Reviews for Heaven in Your Embrace
ChuckBlair08lover chapter 25 . 2/21/2015
I swear you write so unbelievably beautiful! I loved this whole story. I love historical fics of Chuck and Blair anyways but this was just amazing. I cried, I got mad lol, I smiled, you evoked so many emotions from me that its unreal. Bu then again your stories always do! :)
R.B chapter 25 . 10/25/2014
your a beautiful writer.. i wish u hae written a boo because it would be a shame if you havent.. thanks for all your beautiful creation in writing.. it is truly amazing...
Moonflower26 chapter 25 . 4/14/2013
thank you for qualitative reading!
Reader chapter 25 . 2/5/2013
Really love your stories, all are crazy engaging. Thank you for sharing them to us!
BellaB2010 chapter 25 . 1/15/2012
Just finished HIYE this journey was brutal for all characters, as a reflection of the times of war but also about the hardships of life even now when so many people leave their motherland with nothing or allow arrange marriages as an escape so their loved ones can have a better future. Thank you for the journey and for a reminder that people truly go through hell to get their own piece of heaven. Xoxo
blackheart4life chapter 25 . 6/27/2011
I feel hearbtreak for Chuck at being denied his fatherhood and the fact that at the moment he can do nothing about it. OMG news of Dan! Wait, Jack Bass can LOVE? I know that it's silly to ask that, but he actually loves Serena? i am...shocked. Oh wow, and he's generous! And I was also right! Dan loved Blair, but he may just end up with Georgina. Althou she may not take him back. Man i hope she does. I love and have to have so much respect for Abram right now because even though he finds out the truth, he is still going to support CHAIR love :). i also have to love Blair's loyalty to her man. Chair!3 Ahh I love his proposal, the way he phrases it but most specially how eager she is and is already saying yes before he gets it out *grin* AHHH beautiful ending! I loved it! My only regret is not knowing wat happened with Dan. Strange, but i really liked how you write him.
blackheart4life chapter 24 . 6/27/2011
"The third time he left Blair they were almost sure it would be forever." this sucks :( Well, it sucks he has to leave her, not the story LOL. I kinda thought she would name him after one of the many men in her life, who cared and loved her in their own way as she did them. The most obvious option was actually the last one i thought of. Oh thank god those people helped Chuck, for a moment i really thought they wouldn't. But could they really survive this?"He would tell her about this one day, when they were both alive and eager to tell stories. In front of their own roaring fire." And although they're in a terrible predicament I love how he thinks of the future, of him and her and his son as a family :) OMG YAY THEY SURVIVED3 Oh shit, how could I have forgotten about Abram? Poor Abram? But for their safety, will they let on to lies?
blackheart4life chapter 23 . 6/27/2011
Ahh Chuck, thank Dan, dont be mean! Oh and here we realize how long it's been. WOW it really has been a while hu?"You bastard, Baizen," he muttered softly into her ear, "stay away from her. You've done your part." It was in vain hope that she would hear him, as far as she was into that other world. "Blair, darling, open your eyes, my love." I loved this line! Oh Dan :( He doesnt get his happy ending? :( OMG Chuck is going to have to bring his son to this world, what a horrible predicament."Not yet, he told the child in his mind. Because a child must listen to a father, should it not? And he hoped all that he had done to disobey his father would not result in one great karmic kick in his arse." This was both sad and amusing, I'm scared for them both. But more for him if she dies :(."Here in America he was nameless, landless. But he was a father now. He was a husband. He would find a way, and his family would have it all." I love him3
blackheart4life chapter 22 . 6/27/2011
Blair is strong, brave. And I wonder how far along she is. Five months? Six?"You do not understand still. For someone so intelligent as you, you cannot comprehend what is right in front of you." OMG, don't tell me he fell in love with Blair? NO! AHH I have to have my respects for Dan, for sticking with her, for helping her, for saving her. The fact that she envisioned Carter woried me and made me happy (because I really like Carter here) but then when she was about to take the cup, that made me panic. Who knew Nate would turn into the antagonist? I hate Jack for just standing there, Stupid Serena! NOOO!"At the words, Lord Bass seemed to wake. He grasped at Daniel's forearm and hefted himself up onto the horse. With a rain of gunfire behind them, Daniel Humphrey's horse took off in a spray of mud and snow." OMG I LOVE DAN! OMGG YESSS!
blackheart4life chapter 21 . 6/27/2011
Oh, Blair's gone into shock :(. I felt bad for Blair when she pushed Dan away because now she feels she is the cause of deaths, i dont blame her due to things that have happened but damn. I kinda like that Dan fell in love with Georgina :)."There are only two reasons that Chuck has not come home to me," Blair answered. "He is held against his will, and that will only be done in New York." And this is why we love her, she's brilliant even in all her , to serena of course. IDK why i feel no sympathy towards her, but i dont .. NOOO, I kind of hoped against hope that Bart had been alive but now Jack has what he always wanted ( OOH no why does this always happen? Now he thinks Blair is dead, he will probably welcome death now. Stupid serena. Ugh, she sucks.
blackheart4life chapter 20 . 6/27/2011
Hey, it's Dan again!"If you leave me now, do not come back for me, Dan," she told him. "Your choice. Stay with me here and be safe. Or leave me now and leave me forever." Wow this sucks for Dan. Why always just two choices right? If only he were rich. I am wondering, with what Georgina just told Dan, will he still stay with her or will he go back in fear of Blair's life? Or will he go and try to find Chuck? "Tell Blair that it suits her," he suggested, though it came out more as a command. "She will be living with my wife's jewelry for a lifetime." HAHAHA, Bart Bass is like Papa Bear right now and I am loving it ). OMG NO NO, SHIT! OMG and they're gonna kill Bart! I like that she fought back, even though it ended with everything aflame. I'm so sad thou, will Bart die? I don't want him to die, so many deaths :(. But i did almost laugh in relief when Dan showed up, YES!
blackheart4life chapter 19 . 6/27/2011
Wow, i hold respect for Chuck had to tell Abram that his son was dead, i had tears in my eyes. Chuck lost a brother and Abram a son."I have not come to take your hope away, Mr Baizen," Chuck allowed." This is a very heartbreaking line, very well delivered though. Although it's not honest, it is hope right? I hate how Blair is talked about, in America it was also like that due to what happened with her Dad. It seems in England it's going to be even worse."Bart clenched his jaw, then said in a low voice that only Blair could hear. "Your child will one day have all that I have. Soon you will be married to my heir. This is what you must learn." Bart is just incredibly intimidating and scary. And he's very prideful apparently. UGH, so many threats. Now they have threatened Blair? I do dare say I can see Bart stepping up for her, but will it be enough? AHHH A FACE OFF! I'm happy Vanessa backed Chuck here but what will happen?"One less influential man to turn his back on his country when it's most convenient," Nate said without remorse." BASTARD! Carter was ten times the man you are! I knew it! I knew this was gonna happen.
blackheart4life chapter 18 . 6/27/2011
U know I'm thinking if Chuck goes, will Nate be there to arrest him? Oh crap, i didnt anticipate on his perhaps not even making it. Aww, although we don't get their "last scene" together, i like how you couple it here as flashbacks. aww Brothers3. Wow, i was amazed when Carter could actually talk! Chuck's first reaction was kind of YOU DIDN'T KILL CARTER! I am soooo happy right now D."Blair might discover too many traits in a Bass man that would change her mind about him." I found this line cute, though I am getting nervous now. -o, in the end Carter did die. my face was like 0_0 he died alone in the end. NOOOOO :(. HOLY CRAP CHUCK, NO!
blackheart4life chapter 17 . 6/26/2011
I know it's silly to ask (especially since before you said "the country that raised him, killed him) that a wound to the head could be cured BUT I honestly didn't want Carter to die :(. I'm also noticing the lack of Dan. Could he be with Georgina? This is so sorrowful. Ah I guessed that right, Georgina with Dan! "And I would take it over again, my lord," she promised. "You are my sun," was her reminder. "I would follow you anywhere." BEST LINES EVER! stupid servants making Blair feel bad :(."Blair," he interrupted, his voice stronger now. He held her by her upper arms, then met her eyes. She was afraid, almost. But she loved him, and she remained. She held her breath. And then he said, "Marry me." I squeal with delight! FINALLY! I'm glad she is agreeing to give her son their last name but i'm scared, he's leaving. What wll happen?
blackheart4life chapter 16 . 6/26/2011
I want the person who shot Carter to die a torturous(sp) death. He was kind, good, loving and loyal! I feel horrible that if Carter DOES die, Blair will blame herself for the rest of her days :(."I will," he swore. "Rest. For my son." AHH BEST LINES! this was a very short chapter.
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