Reviews for Looking Glass
Lynnda chapter 1 . 1/19/2009
We have a series! Awesome! I love Rob-as-a-kid. You’ve created a really swell mix of the kid he is, and the hero he will be.

I liked seeing the housebot that he was trying to make in “To Build A Robot” Guess he got it built.

I have no idea the lines from Harry Potter that DD referred to.

What is a Grack? Besides a short alien?

A time of Robots and aliens, indeed!

What species is Professor Anfosis, anyway?

Are these somewhere (Barlow’s guide to extraterrestrials, perhaps?) or are you making them all up as you go along?

I LOVED the glasses. I KNEW he had electronics in them! (You can get a primitive version from thinkgeek dot com.) I also didn’t think he needed them (although I was not certain), he had gone without them, and without his helmet (which could have had a prescription lenses) too often!

I enjoyed the warm family interactions you’ve created. It makes sense that Rob, brilliant as he is, would need to know how to fight. He had to program all the Orbots, and he is always the one with the plan when the situation looks dire. It was pretty cool when the little brother came out on top.

What is Thouran? Other than bully.

I cracked up when his mother called him by his full name Robert Thomas Simmons when he was in trouble.

Ahh, the last line was awesome! Elegantly promising more to come, and many more grand adventures.

“As for Professor Anfosis, occasionally gazing at the young blond human boy sitting at the window workbench in wonder, he never knew what hit him.”

So…. What hit him? He he

Thank you for sharing!
Draka Dracula chapter 1 . 1/18/2009
Very nice. Found a couple of things (which I told you about at the Mighty Orbots forum -mine, not the one here on ), but it's still well-written.

Interesting way to explain why Rob wears glasses when he doesn't need them.

Nice touch, the lines from Harry Potter.

Looking forward to more stories (and art) from you.

Are you going to put this up on MyFandoms, as well?