Reviews for Bed Sheet
RoniBopShop chapter 2 . 6/22
Oh wow, this was just breathtaking. Are you sure you don't have a couple of more chapters in you? Not that I'm sure what you should write about, but it just seems there could be more :)
Guest chapter 2 . 6/19
One of my favourite stories
Amora.Lee chapter 2 . 4/29/2014
This story was a beautiful dysfunctional well written story that put a smile on my face
Kawaii chapter 2 . 4/23/2014
Haha great job! I rate this a 11/10! It's so cute! Especially when Sasuke claims he's not jealous! This is really good! Squeee :3
FreakyFee94 chapter 2 . 2/3/2014
Awww, how sweet! I really like this story! :DD
AwesumBananas chapter 2 . 3/5/2013
awe of epic proportions!
strawberryknight chapter 2 . 2/22/2013
this is amazing, im glad i found this story :)
KawaiiNeeChan chapter 2 . 1/25/2013
Oh my God! That last line broke me. Brilliant. Xxx
WhimsyUsagi chapter 2 . 10/22/2012
i really loved both your chapters, that they're so well written and detailed :) great job!
kyoko8lin chapter 2 . 9/28/2012
Hehe.. Love it!
rqgenevieve chapter 2 . 9/12/2012
rqgenevieve chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
Just so you know, you spelled yaoi wrong in the warning.

Anyway, I loved it a BUNCH, they're SUPER DUPER cute together :3
MusicFan Banana chapter 2 . 9/6/2012
Oh, silly Sasuke, of course he could never be jealous!
ayabirkin chapter 2 . 8/23/2012
aaaawwwww! sasuke is just so sweet here. although, it may have saved them both a lot of trouble by letting naruto know how he felt, but still his jealous side is way too cute to ignore. great story! please post more soone.
mortal harry chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
I don't think this's is a sasunaru story,it's obviously narusasu, why don't you just write narusasu story? The naruto here is so seme and the sasuke is so girlish, and I hate it.
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