Reviews for Heavy Lies the Crown
catastrophically93 chapter 36 . 10/21
i love this story!
houdinicarol chapter 36 . 10/14
It was a beautiful story luckei! I really enjoyed reading :) thanks for writing!
Arandomprincess chapter 17 . 10/2
Lizzy-or-lazy chapter 25 . 9/28
The beginning was soooooo cool! I loved the interactions between Malfoy and Hermione! But now... I don't know, I'm not very in it anymore. Anyway, Thanks for sharing! :)
Emily chapter 36 . 9/27
Just finished this one. I really enjoyed it! You're a great writer. I may read some of your shorter stories. I tend to prefer the longer ones but since I liked this and your other longer story I may give the others a go. Hopefully you haven't stopped writing because you have a talent.
rubydalegendary chapter 36 . 9/19
still one of the best dramione story
little lily chapter 36 . 9/15
it's a wrap! well done!

i am happy with this story. you made me even love dramione more
although i get a little dissappointed with the ending
I think , Draco could replace throwing his 7 years working like crazy,to go travelling with hermione accompany

If he chose to go alone with a reason to do things that will be made fit to be a better man, if it was not the same as 7 years ago when he feeling all alone, running the company by himself?

even when hermione said that he could visit her anytime, but in the end draco still leave yo take a trip.

this lovely story teach us how great the love of our parents to their children. no matter how bad Lucius and narcissa, he still love his draco en cassie in his way. How to forgive even it is still pain our hearts. most important : honesty.

great job! i will look forward for your other stories.
little lily chapter 27 . 9/14
a song for this sweet chapter 'Tammy' by Jimmie Rodgers

omg...still can not believe it...draco's sister?
little lily chapter 16 . 9/14
finally he KISS her! #kyaaaaa

usually i am not fancy about pansy, but i like her personalities in this story. i think she did love draco but not being in love with him. so does Hermione's feeling to charlie and ron. it is love but not being in love.
little lily chapter 8 . 9/13
so in love with this lovely chapter# in my wild imagination..hermione outfits and make up hairstyle is like Rosalinda (telenovela played by Thalia) with white dress and a rose.

i love draco here#heart u
little lily chapter 5 . 9/13
this chapter is hilarious hahaha...
hermione is the head house of slytherin#okay, whoaaaa that's cool

and then zabini is the head of grifindor#it was like swallowing pliers weighing 5 kilos...wkwkwkk
little lily chapter 4 . 9/13
hi! i am little lily

awww! so far i found this story is amazing and fabulous )/

i love to see draco changing into more mature and charming young man#sounds natural for me although still kind a weird to imagine him in doing those friendly act# i miss his arrogant and bad boy side

who is blackmailing our poor prince?#curse back
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 36 . 9/12
This is another fantastic story! I've read we learned the sea twice but it's the first time reading this and it is just as fantastic! I love how you wrote dramione and their problems!
ashley.mercer.16 chapter 36 . 8/23
I have now read all of your stories. I do so wish you were still writing and posting on here. If you ever decide to come back. I'll certainly be waiting. :)
ashley.mercer.16 chapter 34 . 8/23
Wow! So that's completed and they can really move forward with their lives.
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