Reviews for Heavy Lies the Crown
Eaze chapter 36 . 8/14
Loved it. Brilliant story
Cataranka chapter 1 . 8/12
Now that I've finished I can write my review! And all I can say is WOW! I'm truly in love with your story and LOVED the way you wrote Draco, it's how he truly was meant to turn out. So thankful that you wrote this enthralling story. Thank you so much for captivating our hearts and minds. I plan on reading other stories. Looking forward to reading so much more from you !
calloram chapter 36 . 7/15
A wonderful story
sugarbomb39 chapter 36 . 7/15
Such a beautiful, heartwarming story! I was a little curious about Draco's character here at first, wondering if he might be a little OOC, but I found myself loving this charismatic, mature, and intelligent side of him (he's secretly everything I wanted Draco to be) that becomes believable especially given that it's been so many years after the war. It's a rare sight to see the other characters approve of their relationship much more easily, but you make it work!
AleciaCullen21 chapter 36 . 6/19
This was a nice story, I like your writing and the idea behind the story, but as I read along I just couldn't forgive Draco's parents for what they did to him.
The blackmail and his mother going to paris twice a year then the three month trip, all the while knowing their own son was struggling and being theathen to protect them.

I hated the fact that he forgave them so easily after seven years of going through what he did alone. His own mother knowing he was being blackmailed. All of it being a plan when all they had to do was tell their son the truth, it was all too much to bare and I could hardly finish the story. But none the less, I like the relationship between Draco and Hermione as well as the Charlie sub-plot.
Avarizia chapter 36 . 6/7
Thank you so much for this story! It is so well written and kept me from chapter one to the very last.
Carina Nox chapter 31 . 5/13
OMG! OMG! Lucius IS working with the Ministry! In the beginning when all these were yet unraveling, I dearly wished that Lucius would have the Death Eater meeting only to turn all the Death Eaters in because I really wanted Lucius to be a good guy in this story but I thought that planning 7 YEARS ahead was too much and that one wouldn'tmore like shouldn't) make Draco go through ALL THAT even if it was to arrest all the Death Eaters. So I dismissed that idea after a while because it was quite illogical but I really wished for it (well I usually wish for illogical or irrational things). SO RIGHT NOW I'M JUST SO SO SO OVERJOYED THAT LUCIUS IS ACTUALLY WORKING WITH THE MINISTRY TO TURN IN ALL THE DEATH EATERS! YAAAAY! Oh I can't describe how happy this makes me! XD ...Ehem. Enough with the squealing and celebrating. I'm going back to the story now~ I absolutely love it so far 3 Thank you so much for making Lucius and Narcissa good (well decent enough) people. Oh and Cassie! Omg I just ADORE her! If I could choose to be a character in this story, I would definitely choose her! Thank you so much for the fun and joy I had so far! Really going back to the story now..
JarethGirl30028 chapter 24 . 5/11
I think this is my favorite characterization of Draco. He's mature and so smart and sure of himself and I just love him so damn much.
Heather447 chapter 1 . 5/8
oh my word. gripped until the end. I finished with tears, but such happy tears. I have just been staring around, back in the real world. Your writing is so beautiful. I actually found this completly seperatly to Learned the sea, and didnt realise it was the same author till quite a way through. you are a wonderful author, such passion in your words that i can totally lose myself in your works. i hope, maybe once your bairn is older, that you may have the time to write again. but i thank you so much for the amazing roller coasters you have given me. xx
JarethGirl30028 chapter 3 . 5/7
Yes! I remember a story where Hermione was on and off with Charlie, and by accident I have finally come across it! It's been a long time so I don't really remember what happens, and I'm excited to reread it!
doubledouble chapter 36 . 4/20
Thank you for this wonderful story! This is my third time reading it and I still love it. I hope you keep writing. I've read all of your Dramione stories and would love to read more from you!
Guest chapter 12 . 4/19
Never write a review until I've finished but want to say how much I like the mature characters and pace so far !
Maryam99 chapter 36 . 4/4
I just went back and read my old review for this chapter. I see how my opinion has changed, it's almost funny! I guess it helps that my English has improved as well.
Maryam99 chapter 36 . 4/4
(I had already reviewed this chapter the first time around so I had to log out)

I don't remember my reaction to the ending of this story the first time I read this. But right now my foremost feeling is I NEED AN EPILOGUE for this story. I usually don't care for such things, but the place you decided to end this has left me wanting more. I mean, I know everything turns out okay in the end, but it would be a really nice closure.

Whatever you do, it doesn't matter now. I love this story too much for such things to matter. :)

I have decided to read my other favorite fics again. Reading something for the second time is really different. You are not anticipating the plot points so you're less anxious to get on with it, and have more time to focus on seemingly unimportant details. It's a really nice experience, especially if the fic you're reading is long and detailed.

Gaah. I'm just rambling and fangirling right now. The point is: loved it, write more. Bye! :)
delicatecherry chapter 35 . 4/4
I just love this story too much. :) It's not my all time favorite. (That would be We Learned the Sea.) but I still love it very much. It's so perfect in both the way the plot develops throughout the story and the way it's written. I love the way you portray Hermione and Draco's relationship. Please don't ever stop writing!
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