Reviews for Maternal Intuition
sfbxfcb chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
LaPaige chapter 1 . 5/16/2009
I really, really liked this. I loved how you got into Heather's head and how they made a bet on Logan and how you added Quinn in there. You're a fantastic writer. For some reason I can totally see Logan having a secret handshake with his mom .. a very secret handshake :P. :)
Li'l Milk Glass Chicky chapter 1 . 1/20/2009
You really won't believe this, but Logan's mom's name, Heather, is also the name of my golden retriever (will have to tell the story of that another time). It's just so funny how you named Nicole's mom Melanie, which is the name of my boxer, and now this. Wow, and weird.

Anyway, you've done it again Erika, with the "what if?" and what could have been scenario, and it's with Logan's mom. I think she's totally cool. Ha, I don't think the relationship between Logan's mom and Malcom would have been normal either (but then again, are any of these people so-called "normal"? Lol just kidding :P ) But this whole first part (and everything else) here is a fine example of why you are a "master at the art of description". It' not just with the lovely description of Heather's condo, but of Heather's morning. From the "iBerry Touch" to the bit about "eye crust" (don't see the mention of that in stories too often, lol!) and her bunny slippers. Her conversation with Malcom was amusing as well (her hanging up before Malcom, having to have the last word), but there are still more of those moments to come.

Pfft, they argue over who gets to sleep on which side of the bed? :P Way too much "competiton going on there, but it's great that Heather realized the effects it cold have on Logan, and acted in his best interest. Ha and her thoughts on Chauncey were funny too. But really, what are Malcom's real thoughts on Chauncey, if he has any?

Oh my gosh I have to agree with Heather about George Clooney (yeah I know I know, he's like, two years away from fifty, but so? I don't care. I'm stil going to fawn over him, that man is GORGEOUS!) Brad Pitt? Pfft. :P

Ah, how complicated is the "she loves him but not enough to stay married to him" scenario. Haha and after they divorced they slipped up, even though it was because of one drink too many.

I throughly enjoyed when Heather thought back to her phone conversation with Logan on the phone, obviously right before junior prom. So Logan's mom was one of the few people or only person to know of the whole Quogan secret. Even though Lohan lives with his dad, it seems obvious that Logan is closer to his mom, and it seems like she has a bit more understanding with Logan than Malcom does. Ha and I smile about the promised paintball gun war. What fun!

Then comes The Bet. Heather encouraged the "wild imagination" Logan has, eh? Great job on that lol. I agree with Heather about Berkeley.

Heather and Malcom. Dysfunction, dysfunction.

Quinn and Heather's conversation was nice too. Ha, I'd say a preview of future daughter in-law/mother in-law moments.

Then comes Logan and Heather's talk. They really do have a great bond, and she knows Logan better than anybody else does, even more than Quinn and Malcom. I love how Logan is all insecure and scared about graduating high school, the prospects of college along with everything else, including being away from Quinn obviously. Aw, that's so sweet that he remembers exactly how far apart their schools are from each other, "32.7 miles".

And it was so funny when he was trying to hide his insecurity by putting up the same Logan Reese front, being all defensive, "Who says I'm scared of college? Maybe I wanted that '68 Mustang and I'm pissed off because Dad got me something else!" Oh Logan. ;-)

Ha, Logan "looking hot" while he graduates PCA. He'll totally do that, and do well at Berkeley too. Like Heather and Quinn, AND Malcom, I'm proud of Logan too.

Ah Erika, you know what I'm going to say... another great one. Your talent is dazzling, and it amazes me how you come up with, envision these works of art, and just churn them out to give to us lucky readers. You will never cease to impress, and I will never cease to read your fabulous stories!

(Oh yeah in "Logan Gets Cut Off", I thought it was funny and was actually surprised how Malcom finally got "parental"! But he did, and about time too!)

psav2005 chapter 1 . 1/19/2009
Sorry I didn't get to this one sooner, I gotta stop only coming here late at night to read cause I get too tired and cant read everything I want to. Really good job with this, since we never saw and rarely heard about Logan's mom on this show its good to have a piece like this. Off to read Cross Country now.
Heart of the Lullaby chapter 1 . 1/15/2009
Heather could definately be Logan's biological mother!

the friendly competitiveness of Malcom/Heather is simply hilarious.

And most of all, glad you sprinkled some Quogan in there ;)

Outstanding as always, Erika :)

x.Tohru.Seraphina.x chapter 1 . 1/15/2009

This was really good.

I loved it.

. .Seraphina.x.
Boris Yeltsin chapter 1 . 1/15/2009
I only caught one error, but other then that, pretty good stuff.

Love how you expand on the characters we know and love in your own way.
emo.gurl45214 chapter 1 . 1/15/2009
great story! liked the part about looking hot on stage! that wuz so funny!