Reviews for Son of The Destroyer of Worlds
Riyshn chapter 1 . 5/29/2009
Huh. I know... practically nothing about DC. Still love your CCS story though, so I figure I'll give it a shot. (Loathe Star Wars though, so... no.)

So yeah, like I said, I know nothing! No comment on characterization of the DC guy(though, from your AN it sounds like he's an OC anyway), but for Code Lyoko... It's been way too long since I watched it (Do you happen to know if anyone's subbed any episodes other than Lab Rat? The French voices are so much better...), but I think you got Delmas a bit off. He seems a bit too... long winded? I don't know, he always seems a bit more... uptight, I guess, to me.
d-u chapter 1 . 5/8/2009
possible lyoko crossovers:

HALO:X.A.N.A. rebuilds guilty spark, gravemind infects X.A.N.A., X.A.N.A. convinces covenant he is a deity, X.A.N.A. finds or builds a forerunner construct, forerunner construct is mistaken as a replica.

BIOSHOCK:a big daddy mistakes aileta for a little sister, a second rapture is found below the digital sea.

KILLZONE: lyoko is invaded by hellghast!

300: X.A.N.A. resurrects Xerxes and the Persian army and brings them to lyoko jeremy tries to duplicate the process but discovers he will only be able to resurect 300 people...

PSYCHONAUTS: the psychounauts try to recruit yumi.

TRANSFORMERS: X.A.N.A. tries to posses megatron, millions of decipticons transform into supercomputers.

G.I. joe: destro tries to make a controllable copy of X.A.N.A., cobra tries to steal the supercomputer, cobra is teleported to lyoko.

TIMESHIFT:after stoping the explosion at the lab our hero finds himself in a strange new world.

HAZE: X.A.N.A steals some nectar and mantel dosen't like that...

COMMAND AND CONQUER: triberium falls to earth or lyoko,the core of lyoko is actually the tacicus X.A.N.A. is really cabal, X.A.N.A. v.s. cabal or legion, franz is actually kane, lyoko v.s. scion or nod.

COMMAND AND CONQUER RED ALERT: yuri's timemachine crash lands on lyoko but only yumi is immune to his power. failed time experiment causes soviets or empire of the rising sun to end up on lyoko or earth.

FUSION FALL: the group fights the fuse and meets the other cartoons.

DEADSPACE: X.A.N.A. steals the marker...

TRON: X.A.N.A. allies himself with the master computer.

F.E.A.R.: X.A.N.A. tries to posses alma with disastrous results.

RESIDENT EVIL: the umbrella corperation needs to rebuild the red queen computer and for that they need it's original designer franz, so they search for him what they find instead is aileta and the super computer...

DR. WHO: the dr. tries to dissuade the group from using the return to the past program anymore for some strange reason...

SPY HIGH: X.A.N.A. resurrects nemises who is more then happy to help him destroy the group if he in turn helps him destroy a certain high school and six certain teenagers...

MINUTE MEN: a return to the past disrupts the minute men's time machine.

STARGATE ATLANTIS: X.A.N.A. discovers an ancients city beneath the digital sea, or earth, or outer space and uses it's drone missiles against the group, unfortunately he also awakens the asurans...

MONSTER MADNESS BATTLE FOR SUBURBIA: X.A.N.A. resurrects demon larry so that he may steal the secrets of the underworld and ultimate monster token for himself.

BRUTE FORCE: a satilite crashes into lyoko and the group discovers a whole bunch of D.N.A. chips inside it...

DARK SECTOR: X.A.N.A. reopens the vault...

QUAKE: the strogg dissect lyoko and rebuild it...

INVADER ZIM: zim crashes into the factory and decides to make it his secound base (he is completely unaware of the supercomputer)...

DESTROY ALL HUMANS: majestic believe aileta to be an alien or their trying to question her about her father, X.A.N.A. posses nexos attack fails and emperor maringitis retaliates on the source, blisk invade lyoko.

ARTIMIS FOWL: foaly locates temporal residue and investigates he locates the supercomputer and tries to hack it, X.A.N.A. senses the hack and launches an attack on haven so that he may use their magic and technology for himself, fortunately his attack is stopped by the group, angry and confused the faries decide to call in an old friend to help...

CHARLIE BONE: the bloors mistake aileta to be 'gifted' and try to kidnap her.

TERMINATOR: an attempt to destroy X.A.N.A. sends him to the future where he enslaves skynet and sends an army of possessed super terminators into the past.

PENDRAGON: saint dane and X.A.N.A. form an alliance.

HELLBOY: X.A.N.A. ressurects grigor rassputin and reactivates the golden army.

TREMORS: the tremors have been added to X.A.N.A's army.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: X.A.N.A. resurrects davy jones and angers calypso.

SIMPSONS: buys the factory as a tax have but finds himself following the group to lyoko where his lawyers bury X.A.N.A. with so much red tape and burecratic mumbo-jumbo that X.A.N.A. is forced to willingly relinquish both the deed to lyoko and his powers to .

FUTURERAMA: momcorp tries to buy out lyoko, X.A.N.A. posesses santa bot.

MAXIMUM RIDE: itex try to buyout the group's school to kidnap kids for their experiments.

BULLY: gary is transferd to kadic and he tries to take it over.

METROID: X.A.N.A. frames the group for multiple attacks on galactic federation owned areas, enraged the federation sends a certain bounty hunter to earth to take care of them.

CHILDREN OF THE LAMP: X.A.N.A. kidnaps the blue djinn...

AVATAR: a return to the past gone bad pitches the factory into the avatar's world, X.A.N.A. convinces the fire nation he's a deity and corrupts them all.

ALEX RIDER: Scorpia somehow manages to create an inferior version of X.A.N.A.

STRANGER'S ODYSSEY: one day a certain mysterious stranger catches X.A.N.A.'s eye...

STAR WARS: X.A.N.A. posseses the droid army, or greivous, or tries to posses a sith.

ASSASIN'S CREED:abstergo industries captures the group and we all get to see their ancestrial lines.(example: yumi's ancestor was a samuri)

SONIC: X.A.N.A steals the master emerald, or he tries to posses shadow or the emeralds to create a chaos creature army, or civil war with robotniks robots.

LOST PLANET: akrid invade lyoko! nevec can't be too far behind.

PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: X.A.N.A. tries to posses chronos.

CLOVERFIELD: think about it...

ARMED AND DANGEROUS: X.A.N.A. steals the book of rule

ED, EDD, EDDY: ed steals crucial parts from the super computer to sell for scrape, can the group get them back before X.A.N.A. attacks again? kankers get possessed.

BEN TEN: D. on lyoko and profesor paradox?

NATIONAL TREASURE: X.A.N.A. steals national treasures, documents, and monuments from all over the world to unlock secrets of great and terrible power.

WILD WILD WEST: X.A.N.A. brings loveless back to life as a mechanized spider mutant.

1632: X.A.N.A.'s attempted tampering of the supercomputer sends the groups town to be whisked away to the year 1633 in Germany, not to far away from grantville...

BATTLE STAR GALLACTICA: think of the possibilities!

ERAGON: X.A.N.A enlists aid from the antagonists of eragons universe.

NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: oogie is resurected and makes a wager with X.A.N.A., oogie and his crew are now attacking the group and X.A.N.A. is attacking jack, quickest to kill wins the right to be master of the partnership.

MORTAL COMBAT: do I even need to say anything?

TOTALLY SPIES: X.A.N.A. possess jerry.

MARTIN MYSTERY: X.A.N.A frees all of the center's prisoners in exchange for their loyalty.
Traveler chapter 1 . 3/8/2009
Well. I'M curious as to how things'll develop. I have no guesses on who he is, mostly out of laziness as I DO love DC. But...Really? A MARVEL t-shirt? Really? Come ON man/woman/other! If you base him off a DC character, give him a DC shirt... But otherwise it looks curious. I'll read along if more comes...