Reviews for Take Me Somewhere Nice
unique-deflection chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
Now i know i said i was going to review this the same night i reviewed the pam one shot but i was tired and i also decided to re read the trilogy because i couldn't remember alot of stuff that had happened..and ive finally done it reread the entire trilogy from chapter 1 to chapter 122 if my math is right altough its probs not it took me 4 days and u know what its even better the 2nd time! well 3rd and 4th time reading some chapters mainly the pam centric ones lol id seriously forgotten how amazing it is and how much of an amazing writer you are! and i have proof of that in the form of my reviews as they went from 1 sentances to the size of the 1 im probs writing about now so you must be good cause u dragged me in to a story and made it better than the original this review probs isnt gonna be that gd in a sense because up until i reviewed "I know you are but what am i?" i hadn't reviewed since the end of the trilogy so my reviewing skills are a little rusty lol but i cant wait to read this so im gonna get started looks like a long 1 which in my head is always a gd thing! :D

ooh starting of in the present day gd choice means they're all older which might mean that daniels in this as i got intrigued about him from the final chapter. ooh introducing alicia james again nice touch i couldn't help but think something was off about her when your first introduced her when you described her she seemed to perfect lol i guess now i'll see whats happening with her im guessing the demon said she couldn't do anything due to the deal they amde with the source i always knew it would come back to bite them in the ass lol

hmm aidan not like alicia am i senseing an almost fod like sense that she isnt human or at least is slightly evil based on the alsmost primal dislike for them... a demon coming and asking questions than attacking i think thats more scary than an attacking demon lol i like how describe all the shadows and how it affects paige it adds to the tense atmosphere throughout the story very dark shadowy and anything could be lurking or happen.

oh i knew there was something about her and ti turns out she's either a demon on the run or some ice queen who needs to be taught a lesson i like the inclusion of the past dealings between the 2 and explaining how paige got to where she is today. hmm i think im gonna with aidan on this 1 theres something about her and nice use of the fine print very binding magical contract lol

o that dream was tense i due to your amazing ability to write well and the meotion u get in them i actually felt nerves in the pit of my stomach like i was in paige's shoes woah that dream! how much emotion nd just plain wow was in it lol it was so tense and just dripping with rae emotion paige has got some issues with not leading a very magical life i guess this is the part of the story where i suggest that these issues are of her magical life ending hence why this storys about life ending lol

o nice touch about the hollow been primal and every1 in the world been connected to it some how its a nice shout out whether it be intentional or not to how from season 3 where they go back to charlotte warrens time aobut how every1 has magic i nthem they just have to tap into it. huh she made a deal should of known and im guessing that as seen as im only half way through the story paige is gonna try and get her out of the deal like she did with her boss in season 6 huh noticing a pattern with paige now lol

i like how yyou write paige's worries and fearsso well its like u put so much depth in to them that it allows the reader to tap in to them and fee lthem for themselves. im also noticing a slight philosophical vibe in these one shots like pams was all about not knowing how to be and how to feel while paige's is the same but different because while pams was about starting over paige's is about the ehe end of her magical life. well not the end but not been as bad as she was used to.

yay the twins these 2 are my fave children out of the charmed ones except pam of course but she doesnt really count as seen as she's in her 20's lol. you know u seem to have a natural affinity for writing kids i notuicied it in their cross to bear especially the circus chapter and haha woo i was sort of right about the aidan sensing something due to his elemntal thing you know the only time im right ever is when it comes to your stories like with trent been the witch im right again with paige wanting to help her altough that was pretty much common sense as seen as there'd be no actual story othrt wise lol

huh seems like this alicia has everything thought about runes and mirrors to see she's sneaky and i think this is 1 innocent who's getting on my nerves i really dont think paige can help this 1. ah of course love every1 always gets stupid when it comes to love,... im not very good at art and not that fussed but i like the idea of that painting it just seems very vivd and dark and twisty but with the 1 last bit of hope its very good!

ok who is this demon? if he knowns about aidan going blind..i like how you make him more of a psycholigcal demon than just a kill and aztack type it makes him that much more threatening more omnious and evil lol i wonder if he'd a demon from paige's head like her subconcious lol. omg she's left the gallery to paige hasnt she thats whayt she means by the i think the world of paig that'll come clear sooner trather than maybe she isnt so bad after all lol

omg omg omg lol aidan brought them back from the dead! what the hell? and now she's stabbed him i swear to god you like giving people heart attacks cause right now im in shock my eyees didnt blink once when reading that passage it was just so riveting and just wow! woah katrina really didnt expect her to make an appearance nice twist there apprantly katrinas become even more philosophical and higher being like insince it all ended lol i like how she made paige stop and realise that something wasnt quite right but naturally paige was stubborn lol very natural writing on your part your really capture the essence of the characters from the show but make them better

huh turns out she might not be so bad should of known you'd included a scene that wasnt known to the reader and revealing it in the end so it made us start to like the character that you'd written as tough was spiteful and was up to something. wow that scene where paige orbed in and alicia finally accepts her fate very awe inspiring i must say it wasnt so much the description this whole storys just hads waves foe emotion behind the writing. well im confused wha t the hell was he? not a demon if he was beyong paige powers was he death or pure evil or hell itself?

aw that was such a sweet ending aidan twelling paige how she was feeling ocne again showing how they're so bonded and in tune with each and them both trying to keep up pretences for the kids sake.

You know you have such an amazing talent for just picking one human emotion in this case im going with loss of control and spinning it and wriiting in such an incrediable way that you manage to releate it to how any1 can feel and that is a gift! i love your writing and i cant wait for phoebe's one shot i hope your still writing cause it'll be such a shame if your not and if your anything like me then writing will be hard if your at uni and stuff but i cant wait for the one shots to be done :) and thanks for writing this you've inspirired me to carry on with my fanfic and for once ive got characters and plot lines and hcapter plans and not just a simple idea lol. once again amazing story!
Phoenixed chapter 1 . 1/15/2009
“Take Me Somewhere Nice” Review. (Uh, expect grammatical, spelling, and other up-the-ass errors as I did not revise this review, lol.)

Always such a fresh feeling reviewing these pieces, but the clear and obvious plus is the face of the story, only to be developed further.

As initially reading the opening, I took this Alicia business as a demon deal as selling her soul to become wealthy and all, but I definitely see this taking its own route rather than SPN. Yes, SPN didn't invent demon deals, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's where a flicker of inspiration exploded into this piece. Regarding the rest of the season, it was awesome as remembered. Just the idea of lilac fire for one, than how Paige maneuvered him to stare down his own fire (whatever effect it may have; never really guessed that one from former passages), and her triumphant smirk, though I can definitely see repercussions unfolding from this.

The King of Atlantis is scared of the dark? Awesome. I wouldn't expect such a weakness from a guy who ran a city under the deep, dark, blue sea. Then again, it's likely Atlantis had many lights to keep it all bright and such. I'm still interested in the argument him and Paige originally engaged in before this rewrite though. I was still kinda reading it as him having to camp out in the living room on a couch of uncomfortable size for him.

Immediately already taking a liking to the Aidan-Alicia quarrel. Once again, contrasts the original where he just had a distrust for her as he caught her in the act of doing something or saying something. I think it was regarding Alicia eavesdropping, but it was all very interesting. I just like the idea of Paige burdening herself with keeping Aidan a good twenty feet from Alicia at the risk of him drowning her the second they're alone.

The Demon and Paige scene: He seemed very chill. Kinda as if he just had his arms folded and was leaning against the wall with a very blank stare. I guess this is really getting deep if he's questioning why a witch would save an Innocent as if it shouldn't be so black and white. Big change from his entrance scene though; very aggressive with Alicia, questionably passive with Paige. This scene also had my favorite description so far and to be fair, I'm barely a quarter in, but I just loved the setting of the darkness, moonlight cast over the Book, and so on. Of course, I just put that in such simple words which is rather insulting to the passage I'm commenting on, but what's the point in trying to be all poetic if you follow what I mean.

As I started the next scene with the dream, regarding Paige shielding herself from Aidan's overwhelming eyes that were pouring out light, I just find it coincidental that I actually watched “Heaven and Hell” this morning, reflecting again on how Anna's scene really should've been in Charmed.

“... looking up at salvation that could never be hers.” Favorite line so far. I also have to say, it's already a plus for me to read a Charmed story because it's Paige centered and keeps me updated on the Terrible Two, but it has that mature feeling to it which makes it so much easier to identify with Supernatural and not just cheap tricks, convenient potions, and spells for everything. But yes, the deal wasn't so much a surprise, but I wonder if it's a Faustian Deal under a new guy. Lucian, possibly. Just to think ahead, I wonder if Paige will travel into Hell herself in an attempt to save Alicia.

Go Aidan! He told the holy hell out of Alicia and I like how you really dived into the core of the soul-seller. Approach them as their weak with strength and riches and offer them a non-refundable ticket. I do think he is being a little insensitive towards her and also could've noted how Paige and her sisters made a deal with the Devil as well, that kinda puts other innocents at risk and themselves if they screw up. Not to mention, that deal doesn't protect their children which is something that would be more infuriating, although that wouldn't be expressed so harshly two years later. I really do hope you go into how Alicia felt as if this deal made her life somewhat worth the idea of going to Hell. It can be assumed with what we know of her life, but just hearing it from the bitch herself is a plus.

Alicia is a genius (and by association of creating her, you mirror the compliment). Her apartment is stunning for one, though I'm not one for big red couches (leather or not), I like the idea that she has all these traps, sigils, and such concealed. When first reading about all the mirrors, I thought that it was more vanity than anything else, but she apparently has a load to be paranoid about.

Favorite Line: “I guess miracles do happen... You just go to Hell for them.” The aroma of awesomeness (I realize this makes me sound 14, btw) that accompanies this line is just great.

Lucian and Paige are awesome. Lucian is frankly taunting her and it seems comical how these two just converse without raising a hand to strike each other. That has honestly been one of my favorite parts so far. I gotta admit though, he presents some points that could've flown past me or JUST realized at the end, such as Paige fitting the type to save Aidan and risk her own soul as she's making an attempt to save her boss: Ha! I just realized this is her second boss she's trying to save, although I'd assume Alicia would mean way more to her.

I hate you and your spell-writing talent. I envy that unhealthily.

“...but Paige had apparently secretly relished in every time it was destroyed in battle.” This earned a sincere L-O-L out of me.

WHOA! Magic is no longer a mystery apparently, regarding how the CO's survived the battle against the Hollow. Wow. Alicia is pretty wise to everything going on. She put together the pieces of a puzzle that no one else really did. I wonder if her stabbing Aidan is some way to get her out of her deal or just to buy herself enough time to get away from him. Maybe she did it so Aidan would be forced to call for her. That could be it.

Excellent description with Journey's End, seriously. I remember it being impressive when I first read the chapter in TCTB, but seeing as I had the image of floating souls and such, this kinda revived the feel for me. Katrina's back along with her fountain of wisdom. She's seriously such an inspiring character and her words always seem camouflaged. I wonder if this is still the Devil we're working with. I'd say more, but I really wanna get back in to reading.

“See No Evil”. Loved the description of the demon's true form. That entire scene was memorable from Alicia painting over the hope, Lucian drilling into her mind, Paige's attempt at TK and being flung herself, as well as Aidan unloading his spiritual energy towards him. Paige then having that mental breakdown of all happy thoughts must've just been an even bigger hole than her not knowing her place or how to act wit their active Deal. Then her not wanting to admit that this was Lucifer, the Dev, Satan (if it even was him) is just another burden she'll have to carry as she tries to reconstruct her life in order to balance the scales. So she has the knowledge of WHAT Lucian is and the knowledge of what's to come with Aidan, and other terrible anticipations that come with having kids.

This was a ridiculously rich piece. I honestly could've seen this as a Paige-Aidan chapter in TCTB and I was fine with it not having such heavy battle scenes as greater meanings were webbed within (of which I'm positive I missed eight of them, so kindly nudge me in the right direction so I can revise). I was no stranger to the beginning, but the body of the one-shot was so damn great that I was really thirsty for me (and upset at my friend for making me help her pack when she knew what I was reading. I'm holding back on calling her a bitch.) The fact that I was able to get this read in the time I did, despite unnecessary and necessary breaks just says alone how much I enjoyed this. It was written in a mature fashion, the very influential and generally astonishing description (Go ahead, blush away), and it was a story of such desperation in trying to gain control over the uncontrollable. Not to mention, it helped inspire some more Paige-writing which is a serious shove down the stairs that I needed to kick Witchlighter back into gear. If I have more to say, I'll try and do so over MSN because my mind is so burned right now with those two hours of sleep, but as always, excellent writing, and I'm highly looking forward to the Phoebe-piece. You do this thing where you write evil well to the point where I actually feared for the life of characters in “Journey's End” with the Source-scene and I even knew they were going to live. Stephen King gets paid to scare me and he fails to do that, so bravo.

Also, I really need to give a shout-out to Katrina's line regarding the Afterlife: “It's the ultimate example of freewill!” This really layered the theme of the piece.