Reviews for Riding
XxiheartmaxridexX chapter 1 . 8/27/2009
oh my god. breathtaking, i have tears in my eyes and i didn't even cry at the real story.

i absolutely love both of your one shots. utterly amazing.

i especially love the parts :

- " At the center rode two women, their appearance dignified, strong and strikingly similar. Their thoughts as different as the moon from the sun."


- "So the sisters rode. One in victory – soon to be over. And one full of pain and confusion that would never truly leave her again."

GoneForever2017 chapter 1 . 8/9/2009
I really love this 3 It is a shame there's so few Otori Chronicles fan fictions. I;d try and write one, but I don't have the right style to pull it off properly, or any idea as to what to write.

Life's a pain in the butt, right? ;D

But it was really well written, and obviously thought though. I do love you you ended it, the love that will never really die thing was sweet.

Its a real contrast as to how the two are feeling, nicely done 3
lexxyloveslurve chapter 1 . 4/28/2009
I will read your other one but for the time being, I really like this. I've been going crazy to find this and now that I have, it's good to see that people have read the books. It's really good. Lexxy xx
Lisse D chapter 1 . 1/23/2009
I've loved it!

It was a pity to see that there was only one fanfic about the Otori stories, but I'm happy to see that it's very good!

I really had a bad moment when I read this part of the book, Hagi been burned and Kaede's pain. For a few seconds, I started hating Takeo! xD But the one I really hate is Hana, she's smiling! She likes seeing her sister broken!

I love, above all, the last sentences. The one about Kaede's love for Takeo, which is true because she'll love him til the end, and the one about her pain.

I think you've recreated the feelings quite faithfully :) I hope you write some other fic about them!

Just one last thing:

"he would constantly be wondering when his ON would kill him and the circumstances of it"

I think you meant "son".

That's all! Cheers!
Bookflower chapter 1 . 1/21/2009
Well, you definately deserve congratulations!

This site has needed a Tales Of the Otori category for far too long. I havn't been around her for a while (been over at Fictionpress more - when I'm not taken up with lots of coursework) and I just happened to have a look at the Just In for the Tamora Pierce catagory, when I realised there was a Tales of the Otori catagory just above it. Well done! Well done for being the first person on here to write a fic for this series. I had to read it after all that.

I think that there are areas you could improve on. For example, when you switched to exaimne what Hana was tinking I got quite confused and had to read ahead to gather that they were Hana's thoughts. So maybe work on you sense of perspective a little more.

But definately keep up the writing. I like your descriptive style and I enjoyed rreading this. It was an interesting insight into your interpretations of the characters.

Well done again!

SonicDeathMonkey483 chapter 1 . 1/17/2009
o u wrote a story! my little sis is growing up!

pretty good! i may let u write the second chapter of mine if ur lucky