Reviews for Splinter Cell: Double Agent 1
ArchersParadox chapter 1 . 4/8/2010
Good story but Sarah's mother didnt die by being hit by a drunk driver thats accually how Sarah her self died her mother died of cancer
Mephistal Mike chapter 2 . 7/30/2009
Obviously longer than the first one, and with quite some more plot depth to it. However, relentless nuisance I am, I cannot help but point out some inaccuracies:

1. Lore - It's Anna Grimsdottir and not Jennifer Grimsdot, Dermot Paul Brunton and not Trent, Sam's eyes are green and not brown and last but not least he was born in 1957, which would make him circa 51 in 2008, as opposed to 44 as you stated.

2. Sam's way of describing himself - As badass as he characterizations in the game manuals might be, I would not recommend plagiarizing them. Plus, he himself would probably not mention his height. Notorious character he is, he would probably find different words to describe himself.

3. Work relationship - Just because Sam respects Lambert as his superior the two do not necessarily have to be friends. Judging from what the games and the novels by David Michaels provide us with, Sam does not like Lambert too much.

4. Facial hair - Your face does not gt "itchy" when refrain from shaving for a few days.

5. Key location - As in "...the keys are in the old lady’s pot plant." Not an ideal choice of phrase. Because A: Who's that old lady? and B: Why does Sam hide keys in the place that she grows her pot in? Next time, use "planter" for a substitute. It does not imply the growing of cannabis as much as "pot plant".

Sorry for wasting your time. But I enjoyed the read and liked the dialogue as well as Fisher's inner monologues. Keep writing!
Mephistal Mike chapter 1 . 7/30/2009
Concerning your style, I cannot denounce it, but cannot really praise it either. But that will surely change with a little practice, so please keep on writing and let it come to you.

But some small aspects I would want to mention:

1. Spelling/ grammar - Also both are quite consistent throughout, there is the occasional small mistake(in this ontext it would have been aisle, not isle).

2. Lore - Sam's wife was named Regan Burns and died when Sarah was only four years old.

3. Whenever I touch down in a state-side airport, it takes me half of forever to claim my frickin luggage and make my way out of the airport. Sarah apparently does not encounter these hindrances.

But apart from that, props for writing.
SCrocks chapter 6 . 7/27/2009
I Love this! I recently got hooked onto SC and it rules! Keep up the great work.

P.S You deserve a lot more reviews