Reviews for All That's Left of Yesterday
Guest chapter 3 . 4/1/2015
Max died
Guest chapter 3 . 8/19/2013
I be cryin D':
Flyingwiththeflock425 chapter 3 . 3/21/2013
You made me cry.
desperatelyobvious chapter 3 . 12/17/2010
So. Flippin. Sad.
K-Lacey chapter 3 . 9/17/2009
Aww, that was so romantic, I loved it! I started crying at the end of the last chapter.
yourfaceXD chapter 3 . 8/18/2009
holy...idk know what to say. that was the best thing ive ever read. i loved it. it was killed max but it was still wonderful. im in aw...
Of.Winged.Poets chapter 3 . 6/26/2009
This was beautifully written, simply exquisite. i loved it, even though it was heartwrenchingly sad. It was amazing.
iBanana chapter 3 . 6/7/2009
I started crying at the end when I read it. D':

Fabulous job, rootless.
Jesse Rae chapter 3 . 4/29/2009
This story is so sad, but beautifully written. This story could get any reader choked up, feeling what the characters were feeling.
Ninja.Melting.Hydrogen chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
Loved it!
soccerislife14 chapter 3 . 4/11/2009
Wow...that was beautifully written. That last part, "I miss you, Max" made me want to cry. That's really impressive, considering this is only three chapters long. You're an amazing writer.
Serenity.Jones chapter 3 . 3/13/2009
Wow, thats... ouch... Sad. Man, Wow... I'm giving you like twenty million points for a soild sad heart wrenching ending. God, that was sad, yet awesome.
Serenity.Jones chapter 2 . 3/13/2009
Okay, so I like it how you made Max thinka bout the flock in front of her self, tottally unselfish. which by the way is pretty awesome. Liked the lyrics too, awesomer than awesome.
Serenity.Jones chapter 1 . 3/13/2009
Woot, Amie, I loved this chapter, Angel: Ic; Fang: Ic, OC Its like in the middle between the two you know? Like, Fang was meant to be unemotional, and you almost made him teary. Lol Max: Ic. Just because I loved the way how you made Max state that Fang never needed her.
nathan-p chapter 3 . 3/13/2009
I kept meaning to read this and never got around to it. And then I did. And I don't regret it, which is an odd thing with fanfic, because more and more I begrudge myself the time I spend reading fic - more and more it's really just a waste of my time.

Except this fic, because it was actually /good/, and captured /emotion/.

So. Um. Good job. I... liked it. Is that bad? I hope it isn't.
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