Reviews for Heavy Lies the Crown
bpotter3 chapter 36 . 9/27
I saw that someone recommended this fic on dramioneasks on Tumblr and I decided to read it. I'm so glad that I read this and has become one of my all time favorite Dramione fics! I love the way you wrote both Draco and Hermione. You are an amazing writer and I'm so excited to read more!
OnAMission chapter 8 . 8/30
*heavy breathing* Draco you just can't… and I just… and he… and you. Just. GAH.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/27
Just wondering if you could write a version of this where Draco's parents WEREN'T selfish, self-centered, useless, grabby little toads?
Guest chapter 36 . 8/21
So freaking perfect thank you so much honestly thank you this was so beautiful
katmom chapter 36 . 8/17
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us. It was well thought out, well edited (!), well done!

Now I'm off to check out your other works.

Again, thank you.

teamcan chapter 36 . 8/12
This is definitely going on my list of favorite fanfictions ever. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. I especially liked how you portrayed the relationship development between the two. Great work overall!
Guest chapter 29 . 8/8
I hate Narcissa ugh & Lucious
ReadsToEscape chapter 36 . 7/22
I really enjoyed this!
maniapage chapter 17 . 7/19
So sad you said this was pg13, would really like to see these two get some (graphic) release...
maniapage chapter 13 . 7/19
I an really enjoying your story - but quoting Woody Allen... A known pedophile who married his stepdaughter?
FanGirlJen chapter 36 . 6/30
i love this sooo much :D
Scherherazade chapter 36 . 6/29
Absolutely fabulous story. Everyone was in character yet evolved believably. I fell in love with your Draco. I truly believe that him taking that trip was the best thing for him and for their relationship. I wish the story had included a short synopsis of his travels and a longer look at their reunion. It is completely unnecessary but I'm greedy for more. As I'm sure you've been told numerous times how fantastic a writer you are. I am officially adding my praise. You are enormously talented. Well done.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/24
I was going to read this then I remembered that I already had and now Draco's parents' behavior disgusted me. I've rarely read two such overly-selfish self-centered people and Draco never having the balls to tell them both to fuck off.
CharlieSlayer chapter 36 . 6/23
This was soooo good! I love your writing.(: Thank you for sharing this!
Captain Cheese chapter 36 . 6/20
So I just came to the end of this story, your other massive novel length story, and I mourn it being over. I know you had a baby at the end of this story, so I imagine your life is very different now, but I will hope with everything that one day you'll write another 200k story again lol, maybe even with your own characters? :D

thank you for the escape :)
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