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janelle.singleton2 chapter 7 . 1/20/2013
Next chapter!
skyla chapter 6 . 12/9/2012
i dont mean 2 be mean but edward is a but hole 4 dumping bella in new moon. no offense to the edward fans
PoeticBrunette chapter 6 . 7/10/2009
I love it...especially the Jasper part
Bella'sExecutioner chapter 6 . 5/13/2009
Last chap.. okay, I will deal with that. I can finally see why you guys give me so much crap about my depressing stories. It gets, sad. So it is almost a relief to know that this will be over. Weird I know.

So little Alice gets her say- finally. Though I will say that Edward is seriously lacking in a POV. Even for this fic.

Yep. Alice is a Cullen so naturally when something bad happens it has to be her fault. Poor Alice too. These gifted vamps take so much responsibility on that it is impossible to be anything but upset with themselves.

I like how her immediate response is fix it though- that shows that she is not just someone who sits around and waits. Good for that. Very Alice. Proactive!

Yes... Emmett always knows how to lighten a mood.

I never really considered it that way. That Jasper would resent Edward for bringing Bella around. I guess I was naive evough to believe that he would just suck it up. But then when you do that you can't hide your thoughts and poor Edward can't not hear those thoughts. Damn. Poor Cullen boys.

I have always love the Alice and Edward dynamic. The only two who can really have a private conversation. The many levels that these two have to exist on and not go insane is just mind boggling and you play them very nicely here. Kudos.

See next to Edward Alice really is the strongest bond to Bella. It is just as hard for her to accept leaving her unprotected to spare her this life- more so in some ways because she KNOWS that Bella will be one of them some day. She does not see a need to fight it.

I like that she denies the vision of the future to protect herself. Like Jazz trying to shut off someone's emotions or Edward trying to drown out the sounds of someone's thoughts- it is still there and can not be ignored forever but that doesn't mean she can't be "human" and try to protect herself from it for at least a little while.

Poor Alice. But then... she gets to drive her lovely yellow car by the end so all is good!

Well..that was worth the wait. Good job I must say. It flowed very nicely in to the already standing story and helps to release some of the frustration of having to deal with so much of Jacob in this book- HA! I've still got it! Team Edward rules!

:0) Bella's Executioner
Bella'sExecutioner chapter 5 . 5/13/2009
Esme.. the enternal mother.

I love how she just knows her kids so well- just like you said she can't help but be the best momma.

I love how you always consider the everyday actions- like shopping. You really don't miss those little things that make this game the Cullens play more real.

It is such a motherly thing to see all your hard work destroyed but to not think of that- only of the children in your care and what the situation might mean to their peace.

Love it- moved the piano with one hand. I also love that the whole family is so concerned with the image of it being hurt affecting Edward- his one love before Bella I guess. And that just shows how much they know and respect his love for Bella. What they are willing to do to preserve his happiness. The fact that they are willing to do that just for the piano shows how they are willing to leave for his sake to protect Bella. Though Alice destroyed the piano so her willingness to return against his wishes is evident there too- see I can see symbolism in everything.

Such good parents. Such a sad scene. Now I need a tissue.

:0( Bella's Executioner
Bella'sExecutioner chapter 4 . 5/13/2009
Jasper poor Jasper. It must be impossible to be a guy who gets tricked into this eternal life. Who then finds that he is bombarded with emotions that he can't control and then to be a terrifying general who can lead attacks with such perfection but is defeated by his own body... he really is a complex character.

I love that all the guys in Twilight- Jake, Edward, Jasper, etc. find some sort of mental peace and clarity from running. It is just a pure physical release. It is also something that sort of joins them all together in my mind.

"Calm Carlisle, never letting the frenzy envelop him" well that is the ultimate goal and standard that all of these children aspire to isn't it. Sometimes it seems that that might be unreasonable. Carlisle was a god like creature in his restraint from day one. I really feel for Jazz. This isn't a matter, to me, of fighting for what is right so much as fighting against what you are. It might be wrong to feed on humans (to humans) but that is just what his body does. It is an awesome task to try to be Carlisle Cullen. I admire all of the Cullen kids for the trial.

Here is the thing about Alice- she will never see him as a monster. Even if he had killed Bella... he would never be reduced to that in her eyes and that is why I love this couple. They have talents that allow them to support each other beyond just a strong relationship like Rose and Em. They understand each other. That is powerful.

"But when it comes to my own, I am powerless" and that is why I love him. Just like Edward and his ability to offer peace to everyone but his self. The minute these guys start thinking they have all the answers, is the minute they stop being Cullens. The everymen of the vampire race.

Ah momma Esme. She has that talent with all her kids I think.

Sheenus! Just seeing Edward standing there silent is breaking my heart.. I know where he is going with this. I know that seeing all this from Jasper is putting in to perspective that dumb choice he is going to make. Damn. You are doing this too well- now I am going to be depressed! HA! Thanks a lot!

I really like what you have done here- in the original this was more about Edward reassuring Jasper- helping his work throug his self hatred. But in reality (or at least yours and it works for the original story line) it is more about Edward finding conviction. When he returns to Bella after this... he has is argument all planned out.

I just don't think I will ever really understand why Edward refuses so passionately to ever allow the image of Bella by his side in to his mind. I know that he thinks this life is damned but I don't know... for as much as he claims to be selfish, he never once considers the most selfish thing of all. I mean for a second in Midnight Sun but he quickly moves past that. Maybe that is his secret desire that is hidden just beneath the surface. Like Bella having to realize by the end of New Moon that Edward does love her the way she loves him and that love never died. Maybe Edward's secret that he hides from himself is that he always knows that he will change her. That he can't leave her alone because he intends to follow through with that vision no matter what. You know?

It is simply the disposition of the Cullen to feel the guilt of every situation isn't it.

Sad face. Poor Jazz. But mostly poor Edward. If he could read Bella's mind perhaps he would have changed her earlier- but then again perhaps he would have fled all the sooner and faster.

Yet again this was good!

:0) Bella's Executioner
Bella'sExecutioner chapter 3 . 5/13/2009
Ah, it's my favorite Cullen POV- you know it is going to be fun to read Em- even if the situation is intense!

Let it begin- fighting. Very Emmett.

"Zombie Horror/Wildlife Documentary/Pro-wrestling hybrid" ah Em and his televsion habits. Why do I get the feeling that he could star in a show that had that kind of description?

I do find it interesting that Em's struggle must be just under Jasper's. I mean, he gives in when the temptation is too strong... so he doesn't have the pride of a perfect record like Rose or even the depth of shame that Esme or Carlisle would have. He just has his desire to not hurt Bella.

I like that Rose thought of helping Jazz while Em thinks of helping Edward.

I do appreciate that you can deal with the insanity of the bloodlust in such a pure way- the vamps have two minds- the need for blood and the almost human persona that tells them not to kill humans. I like Emmett saying that this was not Jaser- the Jasper he knew.

Poor Jazz.

That was good- very emotionally charged. I really hope the scene is given justice in the movie. I think Jackson will get the feeling right but it is so much better in the vamp perspective. More dire, you know. Like Bella was afraid, but there is this constant truth that she is safe as long as Edward is with her. You know that he would die before she would. But in the Cullen's minds there is a very desperate struggle going on at that moment- even in the body of the angelic Esme. That gives it more drama and more angst.

Speaking of angst... next chapter.

:0) Bella's Executioner
Bella'sExecutioner chapter 2 . 5/13/2009
Ah Rose... like her or hate her she is always Rose.

Well... that is just is... she would be damned. Sorry you know where vamp Rose lies in my mind. But I do like how you write her. Possessive and haughty!

Sarcasm. It really looks good on Rose.

"just try not to glare at her" if I had a penny every time I told myself that! HA!

I love the affect that Emmett has on her. For someone as... moody as Rose, it is nice that just Emmett's laugh can make her smile.

I do find it interesting to get to see this from the vampire perspective- since the immediate response is so instinct driven and primal. Something they really have to fight.

I like too that Rose's first instinct is to protect Jasper from himself. Just another sign that the Cullens are a unit. He is weakest in this situation so they all rise to help him through it. Love it.

Yet another good one.. moving on.

:0) Bella's Executioner
Bella'sExecutioner chapter 1 . 5/13/2009
A promise is a promise... and my mind movie Jazz is impatient.

Can I just tell you that the Cullen parts of New Moon were my favorite scenes in the series.

Oh, and the beautiful Carlisle will be our narrator first. YEAH!

"the men just love what makes their women happy" and thus is the definition of all Cullen men.

Okay- I love his explanation of Alice's preparation but this is just making me wish this movie were out already. Shenus indeed!

Aw... how freaking cute is Em wrapping her gifts on the floor. Love him! Especially the tongue hanging out of his mouth. LOL!

I love to see the whole Cullen clan together- this is like the scene in the Twilight movie where they are all cooking- Cullen power!

Subtle Jasper.. true dat. And his internal struggle.

"there was nothing he would not endure for Alice" very true. Even if it means torture in a dark cold dungeon.

I love how Edward is so internally tortured, but that he is the peace of mind for those around him. It's like you said in Bookends... he can love others with so much passion but he is at a loss when it comes to his self. I love that image- especially through Carlisle's eyes.

Ah yes but one plate would have been less glass... interesting image to think that with more plates symbolizing the full family that that is what hurts her more than being alone... or did I just wonder in to reading too much into it zone.

Cool. Good start- and the best part is.. that I know I won't have to wait for any updates! HA!

:0) Bella's Executioner- off to the next chapter... I wonder what will happen... he he he
Ashley8516 chapter 6 . 3/4/2009
This is so good...i love it
IndependenceIndividuality chapter 5 . 2/28/2009
"My dry heart bled for my troubled son."

Best line of the entire story, right there. My absolute favorite. It's sad that we know what's coming. It's weird how it doesn't stop you from hoping it doesn't.

Keep Writing.
IndependenceIndividuality chapter 4 . 2/28/2009
Aw - this is my favorite chapter but will probably be my shortest review. Funny how it works like that.

I just love your Jasper so much. That's all I can really say. Everything is spot on. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Keep Writing.
IndependenceIndividuality chapter 3 . 2/28/2009
I liked how your writing style changed when you switched to Emmett, since you're writing in first-person, that's important. You really kept his character, I think, or as much as we know of it.

Poor Esme. Poor Alice. Poor Jasper.

Keep Writing.
IndependenceIndividuality chapter 2 . 2/28/2009
I'm actually really glad you reviewed my story because, besides the obvious reasons, it led me to your stories. You seem to really get characterization, and it is literally a search for a needle in a haystack to find good fanfic sometimes.

Anyway, I liked your characterization of Rosalie and how she wasn't willing to "mess up her record". Very IC.

Keep Writing.
IndependenceIndividuality chapter 1 . 2/28/2009
Oh, I like this chapter (though I think FF.n messed up your paragraph spacing - does it to me all the time)! I really like your characterization of Jasper, since he's one of my favorite characters and often portrayed as flaky.

I'm one of those people who believes saying "I love you" all the time is easy - you have to show them, y'know?

Anyway, enough of my rambling. To sum up: Good chapter. Even better Jasper characterization.
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