouth (plus her too-sweet-for-faint-heart infatuation to Emil), but you had casted her in favorable light here. The sisterly chemistry you wrote for her and Sheena was cute. Same as Zelos-Colette bond. Chosens stick together indeed. Too bad DotNW made Lloyd OOC by default, so it wasn't your fault I wasn't impressed by his secrecy. Soo, at the end, more or less Yuan's all at fault, huh? I can't say I understand this part. It seems like the whole adventure is a silly misunderstanding that somehow involving the world.

You tied the loose ends neatly. I thought it was Sheena-Zelos wedding, but the ending was way better. Not as cheesy as how I might write it. I was glad that annoying column writer (wouldn't call him journalist) got what he deserved. That last sentence too. So Colette. If only this is canon. At least, it will be in my headcanon for sure.

My favorite moment? The fireworks. Oh the fireworks. I thought he was going to give that diamond ring to Sheena, but once again you surprised me. Then all moments from RRT. Seles-Zelos moments probably count too. I'm a sucker for siblings love. Too many to list actually. I like every bits of the story (sans some paragraphs about sex. I know,it's soo subtle, but it's just my personal uneasiness regarding the matter).

Misc. thoughts I can't quite sort:
-I've mixed feelings about Sheena abdicating her position. I dunno, somehow I thing even if she needs time to clear her mind, she'd take it again when she things she's ready. She's stubborn that way.
-Colette's full name. I don't know why you extended her name, but that actually sounded beautiful, if not too Tethe'allan-y?
-I want to kick Callon for being such a prick
-The way Zelos asked her to go on a 'trip' with him again-what a sweet closing to RRT. It's like, they began and ended their reconciliation from the same point.

It's currently 3 AM here so sorry for being half-coherent, and mixed rants with my review. I'd like to point out my favorite moments from individual chapters, but my head's kinda fuzzy here. Besides, as I said, it's too long to list though. But I'll pick this one quote:
[And so, as the wind blows,with nothing on my back… Along with a good-for-nothing,wild horse… I was dragged into a rodeo-ride tour.]
That practically summed up my feelings reading this fic. I'm ready for another rodeo ride you have in store. See you later!
StarRose33 chapter 1 . 5/2/2013
I don't usually do reviews, but you deserve my thanks for reviving Sheelos. I didn't understand the injustice they were dealt at first, since I played the sequel before the first one (I still don't have a GameCube, so I watched Let's Plays). When I saw that, the anime, and Rodeo Ride Tour and replayed Dawn of the New World, something just broke. How good would it have been if they had incorporated even a little of the character development in Rodeo Ride Tour? Sorry, just the rambling thoughts of a spiteful Centurion...

Really, I have only one reason for writing this, despite the quality and hard work apparent in it. I would just like you to know, good sir, no matter when you finished this, no matter when you last updated it, no matter how many reviews you got...
"Victory Lite Beer."


Just... brilliant.
katchan2012 chapter 13 . 10/6/2012
Oh my gosh! SOOOO glad you got a chance to finish the fic! It's been such a journey reading through this whole fic, one that I have enjoyed immensely. I love the end of the fic especially, I guess... such a perfect end, with so many emotions and plot twists.

I know my reviews may not be the most helpful all the time - it's been ages since I've played ToS (though I'm currently slowly working my way through it on my CPU), and I'm not very familiar with Dawn of the New World. But I can truly say that I love how you have captured all the characters and that this fic has certainly rekindled my love for this series. Keep up the great work, hun 3 Shelos 4 eva!
spinx chapter 12 . 10/6/2012
Me again!

Dont think the links quite worked. Im kinda slow when it comes to such things. Let me try it like this...

Timeturner: "Reckless"


The second one: "Chiaroscuro", from PrometheusUntied.


Just add the " www."

Hope it works, hope it really works!
spinx chapter 11 . 10/6/2012
Damn! Damn, damn - welcome back girl! So glad to have you back - AAAAND - I just cant believe what I read there...



And YES! To every single one of your new ideas!

Heck - what happened to you? Why this sudden interest? Loneliness getting to ya? Or is it the alcohol? Hehehehe...nah, just kidding. But seriously - really glad to see you back and kicking.
Always nice to have the old dogs return. Especially when I seem to be one of the very old semesters here myself. Not that I am that old yet! Turned 27, but damn, I have been on this page for - WOW - ten years now!

Can you believe that?

And yes - where was I? Runaways! I still remember that! Boy has it been long - never even knew it was you! But yeah, one thing I deffinitely remember, that there was something there, but the maturitylevel was not quite where it should have been. Were both old know what I mean? We have so much more knowledge!

SMUT: Hahaha - that is hard to write. Very hard I would say. And even harder not to turn it into some cheap sop-opera. Id like to see you try, girl!

But damn - RODEO RIDE TOUR - there are so many possibilities in that alone. I can see why it would intrigue you so much.

Subtle. Thats the word I would use. These days, I like the subtle issues a character goes through - certainly can relate to that.

Hard to believe, but HECK - I actually do have a lot of questions to bother you with. You asked, didnt you? And I sincerly hope you meant that, because girl - I am SOOOO gonna misuse you for my abnormal pestering.

Just saying...

Question 1:

What Ive always wanted to know - how do you plan your stories? Like, for this one, what was the basic idea, the one bit that got you going? Was it character first? A scene, an actual idea for plot? Id really love to, love to hear about this, as I have a knack for such things.

And then of course, how much planning went into this?
Did you do research first, or was it the plot that you had down?

Question 2:

Hohohoho...actually, this one focuses solely on scenes!
Did you do an outline? Because to me, you certainly seem like the type who would. With this much detail, it would be a surprise if you did not plan this!

Question 3:

Bit more personal this one.
What is your inspiration? Why bother, why even write this? And especially in your case, when you deserve sooo many more reviews - what is it, seriously, what has you this high?

Wanna play god? Is it that :T

Question 4:

What is it, about Zelos and Sheena, that has you so excited? The dynamic? I will admit, thats the one thing that had me hocked from the beginning. The other thing being to say this...bittersweetness (did I write that correctly?) about the two of them.

Speak your mind - Im all ears.

Question 5:

Now...this is actually more of a proposition. I do not know how many stories you have read on this site. But - you need to do me this favour, and read one - a single one- and a one-shot at that.
And no - before you ask - I did not write this, nor do I know the person. But the reason Id like for you to read this, is...well...the sheer brilliance of it.

Like you he (YES! A guy wrote this!) is a writer that gets too little credit. There is a great deal of maturity in his subject of choice, and despite that, his style is effortless, though certainly not your typical ff-writer.

I ask you to read this for one simple reason - your entertainment.

The summary:

"Leon and Ada discover that sometimes the truth lies in what is left unsaid, and sometimes meaning can only be found at the other end of the spectrum."

Come on...isnt that nice? Damn well is.

Heres the link:


(The characters are Leon, and Ada, from Resident evil. Not my type of game. But I did watch my brother play it, and the cutscenes between the two were really intense. See RE6, which just came out.)

Along with this, one of my most beloved writer of all times - timeturner.

I dont know if there is any person out there, who does not hold, even the slightest of possibilities, of becoming a Potter-fan. (I have personally managed to turn all of my three siblings into ones!) This next story is about Lily Potter and Sirius Black.

Unlike anything else you have ever read. Subtle, subtle, subtle. Never anyone so good on dialogue. She is the perfect example of "the iceberg" principle. Leaving almost everything to the readers imagination.


"In the inky black darkness, Sirius struggled. He struggled with longing, fear and desperation. He struggled against the weakness and he agonized over the feeling of helplessness that had engulfed him."

Link: . ?chapterid85034&i1

You said you wanted something to read, right? Something to get you thinking, and questions too? I hope I delivered.

Im out now. Wish you all the best. And, no worries, Im always here, to find some new gems, and see the oldies return.

Really good to have you back!
XSuicuneX chapter 12 . 9/28/2012
*pops in* I LIVE! And I love how this is turning out. I especially love Seles and as always your added details of the Tethe'allan monarchy is as exquisite as ever. Ive been distracted lately, and Zel's chapter has been going' emo, but it is nice to see you still fighting' the good fight. GO FOR THE END! *fist pumps*
katchan2012 chapter 11 . 9/19/2012
OK, so that one scene when Yuan tells them that they need to find the Summon Spirit of Heart... not sure why, but I loved it! Anyway, sooo glad you are continuing this! It seriously made my day, and I continue to love what you are doing with Zelos!
BassoonShorty chapter 1 . 5/19/2012
I don't have an account, but I couldn't help but review this.

This may just be one of the best fanfictions I've read in a very long time, if not ever. (This is no exaggeration.). I have no problem overlooking the occasional typo, because your writing style is head and shoulders above the others on this site.

You are one of the few people who has actually managed to capture the deeper layers of Zelos' character, while still balancing it with the womanizing surface layer. I find myself sympathizing with him, rather than cringing because of him, as I often do in fanfiction.

I also really like the fact that you tied up the plot holes which were left unfilled by DotNW. It was one of the things which bugged me most about the game, but your story actually makes the game make logical sense. If only the game's writers had, huh? (Though, then I wouldn't be able to enjoy your story, so...)

Just... This is one of my favorite stories here, so please don't forget about it!

mandrakefunnyjuice chapter 10 . 3/3/2012
Bah. Sheena's too picky. With that attitude, she's gotta be lucky Zelos is talking to her at all. Then again, Zelos is the way he is because he's not picky enough, so, I just disproved myself. Way to go, MFJ, awesome.

Anyway, I updated my parody thing a while back and I remembered this gem. Now I'm sorta-kinda following it, having just powered through it in one sitting. Good stuff. Keep it up.

That's all I got, I'm lame /:P
Colette Irving chapter 10 . 1/19/2012
I hardly ever review; I never really have anything original or interesting to say. This is no exception to that rule. However, dear author, I feel the need to make some kind of comment on how much I love this fic and how it is one of the best pieces of fan work I have come across in a long time. Whenever I see that there is a new chapter, I do a little happy dance inside. That's really all there is to it; this fic makes me /happy/. Not to mention I like DotNW much better considering what you've written to be canon. I guess I just wanted to thank you for that. :)
katchan2012 chapter 10 . 1/12/2012
EEEP! This last chapter was so amazing! So much crazy love quadrangle-ness going on! You've done such a great job capturing and representing Sheena and Zelos and all their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, especially where they concern each other. This has been so great to read, and once again I am glad you directed me too it! I'm so curious and excited to see where things are going and wondering what will happen in the future!
spinx chapter 10 . 1/12/2012

Is this great, or is this great?

I mean-just how many lost ff-authors actually DO return after such a long time? And here, you just did it- twice!

I am truly happy about the way things developed- with you, and the story of course.

Just yesterday, I returned home after another stressful month, when my thoughts (for some mysterious reason) drfited bach to your story. Of course I wasnt really expecting a change-and then-


Guess how surprised I was when I found, not only one, but two- two very long, new chapters.

I must admit- Im a bit confused, as I have rushed through both chapters so quickly (a re-read is in order! Deffinitely not the worst thing out there!) that the logic has yet to catch up with me.

But DA-ANG_am I ever happy with your style.

I just like-like-like all the little details you put in there. Especially since I often downt know which ones you put there for a specific reason (foreshadowing) and which ones to simply amuse.

Thats just great.

And layered. Did I mentioned just how layered all of your characters are? Thats some meaty stuff you have there! Oh, the connections! The "WHAT THE FUCK?"'s...and everything in between.

And just what the heck did truly happen between Llyod and Sheena, and Collette, and Regal, and- and- and...;T

I am truly excited to read on, and very glad that you went through the hard work to create something so fun for us.

Best, best wishes!

(You might just get another review from me soon...)
XSuicuneX chapter 9 . 1/11/2012
Finnally, first time I tried to review ff was having issues...and work...stupid work.

Anyways! Whoo hoo! I squee'd out loud when I saw the new chapter come up that quickly. Wish I could update that fast. :P But yes, I love that you get Zelos so in character, and it's interesting seeIng what you come up with for the Cruxis Crystals.

Speaking of...clever way of explaining why Zelos doesn't seem to use his wings all that often. That frusterated me to no end in the game. I mean, I never expected him to use 'em as often as, say, Colette, but a little angel fan service would've been nice, y'know?

Eh, I just like Zelos' wings a lot. Oh, and I. Loved. The drama. So damn much. Can't wait for the next one, they snipe at each other quite a bit~

You're do
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