Reviews for Webs of Deception
Elle4Life chapter 34 . 6/14
This was wonderful
Elle4Life chapter 19 . 6/13
Omg what if Asuka is his child?
Guest chapter 34 . 10/2/2020
Thank you
Felicja chapter 34 . 6/12/2020
Ah, that was excellent! Thank you very much for writing.
Guest chapter 34 . 8/5/2019
Love it
auburnstarrz chapter 29 . 5/23/2019
Lily chapter 1 . 11/28/2018
This is interesting
idol chapter 34 . 6/19/2018
the story is so amazing. i was so engrossed in it. it made me cry and laugh. thank you for the lovely story.
emowoods205 chapter 1 . 5/10/2017
I've already read this story but only up to a point it's really sad tho it's very well written I advise yall to give it a read it's good
NiniNeko chapter 13 . 4/7/2017
when you realize this is Narusasu ans you don't like Yoai
NiniNeko chapter 3 . 4/7/2017
DnMikado chapter 1 . 3/5/2017
I really like it! It was really intens and I sometimes got angry at Naruto for not talking to Sasuke about their daughter earlier or at least reassure him that she wasn't some love he had -.-' I though Sakura was gonna be a "better/nicer" character in this fanfic since she wasn't infatuated with Sasuke but she is as annoying as usual Great fanfic!
Seyuki Arkane chapter 34 . 11/1/2016
This story is just incredible. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing your writings. See you soon !
Caleigh Black chapter 16 . 5/7/2016
You know, I don't like your story.
At first it seemed cool, Naruto vanishes and comes back as a badass mysterious mercenary. But then... all those feels... Naruto and Sasuke are pathetic, simple like that.
yume76 chapter 5 . 5/2/2016
This story is cute and all, but I just couldn't get into it. My next words are my opinion alone so please don't be offended. First of all, I didn't like how Sakura was under-appreciated, I wish you had not put her in the story at all.. Second, your identification of the bijuus were almost completely off. Third, please don't hate me for this, but I absolutely hated Tara/Taro (whichever is the actual name), to me she seemed like an arrogant bitch. Finally, I just couldn't feel the SasuNaru vibe to be honest. So my rating for this story is Average.
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