Reviews for Celestial Navigation
Janet Fraiser chapter 5 . 3/8/2013
"Wait for it…"
"Oh God, the pub," he says.
"There we go."
That was the best line I've EVER read. Seriously, it had me laughing hysterically for a good five minutes before I could stop and then I reread it and started all over again.
Kira-Hazel chapter 6 . 2/12/2013
This is why I love your fics: they're got just the perfect amount of fluff
starie78 chapter 6 . 6/17/2012
Lovely story.
ishgirl27 chapter 6 . 12/26/2010
need i say anything else? I love all of your stories.
TrekGames23 chapter 6 . 10/7/2010
Great story -
Kath chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
I read this story at the BLTS archive recently and just loved it! Many nice personal touches that fit so well with the characters (Tom in a home overlooking the ocean in Ireland, Janeway's farmhouse in Indiana); the story is believeable and compelling. Thanks for a great read.
milkywaymidnight chapter 6 . 4/9/2009
I always look forward to your fics. They are just so great, but this one is just the best! I am now up way passed my bedtime becuase I couldn't stop reading it. I hope you continue to write more JP. There is just not enough fics out there for my most favorite shipping.
excessivelyperky chapter 6 . 2/9/2009
Another excellent chapter-I love the _dailiness_ of their lives, figuring out schedules, what's for dinner, why are you kissing Aunt Kath?, and all of it put together.

Tom ought to go buy a ring soon-it'll look so much better on Janeway's finger than through his nose...
excessivelyperky chapter 5 . 2/7/2009
They're married-they just don't know it yet. Excellent chapter, and looking forward to more.
excessivelyperky chapter 4 . 2/1/2009
Ear infections are common in children, period-been there, done that, lived with the pink penicillin . But Kathryn, Tom and Miral are a family now, and Lt. Ellis is just going to have to live with it. (I thought that Tom taking ship duty would be the last blow to his marriage, and I was right).

I think Lt. Ellis needs to meet Seven sometime .
excessivelyperky chapter 3 . 2/1/2009
Yes, even Janeway knows better than to get between Tom and his toys! And...Tom flying with Kathryn will be the final thing that parts him and B'Elanna-he'll leave home for Janeway, but not for B'Elanna or his daughter. In his heart, he's made his choice, though I suspect he doesn't know it yet.
Nonnihil Scelestus chapter 6 . 1/31/2009
First of all, I love this pairing. Second of all I love your story. It keeps the characters in character and still manages to mesh canon into a believable Paris/Janeway fic. If you wanted to continue with this particular story, you'd have a great sequel as well. Great job.
Tostikat chapter 6 . 1/30/2009
Oh this chapter is just lovely, I could say that Kathryn is slightly OOC, but as we never really saw the "real" Kathryn Janeway on the show, who is to say what she is like when not being a Captain. Thats why I really like the little elements of the Captain, that keep appearing in her dialogue of this fic. The "command tone", the death glare. Nicely done. Tom seemed to have lost a little of his fire in your earlier chapters...but he's beginning to resurface, I'm putting it down to his unhappy situation with B'lanna, which now seems to have passed. Can't wait for chapter 7. Thanks for sharing this with us...Its really great
Tostikat chapter 5 . 1/30/2009
Sorry I've been lazy in my reviewing...naughty Tostikat, no cookies for you.

Another great chapter, with beautiful dialogue. I really enjoyed this chapter, more soon please.
Lindsey chapter 6 . 1/29/2009
This was just absolutely beautiful! They were so natural, and so in character. I loved your usage of present really added a lot to the dynamic of the story. I'm so sad to see it end! Write more, please!
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