Reviews for A Lily in the Night
Formless One chapter 2 . 1/24/2009
Not bad. The sentimentality is done well, even if that is par for the course for most continuations of the anime. I would have liked to see the attempted suicide scene at the end given more attention, but that could just be me. I mean, how cool would it have been for Lucy to go off the edge right when Khota got there and have one of those "take my hand" situations arise? Better yet, what if Khota didn't recognize her from a distance and decided to save her when she attempts suicide because, well, he is the kind of person who helps people? Then he finds out who he just saved... ;-)

So two questions:

1) Where did Khota get his misic box from at the end? Did he take it with him on the walk? Why? If he is keeping mementos in there of his sister and Lucy, it doesn't make much sense to be walking around with it at night.

2) Is the story over? That was fast...
Numbnut10 chapter 2 . 1/22/2009
This is a nice short story that adds a satisfying end to the anime series. Kudos on referencing the diclonius healing factor, that is often overlooked. Good job on getting all of the characters' personalities right.