Reviews for Final Fantasy: Chosen of the Dawn
RandomFF.netUser chapter 51 . 8/9/2020
Wow. That was incredibly good. The characters were amazing, the plot was unique, everything was overall outstanding. Good job, mate
RandomFF.netUser chapter 40 . 8/8/2020
I'm really enjoying the new, heroic Robin. She was my favorite character already, and actually being reasonable in addition to the glorious snarkyness is even better
RandomFF.netUser chapter 35 . 8/8/2020
Two of the animals are named Palom and Porom? I love it!
RandomFF.netUser chapter 34 . 8/8/2020
I wondered how long she would appear invincible. Apparently that's the end. Still my favorite character, by the way, especially now that she's slightly more reasonable
RandomFF.netUser chapter 20 . 8/6/2020
Holy catfish, Robin is powerful. She's also an absolute riot. I HATE EVERYTHING FOR NO GOOD REASON! Yeah, reminds me a lot of myself. Very strong 20 chapters, can't wait for the next!
RandomFF.netUser chapter 13 . 8/5/2020
Well, they hate each other. Interesting start, and incredibly ambitious. It'll either be amazing or terrible. Somebody who tries something risky is either an enormously overconfident tomfool, or legitimatly incredible at writing. Based on the story so far, I'm inclined to believe this is a case of incredible. Holy catfish, the world-building has been beautifully done so far. Same with the characters, and the plot is only just beginning. I can't wait to see how it turns out
madamefern chapter 51 . 2/27/2020
Wow, I can't believe this story is over. I've never commented before, but this was the very first piece of fanfiction I ever found, and when I got back into reading, finding this was a high priority for me. I've thoroughly enjoyed this whole story, and I'll probably be back to read it all again soon.
Gauss chapter 1 . 11/27/2019
"The power of the Elemental Crystals wan"

'wan' is an adjective. What you want is the verb 'wane'
SpacemanSpiff chapter 49 . 11/18/2019
How funny that we both randomly update our stories on the same day after months of quiescence. Mind meld? ESP? XD

This was a well written and necessarily gentler chapter after the climactic battle prior. I really liked how you showed the different perspectives of the people of Highland and how they treated Sarah as they made their way back to Cornelia. After she do deftly and diplomatically handled the Dragonfang, to be reminded of your failures in such a way is tough. Her choice to don commoner clothes to blend in while in Truce was a nice touch.

It was also great to see Sarah actually ponder and mull over her failures and the criticisms she received from Gantz and Robin. Most spoiled princesses would've rebuffed such comments, but she is very considerate, and I actually thought you turned her into quite an enjoyable character.

So now the light warriors begin the arduous task of seeking out the fiends that threaten the elemental crystals, which should be quite an adventure. I know you said you weren't sure whether you were going to take this story that far, but if you do I'll be here to read it. :-)


p.s. Awesome McGiveMeGill?...loved it XD
SpacemanSpiff chapter 48 . 5/19/2019
That was quite the battle! You did such a great job of making sure every light warrior had their moment and their contribution to the fight against Garland. You showed that when they work together they are an unstoppable force. I felt like I was watching a real-time RPG battle scene, with Valor tanking, Gantz back-stabbing, Robin hurling her magic, and Sana keep up the heals and protection spells. At first I was worried this chapter might jump around too much when I saw all the breaks in the cursory scan, but you handled it really well, and it was great getting to see each warrior's perspective of the fight.

The trick that Robin discovered with the time-link between the past and present was a nice way to reveal Garland's weakness, although he still presented a real danger to the group even after that point. I like that she was the one to save Gantz in the heat of the moment, despite her admitting that she would be glad to not have his annoying personality around. It's another moment of growth for her.

Valor is a beast. Nuff said. I like that the Holy spell seems to have bestowed some mystical armor and power unto him, as well as pushing Garland to the brink of death. I'll be interested to see how this improves his abilities overall, and whether or not the other light warriors received some upgrade. Based on the title of the chapter, I'm assuming it's just Valor, but we'll just have to see. Level up!

Garland will undoubtedly be back with a vengeance after all of this, but these four have proven they can overcome just about anything. After the foundations you built a couple of chapters back, I have a feeling our merry band of Chosen will be off to begin restoring the crystals. There is a lot of look forward to, but this chapter was an immensely satisfying read after everything that built up to it. Great work!

SpacemanSpiff chapter 47 . 5/16/2019
Awesome build-up to the big fight! I especially liked the encounter with the treasure chest monster, what a great little addition to the dungeon here. Oh how it reminded me of one of those damned chests that killed me when I wasn't properly prepared in the lunar subterrain before I had even reached a save point. It cuts deep, we'll just leave it at that. And Gantz scooping up all the gil and hoping everyone will forget about it later on, hilarious XD I trust Valor will not forget. I gotta say, I was half-expecting the bronze door at the end to also be a mimic, like the trap doors in the Sealed Cave in FFIV.

I loved all the mysterious forces at play here, and how there is this constant eerie aura you've created within the bounds of the temple. I'm interested in this dragoon that has appeared, and I do hope he will somehow find his way inside, although it appears the temple is designed only to allow the light warriors within. We shall see where he ends up.

This is getting really good now, and you've always been great at writing battle scenes so I'm sure the next chapter will not disappoint.

Great work, Wonder!

- Spiff
SpacemanSpiff chapter 46 . 5/15/2019
This was a really great chapter introducing us to the Four Fiends. They each have their own wicked personalities, and you've done well at making each one sound unique. I'm not surprised by this, in the least, as you've done so well with the four light warriors :-) I especially liked the Lich with his frighteningly calm and patient demeanor. I will say that the Kraken's dialogue sounded a bit too jocular, although I certainly wouldn't expect it to be as dignified as Leviathan. I think it was the "prophecy smophecy!" line that irked me. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed these new personas that you've added the story, and I can't wait to see how their stories intersect with the main arc.

Each temple also feels thoroughly different, and the backstories you've given each one, with followers that will surely play important roles later on in the story as the light warriors seek to restore the power of the crystals. You've laid a lot of groundwork here that doesn't get too bogged down in details, so good on you for that!

It was nice revisiting Garland in the Temple at the end, too. I realized we haven't actually seen in a while, and had forgotten where we left him, so this was much needed, especially since he'll be featured heavily in the next few chapters. He seems to have descended ever deeper into Chaos. I love that he had been sitting on the throne for so long that the black tendrils had actually starting growing over him, like vines on a trellis. You've done well at describing his new physical form, which seems to be incredibly powerful. I trust it will not be an easy fight for the light warriors.

Great work, as always, Waging! Almost caught up ;-)

SpacemanSpiff chapter 45 . 5/15/2019
Loving this little interlude with the rite of passage to ride the chocobos. And we actually learn where the name chocobo comes from! I'm glad choco bozo didn't stick XD

I really enjoyed the detail you went into here describing how the chocobo matriarch and patriarch sized up the group and appeared to discuss whether or not to let the light warriors ride them. And Robin actually gave Sana a compliment? She's changing, slowly but surely, but she still keeps her "burn it all!" personality. And the romance between Sana and Valor is no longer so subtle, as Gantz keenly points out :-)

I feel like these characters are really coming together, and they're realizing each other's strengths make them a better unit. Let's hope it's enough to prepare them for what is sure to be a devastating battle against Garland!

- Spiff
SpacemanSpiff chapter 44 . 4/22/2019
This was a nice chapter of reconnection between the four light warriors. It reminded me that they were indeed all separated during the battle for Truce, so it's nice to see them find that common bond again. And Gantz and Valor actually getting along, throwing a bit of banter back and forth was nice to see. And Robin finally got to set the world on fire, good for her XD

You have subtly pushed Sana and Valor closer to a romantic relationship here, which was nice to see. They are both quite conservative, and you played that shy and awkward behavior between them well here.

Her explanation of her experiences with Alexander and Levi was nice and it cleared up a few things, especially how she learned that "binding the Holy" is not the ultimate level of white magic, hinting that her true power is yet to be mastered. I'll be interested to see how she uses it offensively. Seeing her understanding of this and exploring it more during the trial with Leviathan or in her conversation with Alexander (it was hinted at there, but it was unclear what she meant until now). I still urge you to expand that section if you find the time and energy to do it.

And the something yellow is a chocobo! So great to see the franchises iconic feathered friends make its debut. And it appears to be a chick-obo...I couldn't help myself :P I can only hope this little downy fowl will be following along with our merry band, ultimately becoming the fifth light warrior that brings down Chaos with the all powerful Chocobo Kick! Sorry if I've spoiled the ending to your story...

Great work, as always, Wonder!

SpacemanSpiff chapter 43 . 4/19/2019
I like that it doesn't feel like a victory in this chapter. There is still so much devastation, so much loss of life. And writing from Gantz's perspective, having missed everything, really accentuates that. I'm glad he's feeling better, and that Sana-Lynn was able to recall Esuna, although this was again an opportunity I think you may have missed by explaining how this happened in a previous chapter, perhaps when speaking with Alexander. Sana's feelings of not being fast enough to save more people felt genuine.

It is clear that this battle has taken a toll on everyone, and you've played that out well here, rather than just moving on too quickly to the next quest. It makes the whole ordeal feel more real, like it actually meant something. Well done!

- Spiff
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