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BFFFN chapter 1 . 4/6/2005
Me and my 3 friends (Mitch, Luke and Chuck) were sitting around the

parking lot of the local pool hall, drinking beers, smoking weed, and

just plain bored out of our minds. It was already 12:30pm on a saturday

night, and we'd just blown all of our money on brew and bowling. With

nothing else to do in this small boring town, and no money to do it with,

someone came up with the bright idea to drive out to the old Ryker's farm

out by the edge of town and tip over cows for amusement. This was an old

prank we used to play as kids of about 13-14 years old. Now we were

19-20, and still tipping cows for fun.

Not much to do in a small town like Peakskill on a saturday night.

We all piled into Mitch's Mustang, and headed for the outskirts of town.

On the road up to the Ryker's farm, we killed the headlights and parked

by the fence at the end of the drive near the start of their property

line. The Ryker's farm was one of the last few fully functional farms in

our county. Most of the other residence in town gave up their old farming

ways a generation ago, when the large factories moved in and offered the

locals a steady income all year around. The Ryker's was only one of 5

farm lands left. They were 6 generations strong, and still fairly

successful with their products. They raised cows, horses, sheep,

chickens, pigs, and they bred their very own new breed of

Rottweiler-Shepard dogs. They sold them at dog shows, fairs, and other

events around town. They were known to be very vicious, very aggressive,

and very powerful dogs. To say that I was a little concerned about

running into one of them in the dark, would be an understatement.

As we climbed over the large wooden fence surrounding their land, we had

to be very quiet to keep from alerting the dogs which acted as guards

around the property. We ran across the lawn past the big house, and

headed towards the barns and open pens out around back. Luke and Chuck

were the loudest of us, making funny animal noises as we ran around in

the dark, our only light coming from the full moon and stars cast over


"Yo, over here...!" whispered Chuck, calling us to the far side of the


We ran in his direction, following the sounds of his voice as he made

funny sheep calls. We all met up at the sheep pen. There was about 15

sheep running about, frightened by our approach.

"What're we doing here?" I asked, looking around as we all gathered close

by. "I thought we were looking for cows."

"Sheep're better." smiled Chuck, deviously. "Ain't you ever heard the old

myth that sheep's ass is just like pussy?" he laughed.

"Yeah, I heard that before..." I said, recalling old stories of how some

farmers would get frustrated by their ugly over weight wives, then go out

to the pens and fuck their sheep instead. No fuss, no muss. "...but I

ain't never thought it was true. I mean... to fuck an animal... how SICK

is that?"

"Not sick at all." defended Chuck, climbing into the pen. "How sick is it

to pine after the same girl since junior high, and still not get any

pussy from her 4 years later?" he said, referring to me and Julie


"Good things comes to those who wait." I answered, weakly.

"Yeh well, while your waiting... she's out banging Robert Duncan in the

back seat of his Dodge Ram." giggled Chuck, much to my dismay.

"He's just being an asshole." smiled Mitch, trying to comfort me and not

laugh in my face at the same time.

"He's just being himself." corrected Luke.

"Well, I don't know about you asswipes, but I'm inna mood for some pussy

tonight." whispered Chuck, inching closer to one of the sheep. "And I

don't feel like wasting what little bit of cash I have left on me trying

to get some stank chick drunk and then try to coax her into giving me

some when she might get pregnant AND give me herpes anyway, in one

sweep." he said, looking over his shoulder. "What're you guys gonna do?"

Luke and Mitch looked at eachother, reading eachother's faces as they

made a silent decision without even speaking. They then shrugged their

shoulders, then preceded to scale over the pen fence.

"Hey, what're you guys doing?" I asked, grabbing Mitch by the arm.

"You're not seriously thinking of getting one of those sheep


"Fuck it?" asked Mitch, finishing my sentence for me. "Relax Rick, we've

done it before." he informed me, much to my surprise. I guess he noticed

the shocked look on my face at his admission. "Really..." he added,

assuredly. "'s no big deal."

" can you say that?" I asked, unable to believe they weren't

pulling my leg. "You guys aren't really going to fuck an animal. Are


"Why not?" asked Luke, looking back at me somewhat annoyed.

"Well, first of all, because it's DISGUSTING! I mean, you're gonna stick

your dicks into an animal? How nasty is that?"

"No nastier then sticking it in one of them bar whores we be chasing

every weekend." shot Chuck, defensively. "Remember that chick Ron and

Greg fucked last summer?"

"Oh, you mean the one that gave them clap?" asked Mitch, nonchalantly.

"Yeah. They thought they were fucking some clean college freshmen, and

here she'd been getting her cunt fucked by any man who walked by her with

a hardon. She was a cum-pig."

"At least she was human. A real girl." I defended.

"We've fucked these sheep before, and never caught anything!" said Chuck,

boldly. "Ain't that right fellas?"

"That's rite." added Luke.

"It's true, Rick. We've done it a couple of times already, and all I got

was my rocks off. You should try it before you knock it." Mitch said,

sincerely. "At least watch US do it before you decide it's nasty and

disgusting. And if you don't like it, then you don't have to. Deal?"

I thought about it for a minute. The thought of watching my 3 buddies

fuck a sheep sounded too weird for words, but if they were actually

willing to do it, I was willing to watch. Especially since I didn't have

guarantee to do anything in return.

"Deal." I said, thinking it might be funny to see.

With that he climbed up over the fence and down into the pen with our

friends. I watched from the sidelines as the 3 of them singled out one

sheep, cornering her from the rest of the heard as they grabbed hold of

her wool and dragged her over to where I was standing.

It was funny seeing the 3 of them struggle with her. She fought hard as

they tried to hold her in place, breathing hard from exertion as they

prepared to take turns on her.

"You need to get down here and see this." Chuck said to me, bending

behind the sheep as he checked her out.

Mitch and Luke held her strong on each side of her trembling body.

"You guys can't be serious." I said, still unable to fathom they weren't


Chuck pushed 2 fingers inside her.

"How's it feel?" asked Luke, looking back at the action.

"Like Julie Anderson's hot cunt." he smiled in response.

I looked at him angrily as he stood up and began to undo his pants. I

could see the large bulge tenting out the crotch of his jeans as he

unbuckled and unzipped, then pushed them down around his ankles in one

move. Then he grabbed hold of his 8inch cock, and shoved it forcefully up

into the poor sheep's unsuspecting cunt.

She screamed aloud like a raped woman. Chuck held himself all the way up

inside her, laughing as her cunt contracted and trembled on the full

length of his erection.

"O yeh..." he moaned, grabbing two fist fulls of sheep butt as he

began to fuck her hard and deep.

Luke and Mitch held onto her, keeping her in place as Chuck took to

fucking her from behind. I watched with wide eyes as one of my closest

friends fucked this poor animal with powerful, punishing blows that

surely would have caused any human women to cry for the police.

I felt sorry for the poor animal as she screamed after every thrust into

her shocked cunt. Chuck bragged about how "hot and wet" she was inside,

claiming that ole "Julie" (as HE called her) had some of the "best pussy"

he'd ever had the pleasure to sink his dick into.

My friends Mitch and Luke cheered him on, encouraging him to "fuck her

harder", as they eagerly awaited their turns. I found myself climbing

down into the pen with them for a closer look. I watched has Chuck's hips

and pelvis pumped into the sheep's woolly backside, driving his rigid

tool through her in single slices. I could see his cock running through

her, her dark cunt lips swallowing up his manhood completely as he pumped

into her full throttle.

"UHH!" he groaned, feeling his cock thicken and his balls tighten as he

got closer to cumming.

"Hurry up...!" encouraged Luke, looking around to make sure the coast was


I was completely fascinated watching my friend fuck. I took notice as his

pace quickened. Vein's began to pop out of his neck as he became more

labored, fucking the sheep with harder and harder thrusts.

"AH!" screamed Chuck, feeling his balls contract as he

started to dump an entire load of semen into her. "OH SHIT! OH DAMN! OH

FUCK!" he continued, losing himself in orgasm.

The other 2 guys both laughed as Chuck emptied himself in her. He held

himself deep, his body jerking wildly as he came down from his high, his

cock twitching off inside her as it spit out the last of his juice.

"I'm next!" called Luke, already unzipping as Chuck pulled out, his cock

still glistening from the juicy cunt her just fucked.

He and Luke changed places as Chuck pulled up his pants while Luke aimed

his 6incher up to the sheep's pussy lips and shoved in. The path was

already dug and loaded by Chuck's cock, so Luke had no problem getting

inside. He too moaned when he bottomed out, his balls slapping into the

sheep's abdomen as he began to fuck her. His pace wasn't anywhere near as

frightful as Chuck's, but his steady in and out rhythm was sure to get

him off in record time.

"You need to come get in on this, Rick." said Chuck, holding the sheep in

place for Luke. "It's better then any pussy you've ever had, believe me.

All the pussy you need, minus the periods and pregnancy."

"Ever had your dick in a girl with a condom?" asked Mitch, looking up

from the action.

"No." I answered, not having had too many girls anyway.

"You don't know what you're missing." smiled Mitch. "Best feeling in the

world is feeling your dick sink ball deep into some unprotected cunt.

Feeling it swallow up your entire cock in nothing but wet warmth... it's

like dying and going straight to heaven, man."

"But this here's the next best thing." offered Chuck. "You can sink in

and fuck this bitch right here, and she won't complain about you cumming

too fast, or not eating her pussy first, or not calling her back the next

day, or her stalking you, asking you if you LOVE HER? You just shove in,

dump your load in her and move on. What more could you want?"

"This is crazy." I said, starting to feel effected.

Luke was humping the girl pretty good, holding onto her woolly ass as he

pushed in and out of her faster. He had a serious look on his face, as he

ignored our conversation and concentrated on the task at hand. His hips

worked back and forth as he drove his cock inside. The sheep wasn't

crying as much as before, perhaps now used to the dicks in her cunt. She

simply stood put as Luke rammed her until he started to shout

profanities. I could see his facial expression change just as he gasped,

and came in her drenched cunt in a series of hard spurts.

"Oh shit!" he yelled, pulling his cock out and stuffing it back into his

pants after cumming a full load in her backside.. "That was the best fuck


"That was your ONLY fuck, ever." joked Mitch, as he changed places with


I watched wide eyed as Mitch pulled down his pants, exposing his lengthy

tool. It looked to be close to about 7inches long, fully hard and ready

for a fuck. He stepped up behind the girl, aimed his cock, then slid into

her deeply. The sheep merely moaned, having had 2 cocks open her up

already. He pushed in through the cum loads of his friends, feeling the

sheep's cunt shape to the contours of his shaft.

"O man, Rick. You NEED to try this shit out, man." he

moaned, leaning into her as he began to work her over.

We all watched as Mitch started to move around inside her, jamming and

jabbing his cock in her cunt as he moved in and out and enjoyed the feel

of her warmth surrounding him. Watching my friends take turns fucking

this poor beast was really making me horny in a weird way to fuck her

also. My cock was like a block of steel in my pants. At first I thought

they were playing, joking about actually fucking a farm animal. But

watching their cocks slide in and out of the sheep bareback, made me

awfully eager to try. I've never fucked a female without a condom. To

feel the wetness of an actual pussy on my dick (even one not human) would

be a definite thrill. And it wasn't like I'd be the only one doing it, my

3 friends had gone before, so it wasn't like they could say anything

about me doing it. Hell, who could they tell without telling on

themselves also? And we didn't have to worry about the bitch getting

pregnant, or telling the cops about what we did. It was all just pure

innocent fun. Who were we hurting? Certainly not the sheep. I mean, it

wasn't like she had FEELINGS or anything, right? I mean, not like a REAL

girl would, right?

Meanwhile Mitch was fucking the sheep with harder strokes, making her

whimper from the impact of his hips as he slammed into her. The feel of

her cummy cunt was driving him crazy, causing him to hump her madly. I

watched his cock sliding through her, slicing into her slit as he pumped

into her with a driving force. Everytime his cock came out of her, the

shaft would be soaked in cum. Gobs of the stuff clung to it, making it

move inside of her easier.

I couldn't believe the pounding this sheep was taking. She stood her

ground under the pressure of the human assault her genitalia was getting.

She took cock after cock as if it were the most natural, most normal

thing to do. I wondered if this was this sheep's first human-animal fuck

experience, or was she the repeated victim of many attacks? Were the farm

hands and owners of this ranch fucking her on a regular basis, or was our

attack an isolated affair for her? Either way, she seemed to be taking it

in stride. She wasn't screaming anymore, like she was apon the first

assault. Now she simply took the fucking administered to her, as if she

knew and accepted her fate while the other sheep looked on in fear and


"Oh shit..." Mitch groaned, his cock swelling like a blow fish as his

hips made smacking noises against the sheep's wet abdomen. "...I'm

gonna...I'm gonna...CUM...!" he gasped, losing a hefty load inside the

sheep's guts.

Any girl on the receiving end of his spitting cock would definitely have

been impregnated at that point. Mitch ground his spurting cock around in

her cunt, making sure he fed her all he had to offer. The sheep merely

groaned an animal like moan, and accepted his gift.

Mitch looked completely drained as he pulled his spent cock free of the

sucking hole that housed his pulsating piece. He and the other guys

looked at me, wondering if I was going to be a part of the fraternity.

"Well Rick, what's the deal?" Mitch asked, stepping aside to give me a

shot at the sheep's cunt.

I took a moment to weigh my options, then decided "what the hell" and

pulled open my zipper.

"ALRIGHT!" laughed Mitch, giving me advice as I guided my dick into the

sheep's butt.

I groaned as I felt my cock sliding through his cum, the hot wet feeling

incased my cock in slick heat as my balls came up and kissed the sheep's

soggy cunt lips. Semen dripped out easily around the base of my cock as I

ground my staff around in her packed gut. The sensation sent tingles

through the entire shaft of my rod, making my cock shoot off inside her.

"OHH...UHH...UHH...UH!" I groaned, cumming in her cunt the

moment I felt he engulf me.

"Damn...Rick's got a hair trigger!" laughed Luke, making fun of me.

"It's his first time in raw pussy!" said Chuck, watching me nut off.

"Cocks always shoot fast the first time they feels raw cunt."

"Right." agreed Mitch, smiling at my embarrassment. "Keep going. I know

your dick's not soft yet. Give the bitch a real work out!" he encouraged

as I slowly started to move in and out.

The guys continued to hold "Julie" in place for me as I fucked her, my

cock already replenished and ready for a lengthy fuck. They watched as I

moved my way through her, jamming my cock in where theirs had already

gone. "Julie's" cunt felt like bathing my cock in a bowl of warm pudding,

she molded to the very shape of my dick, sucking and caressing it as if

it hadn't just shot a ton of cum cream inside her.

Mitch and the other shouted out encouragement, spurring me on to fuck her

harder, dick her deeper, and slam her rougher. I was fucking that poor

sheep like I never had any girl I'd ever fucked. She wasn't human, so I

didn't have to worry about being gentle. I didn't have to worry about

would she like me, or let me do it to her again in the future. I could

fuck her as hard, deep, long or rough as I wanted. I could fuck her, pull

out and rest, then fuck her some more if I wanted. I could cum in her,

fuck her again and cum again, and again, and again if I wanted. And there

was nothing she could do to stop me. Noone she could call to to save her.

Her cunt was mine, to fuck and cum in as I saw fit. She was my slave, and

I was her master, to do with as I pleased.

The sudden thrill of dominance and power overwhelmed me. I miscalculated

my fuck thrusts, and came inside the woolly beast well before I expected

to have, having cum once already. Mitch and the others laughed at me out

loud, saying that I must have really needed that fuck to have cum twice

so soon. Just as I was finishing my orgasm, we heard the far off sound of

dogs barking.

"Oh SHIT!" Luke said, pointing up at the house as the light to the front

porch came on.
Concealed chapter 1 . 7/27/2004
OMG, OMG, OMG! That was so sweet! And I loved the way you described the kiss! So cute!
CluelessKelly chapter 1 . 6/26/2003
Oh wow *sighs* and they all lived happily ever after *stares at the computer screen and then..ah, lands on the floor having fallen off her chair like the stupid person she is*

Oh sorry, i didnt realise i was really here. Oh well, anyway very good, especially the kiss, hey would you mind giving me some tips on how to write kissing scenes, just email me,

Thanks in advance

erika chapter 1 . 5/6/2002
Aria Nereid Fassa chapter 1 . 3/20/2002
this fic is so wonderful, and i'm not just saying that bcause the thought had also occurred to me that "Hopelessly Addicted" makes a terrific R/H song. :)

to L. Morningstar & Pokey, Ron's birthday is March 1st and Hermione's is September 19th, JKR said this in one of the chats she did.

~Del~ a.k.a. Aria-chana
Ev chapter 1 . 3/7/2002
Excellent lil' piece of work...short n' sweet! kudos! 0
Megz chapter 1 . 12/30/2001
Pretty good story! I'm also always glad to meet

another Corrs fan. (Aren't they the best?)

Keep it up! (maybe you could write one using

Breathless? Just a thought) _M
Flipacoin chapter 1 . 12/28/2001
Love this story!
SilverChocolate chapter 1 . 12/27/2001
love it, love it, love it! Sweet!
Poo7667676 chapter 1 . 12/26/2001
*looks around* I've never tried actually replying to my own stories, but I just read pokey's post. :P

Actually, in book 2, they said Hermione's birfday was in September. I think. :P

Oh, and a big, spiffy thanks to everyone who commented! *huggles*
Guest chapter 1 . 12/25/2001
pokey chapter 1 . 12/22/2001
That was so sweet, and makes me wonder when his birthday really is. I mean, they all send Harry gifts but the books never mention any one else birthday, do they?
Palin chapter 1 . 12/21/2001
That was VERY good! Congratulations, I really like the way Ron and Mione treats each other
TristaSetsuna chapter 1 . 12/20/2001
yesssssssssss! who is now in a good mood? i am! That was utterly fantastic and I loved it! I love you! i love ron and hermione! i can't wait til they hook up in the 6th book and are making out in a closet when dumbledore finds them...
Homestretch chapter 1 . 12/15/2001
wow! That was adorable!
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